Todays OOTD: Kinda Boyish Kinda Grungy

Ahh! I finally have a big fro took foreverrr to grow. im so happeh.

Random Deep Thoughts- Its weird how other Black people will say natural hair is “Nappy” When others will always comment on how cute and beautiful it is.

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hi! Can i ask you guys what your opinions on James and Annie are? (created by @Saisai-chan and @Beccadrawsstuff, respectably)

Oh! Well I think those two have actually already been critiqued here! I think one of the other old admins had critiqued James a while back, but I know for a fact that I personally critiqued Annie. 

My opinion on both of them hasn’t really changed though? They’re both pretty good, well-rounded OCs, especially for dannyxsam next gen phankids. Sure Danny and Sam having a goth/punk kid and a tomboy daughter that takes after her dad has become a DxS phankid cliche but these two are perfect examples of characters that just because they have some “cliche” qualities doesn’t mean that they aren’t good characters.

Because you know, unlike most people who unfortunately just make Danny and Sam clones to be their kids and pull a generation xerox, they actually have sensible, character-driven reasons as to why they’re like that and have personalities of their own, independent from their parents? Just in general they can stand on their own apart from the canon characters which is usually a good sign in my book for a good character. I think I’ve said this before but cliches are fine as long as you do something with them; preferably something different if that makes any sense?

~Admin K

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Hi! 17 ship please! <3 ^_^ 18. 5"5'. Pale, blue eyes, brown long hair. My style is hardcore (grunge/punk/tomboy) I can be girly too & like to wear floral & dresses sometimes. I love all genres of music, watching movies, & learning new things. Currently in MT courses & learning Korean. I love anatomy & philosophy as well! I dance A LOT & sing quite often :) I'm pretty confident & won't be shy if the person I'm meeting isn't. Funny, caring, quiet (but excitable), & love adventures Thank you!

Hi there~ sorry for the wait, we should have replied a while go but due to some issues we were a bit busy but here is your request hope you enjoy it ^^

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We ship you with Hoshi~ the smiley sunshine :DD We both think that he would be really into your hardcore style since he doesn’t seem like the type to be into girly girls but you can dress girly too I’m sure he would love that look on you as well for a change ;) your confident personality is just like Hoshi  in our opinion, like when he is on stage he is willing to show the audience everything he has, so with you around it will also help him to boost his confidence, he might even ask you to practice with him since you love dancing and sing, like we think he might just suddenly grab you and say “Babe, can you come me get this choreography right?” (sooo cute) ^^ he would just love your presence, your presence would just be like heaven to him because he would feel like he can show his true self around you and also share the things he is passionate about with you, he would love seeing you being as happy as him while doing the things he love. As a performance leader with heavy workloads he would really appreciate the funny and caring side of you, since you would be able to cheer him up, give him ideas or look after him when he overworks…etc It would really get him (like no joke xD he would adore u!) Though the main reason we ship you with Hoshi is because you and him both share the same traits which is loving to learn new things and being adventurous, like we said before he is a performance leader he needs to come up with new ideas every now and then, he would need new ideas very often so we think with you around he would be able to try new things that he hasn’t before, in order for him to become more creative and with your knowledge about all sorts of different music it would also help him widen his view ^^ Lastly we think that you would suit him because of the age~ it’s a perfect age gap hehe you two would be able to talk to each other about anything due to you guys’ age, you guys aren’t very far apart in age so with what you have been through he might have just gone through it so he would be able to share his experience or what he knows with you to help you overcome certain things , which we think is quite important to keep a relationship going strong, both sides needs to give and take :)

We really hope you enjoyed this :O Let us know if you have or not please~ we will really appreciate it of you can leave a little message in our inbox to let us know how we did and such, it doesn’t need to be good it can also be bad. We just want to know what we can improve on next time ^^ If you don’t like this you can always request again, we will get back to you as soon as possible! Just let us know.

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😚 I Don’t Consider Myself Girly Because I Feel Like A Dude!!! I Want To Be More Tomboy/ Punk Rock 😚And Wanted To Chop My Hair All Off So I Have Boy Hair And Have Piercings!!! I Still Wear Makeup, Jewelry, Chicks Clothes, Boots, Etc!!! 😘