Fanfiction Prompt Pairing

Have you ever had an amazing idea for a fic but you just couldn’t write it? Or, have you ever had the urge to write something, but you just couldn’t think of anything to write? Well look no further!

No, this isn’t a network where you have to answer a survey and we’ll pick who we think should be a part of it. This is an open blog being managed by four of us who will be keeping track of your ideas and giving them up to the people who feel like they want to write them.

but brenna how the fuck will this even work?

Well friends let me explain to you this wonderful thing.

Basically, if you have an idea that you want to see someone write, you submit to us at the blog the following:

  • Your basic prompt and then the extra details that follow 
  • Rating (that you want to see this fic written as if you care)
  •  Pairing (who you want this fic to be about)
  •  Category (hurt/comfort or drama or slow-build or friendship or etc.)
  •  Word count (if any)
  •  Additional Wants (kinks, side pairings, tropes, brOTPs, etc.)
  •  No-Nos (pairings, kinks, side characters, etc. anything you don’t want to see)
  • au’s/canon? (do you want it to be true to the show/book/movie/whatever or do you want a hs/college/fantasy/modern day/whatever au?)

and then we number it and add it to the page to be claimed and tag it accordingly. 

If you see a prompt that you like, you can claim it by messaging us and then we’ll /close/ that prompt and tag it, the original prompt giver and you in the ask so that you both know who’s going to give writing it a shot and who originally came up with the idea.

And don’t worry, we’ll expect check ins from whomever is writing your fic and we’ll hopefully keep you updated! You can track your fic’s progress just by asking it’s new writer! Isn’t that great???

Once the fic is finished, the author will send it to us to post on the blog and we’ll tag both the author and the original prompt giver and once the giver has told us they’ve read it, we’ll give the author the green light to repost it anywhere they please! Sounds fair, yeah?

but what happens if i want a prompt but i want something that caters to what I like to write?

Well this blog is dedicated to helping you unload your ideas, but it’s also here to help get all of your creative juices flowing! 

So we’ll have a detailed tags list for each component of the prompt. You’re looking to write a nice slow-build romance? Look through the tag! Want a nice pwp hs!au? Look through either the ratings tag or the au one! Want to write something that’s expected to  be extremely long? Look at the different word count tags! We’ll make sure that the tags page is always up to date so if all of a sudden we get a prompt with something that hasn’t been added to the page yet, boom there it is!

but brenna, what if I’m not a part of the Supernatural fandom?

Don’t let that get you down my friend! Here at ficpromptpartners, we accept alllll fandoms! And not just any fandom, any ship too! You wanna write a Sterek fic but you don’t have any ideas? Come here! You have a great Clintasha idea that you just can’t think of how to write? This is the place to unload it! Hell, you have a John Watson/Castiel headcanon that’s been bumping around in that head of yours? Give it to us and we’ll give it a good home!

um but there’s no ideas there yet…

Aw yes see and this is where our problem comes in. We need your ideas to be able to make this thing go! We won’t be able to give your ideas homes or give you ideas if no one sends in any prompts, so make sure you do!

And to keep track of prompts and finished fics or any updates, you can follow this blog to watch the ideas come in!

who are these admins you spoke of?

Well, the admins are bunkerchesters, glamtrashcecil, heavenlycass and I (bideanw

Any questions can be directed to any of us or the blog itself.

if you’re interested in sending in your prompts or getting a prompt from this blog, you should definitely reblog this post to spread the word, yeah?


I saw your tears as you wiped away the remaining evidence
Leaving behind a dry trail of regret across the freckles
That dotted your face
And I asked you why
But you turned away.

I saw your wounds and your battle scars
Not matter how hard you tried to pretend you were okay
And you grimaced instead of grinning
As you poured vodka over the blood
And I asked you why
But you turned away.

I saw pain in your once shining eyes at the mention of your father
Yet you did everything he asked
And you were a soldier for him
No matter how much regret you carry
And I asked you why.
But you turned away, as you always do.

I saw your smile for the first time
In a long time
As I stumbled into your newly made home
Covered in blood, wearing stolen clothes, a stranger to grace.
I saw your smile as you helped me to my feet
As you walked me to the bath
As you walked me to the kitchen.
I saw your smile as you took in all my pain
And all of my misfortune
And I asked you why.
And you turned towards me whispering words I never thought I’d hear
And as I said them back,
You asked me why.

You carry your burdens like a bandoleer over your heart


For Nina

“Cas what are you doing here?” Dean asked defeated.  

He’d worked so hard to cover his tracks, worked so hard so that neither Sammy nor Cas could ever find him. His brother and his angel were so pure and so good and he, he was a monster now. So he left the bunker. Left a note for Sam explaining things and told him to stay away from him. He’d driven across the country in an antique car from the Bunker’s garage, not wanting to fully give in to the monster he knew he was. And if Dean Winchester was good at anything, it was not being found. He’d done everything he could think of so that neither of them would find him.

Well, almost everything.

Now he cursed himself for not angel-proofing the crappy motel room he was currently hiding out in; even though a sliver of him and been truly hoping Castiel would find him, he knew it would not end as he had been hoping.

Keep reading


hecandigelvis said // Sam 7 (:
anonymous said // if you’re not too swamped with requests, could you please do Sam Winchester and use #7? You don’t have to! I love your art btw :D
trustingsam said // Ohohohoh may i ask for sam + 7?
maidenpereira said // Sam Winchester,Dean Winchester,Castiel, colors 7 … hi would you do me the three, because his work is beautiful, would love to have on my wall in my apartment. thank you

send me a character and a number and i will draw it


dat-profound-bond-tho said // Castiel in 18

send me a character and a number and i will draw it


moeraethelocust said // for the colour palette meme - end!verse dean in #11 (hopefully no one else has asked this) ♥
devils-sonata said // Dean 11 or Castiel 10? I love the others that I’ve seen of yours by the way
helixnthus said // 11 & dean pls :-)))
lucyconsultingcriminal said // Dean in 11? Please?
castieeeelspeeeeeeeeeeeeenis said // Dean 11 please
anonymous said //dean + 11
mischievous-rising-demon said // 11 & DEAN PLS PLD ID LOVE YOU FOREVER
thecraybooknerd said // Can you please draw Dean Winchester with #11 (pre season 9 finale).

sdend me a character and a number and i will draw it

Whoa Cas is so pretty ain’t he?

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