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Angsty prompts you say? Sarah + Cosima's death by the clone sickness

“Fee, I dunno what the hell is going on… we’re not the only clones, I-“

“Sarah, we need you back here.”

“What’s going on?”

She already knows the answer. Felix is the bringer of news they had all tried to deny.  They were now facing a reality that had been poorly masked by optimism.

“Am I too late?”


Sarah doesn’t hang up, she just hurls her phone into pillar of Marion’s house. It explodes in a chaos of glass and circuitry. Felix only calls her sweetie when she’s wounded. She begins the shortest and longest journey of her life. Part of her itches for the road, to run and never look back. She’s not that person anymore and a lot of it is to do with the sister she is about to mourn.

They danced together not 12 hours ago, the ultimate embodiment of family. Awkward, with such width and breadth of characters. Helena, Sarah, Felix, Kira, Alison… Cosima. As Sarah trudges the steps up to Felix’s loft, she feels the weight of her family on her shoulders. They’ll expect her to be strong. She is the strong one, the one with the guts and the plan. But they weren’t there as she lay next to Cosima and cried. As Cosima took Sarah’s hand and made her feel safe. She explained wonders of the universe and look at Sarah like she was the stars.


He encompasses her in his arms, they’ve always been a place of refuge for her. He rocks them from side to side, Sarah knows he’s crying into her hair just as she’s staining his sweater.

“I’m so sorry, Sarah. I’m so sorry.”

He mumbles through her roots, Felix hurts just as deeply, he too has lost a sister.

Wiping her nose with her sleeve, Sarah surveys the room, Alison is sat solemnly on the couch, legs crossed as she dabs her eyes with a handkerchief. She’s known Cosima longer than they have. Her two originals have ended up dead and she can’t help but wonder if she’s next.

There’s a figure packing up a bag and as Sarah makes out the lean body and soft curls, her grief morphs to rage. Because rage is tangible, if she unleashes her fury she will hurt. The pain will be localised though, in her fists and whatever else she strikes out with. Doing nothing means she feels it everywhere. Her bones ache, the agony  ricochets from atom to atom. She cannot be still.

Shrugging off Felix she charges, shoving Delphine into the kitchen counter, spilling plates and glasses onto the floor. The shattering of glass mirrors Sarah’s insides.

“Why the bloody hell are you here?! This is your fault. Your.Fault.”

Sarah is shaking Delphine by the shoulders, she wants to hit her, she’s never wanted to feel her knuckles against someone’s jaw so badly. She wants fire and blood and an outlet. She needs someone to blame. Her anger, her pain, her heartbreak are too potent to be contained. They’ll destroy her.

Felix is on her, pulling her back and once again into his chest before they need another body bag. Sarah’s knees buckle this time. They’ve lost Cosima. The one who deserved the most but received the least. Sobs wrack her body, Sarah has never felt so fragile, she’s exposed, they can all see the cracks in her. And if she can break, if Sarah Manning can be defeated, they’re all doomed.

Just one, I’m a few. No family too. Who am I?

Well they’re one less now. Fewer in numbers again and soon there’ll be no family left.

review: chocolate covered pencils (sponsored)

hey everybody!!! i’m back with another sponsored review for you guys, this time from the storenvy shop chocolate covered pencils! chocolate covered pencils is a queer POC owned storenvy specializing in cute buttons and stickers featuring cute and punky lgbtq friendly sayings! 

i was contacted by the owner, vylnn, with interest for doing a review and getting a coupon code for you guys, and got to pick out a few buttons for myself to review! 

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new hair, since people are asking! i used punky colour in flamingo pink, worn for 45 minutes and mixed HEAVILY with conditioner. i probably only used a teaspoon of dye to two bowls of conditioner. 

the bottom two photos are the more accurate color representations—the one on the left bottom being my hair wet and the one on the right being the initial test strip. all the top ones are good representations of my hair cut and how happy and healthy my hair is even after a day of bleaching and dyeing! 

i’m super SUPER excited about these results and very eager to see how this dye fades. my hair loooooves this dye which is awesome bc it’s very hard to find dye that doesn’t fuck up my curls even just for a few days, this honestly revived the hell out of them. plus the coverage—like even where i had done a worse job bleaching and things were brassy it still covered up pretty much everything—my middle part’s roots tend to be really patchy and always ended up peach colored w/ ion colors but this covered up my mistakes like magic. i’ll have more photos in natural light tomorrow for you guys to see, but i’m very hyped and very pleased!

tag 5 people you want to get to know better

Name: Brittany

Time and Date: 03/30/15, 12:25 pm
Average hours of sleep: 8
Last thing I googled:  CAU Suites
Nickname:  Britt (my family calls me Punky).
Height: 5′6 (on a good day)
Favorite Color:  Purple 
One place that makes you happy: Chicago! <3
What are you wearing: Pink Dress
Last book you read: The Animal Farm

I tag all of y’all. Nah but fr please whoever sees this, do it. I wanna know y’all. Thanks for tagging me almond-kitty ! 

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their blog url: he’d get really annoyed when padfoot had been taken so went for something like padf00t and sulked about it forever
the kind of posts they reblog: all of james’ text posts with his own supposedly amusing comments. stupid prank ideas, punky aesthetics and social justice. he’d probably reblog snape’s personal text posts with stupid and inappropriate gifs too tbh
the first person they followed: james, of course
what kind of theme they’d have: he’d try and go for something black, cool and minimalist but end up adding loads of shit on to it, like banners and making it a mess
what kind of text posts they make at 2am: adding comments to the annoying long conversations the marauders would all be through text posts, also the occasional drunk indirect aimed at regulus and how much he missed him

Okay so I actually really like Mukuro but nearly all the fanart makes her have zero expression when we legit have first hand evidence that she can PULL FACES and that makes me sad :C

also if you think all mercs are deadpan serious 24/7 you have clearly never talked to anyone who has spent time in the army