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WOLFSTAR my babes + drama club pls <3

“Professor, I really think I’m more of a lighting and background sort of bloke,” Remus was saying as he followed McGonagall, who looked completely disinterested in hearing his pleas to not be cast. When Remus had said he adored Horatio, he’d meant more in the he had written a few essays about the character sort of way, not the I want to go make an idiot of myself on stage and be in a ton of scenes sort of way. 

“You’re the only one who showed an interest in the part,” McGonagall said, “So it’s yours and –”

They opened the doors to the classroom, where a boy was already waiting. His long hair was tossed in a careless sort of way that Remus thought was only supposed to look good in magazines and he was, against all odds, tossing what looked like a plastic skull up into the air and catching it.

“Ah, and this is our Hamlet. Impressive to find you actually on time, Mister Black.”

“I ditched Chemistry.”