CRETINS OF DISTORTION #7 is still kickin around! This issue ’s content is 100% dedicated to Ohio punk and other rock and roll disgraces. This issue features over 100 blurbs on Ohio bands from the 70’s and 80’s as well as current reviews. Interviews with Robert Griffin (SPIKE IN VAIN,THE DARK), Ron House (GREAT PLAINS, TSJA) with Mike REP (MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS, TRUE BELIEVERS), and Tim Anstaett (THE OFFENSE FANZINE). The fanzine has 11 x 17 photocrapied pages and pink hand stamped covers.

The accompanying tapes are almost sold out! Don’t sleep on them!

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The terrific female-edited punk fanzine Femzine, edited by “Dena”. Great interviews and content - Anarchist Feminism,  interviews with Avengers, Suzanne of the Reptiles, Portland’s own Sado-Nation, a rare interview with Spain’s Vulpess, with a photo-collage, The Wrecks, Ox-Pow, Potential Threat, Conflict (USA), Ultimo Resorte, Gaye Advert, Rubella Ballet, The Sears, Decadent Few, and great photographs of the Bags, Alley Cats, Avengers, etc. 

Where there ever any further issues? 

From our new catalog 18

Dear everyone,

The zine is done! printed 100 copies so far and would love to print more to share it with more awesome people all over the world.

This is where I need your help!

Recommended donation : 2 euros

(Also, if you didn’t get a zine yet and donate here and wish to get one, I’ll send it to you ASAP, just write me at xemskaters@gmail.com)


Xem Skaters is a genderqueer skate fanzine that aims to give space to all genders in a binary environment by giving visibility to non­-binary/queer/trans skaters, to introduce gender notions and knowledge in the skateboard community and ultimately open paths for individual identity building within skateboarding.

It features anything that is written/produced/created/photographed by genderqueer and genderqueer-friendly people that skate or have something to say about skateboarding and gender.

Issue #1 created in Malmö, June 2016 - Printed in Berlin, July 2016 by Marie Dabbadie
Issue #1 features interviews with Queer Skate Coalition from NY, Not Shit Zine from Oakland CA, Em Göthberg from Malmö, Sweden, Leio Kirtley from Falkenberg, Sweden Evie Ryder from Brisbane Australia, Disaster Jacks from Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain, Rötägg from Bordeaux, France, Lucy Le Brocq from Jersey, UK, Aldrig Ensam from Malmö, Sweden. It also contains two pages of genderqueer identities to educate skaters about gender diversity and a mix of rad skate pics.

Issue #2 is planned for the end of 2016. Submit something! 

The zine has been first released in London the 16th of July 2016 during two events on the same day: the Unicorn Girls Skate Jam at Mile End Skate Park and the Fellowship Exhibition curated by Danielle Gallacher (girlskateuk.com) at Parlour Skateshop along with some photos.

All funds collected will be strictly used to print and send zines.

Follow this link: https://www.leetchi.com/c/xem-skaters-genderqueer-skate-zine