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okay omg but i can get some stozier hcs where they're in a band together?

—stozier + band au (hcs) ♥
-the band’s name was “cherry stems” (don’t ask)
-it was a punk cover band
-they met each other through the band
-stanley played bass
-stanley was an original member while richie joined because they were looking for a guitarist
-stanley noticed one day that richie came to class wearing a “fender” shirt and introduced himself
-“hey, i’m stanley. sick shirt man, you play guitar?”
-richie nodded and stanley told him that his band was looking for guitarist
-richie showed up to their band practice and auditioned by playing a few songs that he already knew
-he was “good as hell” in stanley’s words and the other members agreed
-richie and stanley clicked instantly
-they wrote songs together and the other members liked them so much that they played them even though they were a cover band
-during concerts, stanley would always introduce richie as “one cool motherfucker”
-“concerts” were usually at local bars or one of their garages when they would invite friends to watch
-richie got stanley into the clash
-stanely would teach richie some bass basics as stanley knew how to play guitar, but richie didn’t know how to play bass
-they would have such amazing chemistry on stage
-stanley was stage left and richie was stage right but they’d always walk over to each other’s sections during songs
-one time the band covered “i wanna be your boyfriend” by the ramones
-richie looked at stanley as he mouthed along the to the lyrics, “do you love me babe? what can I say? because I want to be your boyfriend”
-right then and there, stanley got a feeling in his chest and in his stomach
-that’s when he realized that he liked richie, a lot
-and richie felt the same way

Modern AU Headcannons

James wears eyeliner
Peggy has braces
Samuel has braces
Theo is a god
Sam likes to draw to get rid of stress. Another thing he does, for the same reason, is putting all his books in alphabetical order
James speaks Hebrew when he’s super angry
Theodosia Sr is a strong believer in horoscopes and plam reading
Thomas goes Sherlock crazy with his violin sometimes
Lafayette is nonbinary
Ace Burr is cuddly as fuck and needs a lot of hugs sometimes
Thomas is the biggest David Garret fangirl
Samuel has a lisp
Charles listens to Punk music
James and Thomas met by Thomas wearing an Iron Man shirt and James wearing a Spider-Man shirt and they got into a fight over who is better and that’s how they became friends.
Peggy wears Bee Movie pajamas
Peggy has a subscription to Netflix only so she can watch the Bee Movie.
Burr loves bacon
James has feminine lips
Samuel loves it when he gets kissed all over his face, it makes him feel super warm and fuzzy inside. And when he’s cuddling he tends to nuzzle and purr a LOT
George is a terrible cook
James has a lot of stuffed animals because he can’t stand something not sleeping next to him. He favorite one is a sheep named Jane.
Theo is Asexual and Biromantic
Laf is aroace.
Theo only wears short and dresses. She doesn’t own any pants
Theo also really loves rain
Sam secretly listens to Bo Burnham
James listens to emo bands and drags Thomas to concerts and Thomas will never admit he likes them


Having a (Met) Ball

Eddie Redmayne enjoying the high fashion fun at past Met Balls. (Top) Carrying Sienna Miller’s jacket for her in 2013. (2nd) Carrying wife Hannah Bagshawe’s clutch for her in 2015. (3rd) Reacting to something he hears on his omnipresent cell phone in 2015. (Bottom) Showing off his “edgy” skull pocket square at the punk-themed 2013 event.

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I know being punk isnt a fashion show but I really with I looked more punk cause I went out a couple days ago and there was a group of like real punks and they all made fun of me and told me I wasnt a real punk cause I didnt look the part

Ok first off those “punks” you met were not real punks, they were just assholes. You don’t need to look punk to be punk! That being said DIY is your best friend. I get most of my clothes from thrift store or online but if you can rip it, paint it, or safety pin it do it. Make some patches! Stick them on a vest or you pants, backpacks, shirts anywhere you want to put them. i destress alot of my shirts and stick some safety pins on them. i bought some boots at a thrift store and painted spider weds on them, theres no rules. Do something crazy with your hair if you want. But don’t let other people pressure you into thinking you’re not “punk enough” because thats not a thing. 

