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So uh… Guess what I learned to do recently?

There are obvious mistakes, but these are my first edits, and I’m really proud of them. You can interpret these as Septiplier, but the intended use is for me and my girlfriend mama-amethyst ‘s ocs who use Septiplier as fcs. Mine is the punk Mark, who is currently unnamed, and her’s is the angel Jack, who is also unnamed from my knowledge.

Photos came off of google, though the piercings and the tattoos I believe came from punkd-edits. These took two hours to make all together.

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Hello guys, this is my first time doing a follow forever and I’m sorry for my shitty edit lol ily

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So ye guys this is it
I am so sorry if i forgot someone i’m a mess
I’d like to wish you the best for this new year and thank you for being amazing

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Id like to say a few words about being thankful here, you might find there arent that many Blogs / Websites that will help you with anything you want without asking for something, Ive noticed an onslaught of rude comments to blogs such as TheLarryLibrary, who rec fanfics, they do it all for their followers and ask nothing for return, and yet they were getting hundreds of messages hating on them for stupid things like not updating for a few days , i read one such ask that said “You havent updated in days what the f*ck do your f*cking jobs bitches” I cant even begin to understand why these comments are sent, it is so rude and frustrating, running these blogs (Like ours, TheLarryLibrary , etc.) is not considered a job by the owners , absolutly not, we all try our best to please our followers and be nothing but nice, but it is incredibly frustrating when you get the occasional message saying “that we’re not doing our jobs”, this is a hobbie, not a job. Just remember these blogs CHOOSE to try and please you, theres no need to be rude at all, and its not hard to use manners when asking for something that you will have to repay in no way, most of our followers are the loveliest in the world, but please remember when requesting something to be polite and thankful. xx

Hey Guys

Hullo pretty people, its co owner Se, just wanted to apoligize for not posting as much, we’re trying to keep up with requests right now, and thats a bit hard because some of the co owners dont post very often and Becca (the owner) has told you guys herself that shes been a little busy with school and things, ill try and keep up with you guys in the meantime haha. Anyways i also wanted to say ive started a new blog with my friend, we do preferences / imagines / edits and of course punk edits, so if u wanna, check us out :) boysandcuddles.tumblr.com . -Co owner xo