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“Uh, yeah, I kinda need a cover-up.” Bucky rolls up his shirt sleeve and pushes it up past his elbow, giving up trying to hide the scars running down his left arm, and turning the inside of his arm up so the guy can see that tattoo. “But there’s a lot of scarring, too, so, I really don’t even know if it’s worth it. Are you Steve? Clint sent me, said I should talk to Steve.”

“That’s me.” Steve nods absently, already reaching out toward the tattoo, turning Bucky’s arm this way and that. “Is that… a giraffe? With a halo?”

“No, it’s. Look, I just need a cover-up, okay,” Bucky says, embarrassed. “Gimme a nautical star or something the scars won’t get in the way of.

Steve drops his arm and looks into Bucky’s eyes intently. “Clint. Did not send you. To me. For flash.

Put Walk Among Us On and Turn It Up by essieincinci
(AKA part one of No Finer Mess to Be Found AKA Chubby Punk Bucky/Tiny Tattoo Artist Steve AU)

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I was wondering if you guys knew of any tutorials for Pixlr? Please and thank you for the trouble.



So uh… Guess what I learned to do recently?

There are obvious mistakes, but these are my first edits, and I’m really proud of them. You can interpret these as Septiplier, but the intended use is for me and my girlfriend mama-amethyst ‘s ocs who use Septiplier as fcs. Mine is the punk Mark, who is currently unnamed, and her’s is the angel Jack, who is also unnamed from my knowledge.

Photos came off of google, though the piercings and the tattoos I believe came from punkd-edits. These took two hours to make all together.

Not my gif

So in celebration of hitting 1000 followers I decided to do a follow forever. I just want to say that everyone mentioned, thank you so much for making my dash pretty! Love you all. 

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At long last, I’ve hit 2k and to celebrate, I’m gonna pick favorites and tell the world how great my Tumblr friends are. You guys are my varsity team, my starting line-up and the reason I’m still on this site after three and a half years. And while you don’t all follow me back (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU WONDERFUL JERKS), I love you like a flower loves the rain. Stay beautiful.




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