Punk Leo and nerd Jim met on tumblr because Jim makes an edit that Leo reblogs on to his blog. And like all tumblr people that make things, Jim checks the tags, and Leo adds some really nice tags that make Jim really really happy, so Jim checks out Leo’s blog. In the process he finds that he likes Leos’ blog so he follows him as well as sends him an ask about happy the tags that Leo tagged Jim’s post with. With this the begin to start talking to each other, first on tumblr and then it graduates to skype and texting. Slowly they begin to fall in love with each other but the other doesn’t know it. And both of them are afraid to tell the other because they don’t want to ruin this amazing friendship they have. 

They each talk and whine about this love to their friends in real life, Jim to Nyota and Leo to Scotty. And one fine day Nyota gets a bit feed up with this and with out Jim’s knowledge sends a message to Leo (pretending to be Jim) telling him how much that he loved him. The next time Jim checks his messages, he sees a reply back from Leo, saying that he loved Jim too and asking him to be his boyfriend. Jim is ecstatic about this and jumps for joy but then realized he never confessed his love to Leo. So he checks his messages, and realized Nyota sent on for him. At first he pissed off but then he realized that’s he’s now dating the dude he loves. So the next time he see Nyota, he give her, her favorite dessert as a way of saying thank you. 


As Halloween gets ever closer, I thought it would be fun to visit my original Halloween-inspired Sim. For those of you that don’t know, this is Trixie Styx - a punk rock star who sadly met her end when a jealous hairdresser put 100 volts through her head. My Sims style has certainly developed over the last two years, albeit subtly. It’s still very Maxis Match, which I love, but I think I’ve found some great CC that really helps deliver the look I’m going for.

ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN: Contributor’s Roundtable

The very first decision I made about this week (before, in fact, Hendrik had even given me the go ahead) was that if I was going to do it, I wasn’t going to do it alone. Part of that was self-preservation: Green Day are a massive band, with a three-decade-long career and insurmountable amounts of energy. It’s a lot for one person to tackle. Even between the five of us, we’ve barely managed to scratch the surface.

But more than that, there was this nagging feeling that’s only grown more powerful over the course of this week, that it would really just be a shame if only one person wrote about Green Day. They belong to everyone. They’re there for the people who need them, when they need them, for whatever they need them for. Yes, they mean the world to me. The thing is, they probably mean the world to you, too.

So I put out the call on Twitter and my blog (restricting it somewhat to my circle of acquaintances by doing so, unfortunately, but this did make me more comfortable with asking in the full knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to pay any contributors for their work), and I got lucky: most of the people I was secretly hoping would offer to write about Green Day did just that. And, oh man, did they write. I can’t express how proud I am to have been able to give those pieces a platform, and to have myself and my writing associated with them and their writers. I was so impressed with the generosity and honesty of everyone’s writing that I wanted to hear more, and so I suggested the idea of a roundtable, where we could all come together to talk about our mutual topic: Green Day. This is the result.

All of us, this week, have touched on notions of belonging and acceptance in our pieces. There’s been an undertone, throughout, of the notion of Green Day as a safe space of some sort - whether it be for kids to start to figure themselves or the whole punk rock business out, or in the crowd at gigs, or as not-male or not-straight music fans. Do any of you have any more (or more specific) thoughts about this? Is this a feature of Green Day’s music, or the band themselves, or something else entirely? (Despite my piece on punk, I know it’s not as simple as that, as I’ve been in more than one punk space and met more than a few punks who made me feel unsafe - there’s a difference between ideal and reality, always.) What is it that makes a band feel “safe”?

KJ:  I think I thought of Green Day as a supportive space for all sorts of people who were different, and therefore avoided owning up to liking them because I didn’t want to be thought of as different? Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that.

Jessie:  For me, it’s a combination of factors. Some of it has to do with the punk thing. Green Day weren’t the first punk band I heard–that honor goes to another East Bay band, Operation Ivy–but sometimes I call Green Day my first punk band because it was around the time I first heard them that I started thinking of punk as an identity. I have definitely felt unsafe in punk spaces/around certain punks, and I guess Green Day sort of represented some utopian ideal of punk as this super welcoming club for nerds, freaks, and outcasts. I’m not sure why that is–maybe because of the scene they came out of, or maybe, because I said in my piece on “She,” it felt like they understood what it was like to be freaks and outcasts. Which leads into the second reason they felt safe to me, and that was entirely about their music. I was being bullied pretty much constantly during the time when I first heard them, and it just felt like they understood that. Like they’d been there. I mean, Dookie had a song (“Having A Blast”) about getting revenge on the people who bullied you. (More on that song later.) The third reason they felt safe to me is a very personal one, and it may sound weird, but–they felt safe to me because I didn’t have a crush on any of the band members. From the age of 12 to around 17 (or maybe even older, but that would lead into some topics that are beyond the scope of this roundtable), I usually ended up getting a crush on at least one member of every band I liked. I mean sexual fantasy-type crushes. And I was sort of terrified of my burgeoning sexuality (for many reasons). But with Green Day, I thought of them more like cool older brothers than people I wanted to get with, and that made them feel safer to me than a lot of other bands.

