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… Its only right that the short stack gets the biggest inflation… plus with her character, its only right that she tries to be bigger and better than the other two lol.

Ahh… there is nothing more fun than a good old fashion blueberry inflation eh. Honestly the hardest bit in this picture was coming up with proper kind of panties for Cyndi to where lol, I thought the brief inspired design panty worked best with her punk/tomboy type character.

This lil bird found me today. It’s one of the baby birds that was in a nest outside our house and today was the day they left the nest and this guy somehow got caught in the curtains. I picked him up expecting him to freak out but he just sat in my hands for a long time, let me touch him, and just chilled out on my shoulder for a while. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me with a wild animal but my mom was able to capture a very beautiful photo this time!

anonymous asked:

You are GOALS. Have you had your hair trimmed/cut recently? It looks so cute and long! ALSO, how would you describe your "fashion sense"?

You’re very kind! I had it micro trimmed last week. And I’ve switched over to using a round brush to straighten it, instead of using an actual straightener. It was way to damaging.

I asked my husband how he would describe my fashion, and he said… you’re a biker, tomboy, punk chic.