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Collision Course (Meeting Murdoc)

How exactly did the two meet? Here’s a short story for you all:

Murdoc sat outside on the stoop, preparing to greet the new collaborator they had hired. 2D swore up and down that their sound would be perfect for their new album, and absolutely to Murdoc’s chagrin went ahead and hired them.
Without consulting him at all.

Of course he has gotten an earful for it, and a swift smack to the back of the head. Apparently he had spoken to Russel and Noodle about it, but left him out the loop intentionally. Something about him not listening? Absolute rubbish. He tapped his boots against the cement impatiently, puffing on his third cigarette within the last five minutes. He wanted to see this singer himself. Who did they think they were? Coming in and recording without his permission…

His brooding was interrupted by the squealing sound of tires.

A busted up white truck, adorned in graffiti and full of what appeared to be a bunch of darkly street - dressed young men; hurled down the road. Murdoc folded his arms. This must be them.Laughter could be heard coming from the truck, and Murdoc’s body went rigid.

Oh great. a bunch of giggling hyenas. He rolled his eyes as they locked on to the opening car door, which squeaked a bit from the rusty hinges. His expression twisted to one of surprise and confusion however, when the figure hopped out onto the asphalt.

She was young, in her twenties, most likely. Exceptionally short, roughly 5'3 or so from what he could observe. She had extremely pale skin, and a large tattoo of what appeared to be a black serpentine dragon trailing up her left forearm, which disappeared under the rolled up sleeves of a dark grey hoodie. Her hair was colorful and asymmetrical.

Long, trailing violet side swept bangs gave way to a very spiky pixie cut in the back, dyed black. Her eyes, two large blue-green orbs stared him down as she made her way over to him; pep in her walk.

Murdoc felt his lip twitch in annoyance.

Great. He thought to himself. Some punker chick thinks she can come in here and muck abou-

“Hey there! I’m Vixen! You must be Murdoc!” Her voice was full of excitement. She extended a hand out. Murdoc’s bitterness faded a small bit as he took her hand and shook it, quickly retracting his hands back into his pockets.

“Thas’ right, leader of Gorillaz. Bassist.” He made sure his announcement was clear and concise. He didn’t want her getting any idea other than he was in charge.

She snickered and a huge grin spread across her face; a small, sharp, upper canine tooth spilling over her bottom lip.

“Neat! 2D called me, asked if I could record some backing vocals over a bass line you’d written? Could I have a look?” She shifted her weight to one leg, cocking out her large hips. Murdoc raised an eyebrow underneath the oily black fringe flopped against his forehead.

What an odd one for sure. He mused. His eyes swept over her figure. She was curvy, excitable, clearly passionate about the project already. Lovely little waist line. Great skin, too…

“Whadjya say your name was again there, love?”

“Vixen.” She replied shortly. Her words hummed with energy.

“Vixen.” He repeated, mulling the name around in his mouth like a flavor. “Cheeky stage name.”

Vixen shrugged and let her hands slip into her jacket pockets.

“No need for a stage name, really. ’S just my name.”

He paused thoughtfully for a moment, debating whether she was lying or not.

“Come on then, lil’ fox. Lemme show you ‘round the place.”


anonymous asked:

I have to say, I really love your oc! I was wondering, what's Vixen's backstory?

Let’s do this! Vixen’s bio has some small references to mine in real life, since she’s so heavily inspired by me in appearance and personality.

Name: Nicole “Vixen” Victoria

Sex: Female

Age: 32

Height: 5′3

Nationality: Irish American

Orientation: A non commiittal shaky hand gesture. Heteroromantic.

Eye color: Turquoise-blue

Nicole “Vixen” Victoria was born in the industrial shit stain town of Erie, Pennsylvania in the USA. A lover of all things that made sound since she was able to walk, she sang with many small garage-only doomed bands all throughout grade school. Her odd name earned her the nickname “Double First Names”. She was a terrible student however, and flunked out just before she graduated high school, completely bored of the material.

Never going by her first name, most call her Vixen; her self given name. She chose it due to her love of foxes, and a characteristic canine snaggle tooth that popped out of her mouth whenever she smiled.

Her family was full of abusive drug addicts, and as such paid no attention when she slipped out of the house at age 16 to live a life on the road as a traveling singer and artist. She’s been all over the globe, and has plenty stories of her crazy escapades.

Her only consistent companion is a green cheeked conure, named Dragon. Dragon is fiercely territorial of her, and has only just accepted Murdoc; allowing him to come near when he’s around.

Around 25 years old, Gorillaz singer 2D found her crooning at a local club he was scouting out. He was impressed with her unique sound, and offered her a chance to sing some backing vocals for the newest album.

When she arrived at the Gorillaz’ studio, Murdoc was initially furious 2D went and hired a collaborator without his knowledge; one he hadn’t even heard of for that matter. Initially upon meeting her, he was instantly physically attracted to her, though still disgruntled about some “punker chick” nosing her way into his band. He didn’t start to become attracted to her mind until he learned more about her, and spent more time with her.

Murdoc and Vixen became inseparable, the two sharing more about one another then they ever had with anyone else. The band members all loved her immensely, and once it was made clear Vixen and Murdoc were together, ”only a weekend” of crashing in Murdoc’s room turned into living at the studio full time with them.

Vixen is a spicy, fiercely loyal, mischievous woman. Playful and childish, she likes to prank Murdoc and the other band members frequently. She can be found on the rooftop of kong studios during late nights, trying to come up with lyrics to new songs or sketching away in a giant sketchbook. She crawls into bed with Murdoc just before the sun rises.