Jacqui: Jessie, I’ve never even thought about it the way you put at the end there, but now that you have I completely agree. I’ve also never had a crush on any of them, and it does make a difference. There’s something a lot safer about wanting to swap guacamole recipes with Mike, for instance, than ever having been properly attracted to him would have been. 

Alice:  It was much the same for me, though I think Green Day was my first punk band (or, possibly, The Offspring). But Green Day also was sort of a gateway drug, in terms of pop punk, and I think that in so many ways the pop punk scene of the early-to-mid-2000s was my safe space. It’s like we’ve said, that punk in reality isn’t always the safe space it is supposed to be - and of course, it is different for everyone and we are ignorant, of certain things, when we’re young. But when I was growing up, in Alabama, there weren’t many spaces for me. The pop-punk boom/resurgence of the 2000s was a saving grace, I think. Those bands - Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, etc. - and the people I met through them, mostly online, became a huge part of the ways in which I reckoned with myself and my identity. Between “Well, maybe I’m the faggot America / I’m not a part of the redneck agenda” and Bert McCracken (of The Used) wearing a shirt that said “Gay is OK”, I felt included and comforted by these group of weird punk misfit dudes.

This is perhaps a corollary to the above: as far as I know, everyone who’s written for this week is, in some way or another, not-straight. One of my favourite things ever written about Green Day, Cristy Road’s coming out memoir Spit and Passion, is also, obviously, written by a not-straight woman. I know that when I think of Green Day, I think of a band that is Not A Straight Band, in smaller ways and larger ones (I’m thinking of Billie Joe, of course, and of certain lyrics, and safe spaces, again, and of the secret-community like collection of “Coming Clean” tattoos I’ve seen over the years). What do you think?

Jessie:  I don’t know why so many not-straight people are into Green Day, but it certainly does seem to be true. I didn’t know that Billie Joe identified as bi until way after I got into the band, but when I found out I was like “Hell yeah! Yet another reason to love them!” Dookie came out the year I realized I was bi (though it would be another four years or so before I actual felt wholly comfortable with that label), and though there were no explicitly queer songs on it, it goes back to what I mentioned above–so many Green Day songs seem to speak to that sense of being an outcast, being lonely, being bullied, and one of the things that made me an outcast and that I was bullied about was my sexual orientation and gender expression. Another theory as to why so many not-straight folks love Green Day: they are not an uber-macho band. Billie Joe has often been seen wearing makeup, nail polish, even dresses; I’ve seen Tre in eyeliner, too, and he’s just sort of goofy-looking (I mean that as a compliment!). Mike is probably the most ‘masculine’-looking of the band members, but even he is not some meathead. There are just so many rock and punk bands that are so so into the whole machismo, look-at-me-I’m-a-man thing, and Green Day are not one of them and it’s great.

Cat: So, haha, funny story, Billie Joe is sort of the reason I admitted to myself that I liked girls. I mean, God knows every single person in my life knew I wasn’t straight, I was bullied for it relentlessly from the ages of eight to eighteen, but I was really terrified of this idea of “not being normal”. Small town, small school, white picket fences and 2.5 kids - I had this really clear idea that there was a Right way to live your life, which was “how everyone else was living it”, and that there was a Wrong way. And then I read that Advocate interview - which I was so happy to find again in your post about Coming Clean, Alice! - and Billie Joe says there, I think everybody is born bisexual, I think everybody fantasizes about the same sex. Which I disagree with as a point of view these days - but at the time, it was exactly what I needed to hear, to understand that my thoughts and feelings about girls weren’t just a random fluke that I needed to suppress. And then later I was able to move into a more mature standpoint, i.e., “oh, it doesn’t actually matter if this is normal or not, it’s okay anyway”, and also, “oh, I’m actually way more into girls than guys.” But I really, really needed that Advocate interview to get me to that place.

