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Hey, do you know any good punk!cas or punk!dean fics?? I've been looking for a while, but I can't seem to find anything. :(((

Oh gosh oh gosh i really do not but I wish I did. Most of the ones i know are one shots or wips. Ummm

these three are the only ones that i’ve read that were pretty good and that are finished and more than 15k.

timelord technology (smut smut smut yay)

upside down

a good reason not to do history homework

here are a few that are wips that i havent actually read and therefore should not be recommending but i know what its like to be so desperate for so-and-so!Cas fics that i would read the shittiest stuff so read these if you’re about that life

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woooooooooooo okay hopefully some of that is good or you havent read them all!

- Jamie :)


dat-profound-bond-tho said // Castiel in 18

send me a character and a number and i will draw it

I saw your tears as you wiped away the remaining evidence
Leaving behind a dry trail of regret across the freckles
That dotted your face
And I asked you why
But you turned away.

I saw your wounds and your battle scars
Not matter how hard you tried to pretend you were okay
And you grimaced instead of grinning
As you poured vodka over the blood
And I asked you why
But you turned away.

I saw pain in your once shining eyes at the mention of your father
Yet you did everything he asked
And you were a soldier for him
No matter how much regret you carry
And I asked you why.
But you turned away, as you always do.

I saw your smile for the first time
In a long time
As I stumbled into your newly made home
Covered in blood, wearing stolen clothes, a stranger to grace.
I saw your smile as you helped me to my feet
As you walked me to the bath
As you walked me to the kitchen.
I saw your smile as you took in all my pain
And all of my misfortune
And I asked you why.
And you turned towards me whispering words I never thought I’d hear
And as I said them back,
You asked me why.

You carry your burdens like a bandoleer over your heart



hecandigelvis said // Sam 7 (:
anonymous said // if you’re not too swamped with requests, could you please do Sam Winchester and use #7? You don’t have to! I love your art btw :D
trustingsam said // Ohohohoh may i ask for sam + 7?
maidenpereira said // Sam Winchester,Dean Winchester,Castiel, colors 7 … hi would you do me the three, because his work is beautiful, would love to have on my wall in my apartment. thank you

send me a character and a number and i will draw it


moeraethelocust said // for the colour palette meme - end!verse dean in #11 (hopefully no one else has asked this) ♥
devils-sonata said // Dean 11 or Castiel 10? I love the others that I’ve seen of yours by the way
helixnthus said // 11 & dean pls :-)))
lucyconsultingcriminal said // Dean in 11? Please?
castieeeelspeeeeeeeeeeeeenis said // Dean 11 please
anonymous said //dean + 11
mischievous-rising-demon said // 11 & DEAN PLS PLD ID LOVE YOU FOREVER
thecraybooknerd said // Can you please draw Dean Winchester with #11 (pre season 9 finale).

sdend me a character and a number and i will draw it