Alice: Thanks, Cat! Yeah, as I mentioned in my piece, I didn’t read The Advocate interview until much, much later. But I read it - when I was seventeen - exactly when I needed to read it. I don’t think that I ever connected Green Day, and the ways in which their music always meant so much to me,  to my being gay until that moment. It was a moment of satisfaction, reassurance, almost. Like oh this is maybe why they always felt like home to me.

KJ:  I have a very vivid memory of frantically late-night Wikipedia-ing a “list of bisexual celebrities” and feeling utterly relieved when I saw Billie Joe’s name. Like, if this guy who I looked up to could be bi, so maybe could I? Not for the first or fifteenth time, I thought about starting a band.

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monday, june 26, 2017

today’s outfit: docs, gray cords, this shirt i have had for almost 7 years now, ever since i impulsively switched clothes with a traveling punk girl i met in a parking lot. she was passing through town with a guy i’d sort of partied with this one time about two months prior to that (i honestly hadn’t expected to ever see him again). i don’t remember why we switched clothes, but we did, and i quickly lost or gave away or wore through everything except for the shirt, which is amazing considering i wear it pretty often in cooler weather and it’s clearly not what you would call an expensive top-tier garment. looks good on me, though! thanks, parking lot punk girl 

oh, and also? NEW HAIRCUT!! first haircut since i got my head shaved in 2013, in fact! hell yes

today’s song: “okkervil river song” by okkervil river. ‘nother one that i associate really strongly with summer. especially some of those summers around the time i acquired this shirt.

and the water slipped on slowly past our bodies in the weeds
pulling plastic wrap and razors on its current through the reeds
then I woke up one cold morning, felt an absence at my back
and I searched and stared but only the river stared back

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Hey hey hey, you got any Semisuga headcannons that can revitalise my dying soul ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

(◡‿◡✿) *yawn*


(⊙‿⊙✿) you summoned me?

  • semi being Super Duper Salty bc shirabu is so polite towards suga even tho he’d already managed to tease shirabu within the span of 5 minutes and semi is just like ??? how do you do this it took me 2 months before this punk even met looked me in the eye when i was trying so hard to be nice to him wtf i call witchcraft
  • suga is always doing sappy romantic stuff that usually involves semi’s friends being witness to said stuff bc semi always gets flustered, his face lighting up red like a beacon and suga finds this so precious
  • the first time semi visits suga in karasuno, he catches them having practice. when suga notices him and excuses himself from the rest of his team, semi notices how done suga looks and tells him “if it’s any consolation, i deal with the exact same thing and sometimes i just want to punch a wall. but with my head” and suga is just like “YOU UNDERSTAND”
  • ok so semi may be rly, rly embarrassed about pda, but when he and suga are hanging out and it’s just the two of them, semi almost always has to be touching suga in some way as in like they’re watching a movie with semi resting his head on suga’s lap and he’s holding suga’s hand, occasionally pressing a little kiss on it like it’s the most natural thing ever
  • suga randomly wondering aloud one day if his boyfriend could carry him and ofc semi, the freaking show off that he is, proves that ofc he can
  • suga using this to his advantage omg ever since then he’s always asking semi to carry him bc he knows semi can’t refuse

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how do i find fellow punks in my community?? i'm like a new punk ig and would love some advice! thanks🤘

I accidentally came by mine in totally not punk related ways. I met one when I was standing in front of the school and he and his boyfriend just came up to me and asked me to go for a beer with them and I skipped two classes to go and we have been friends ever since.
Few I met on some gigs n shit.

But honestly just come up to one punk and try hanging out with them, they probably know few more punks and will pull ya in

~ mod Petar

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How did you first come in contact with Goth culture?

As a young, rebellious punk I met the sweetest young goth, she introduced me to some of the music and aesthetics and I was in love with it ever since, though it’s only recently I’ve dared dabble in it!


I MET MY HERO, JOAKIM THÅSTRÖM! *___* ex-singer for Swedish legendary punk band Ebba Grön and new wave band Imperiet (he has a solo career now) *o* He signed my board and my copy of his newest LP !!!!  ^___^ I WAS LITERALLY SHAKING BUT HE WAS VERY VERY KIND AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER :3 his music means so fucking much to me i cant even begin to describe it

if u havent heard of him: REALLY check out Ebba Grön [x] Imperiet [x] and his solo material [x] :3