Good Kid/Troublemaker AUs
  • You’re a rebel by accident cause you get really animated when you talk and hit people in the face leading to fights. Now you just roll with it. I know the truth though.
  • Totally saw you spray paint the principals car and you’ll have to buy me dinner to keep me quiet.
  • I pretty much live in detention and you’re a straight A student here on your first offense. Wanna add another and skip detention with me?
  • Every time I get in a fight you patch me up but now I’m the one patching you up after your tripped on thin air.
  • I’m a super tough punk who hates authority. Your parents are cops who have met me more than once but I like you a lot.
  • Me and my buddies vandalized your backyard trampling your mini garden in the process. Now I feel really shitty cause you’re really upset about this. Look I’ll help fix it okay just stop with the sad faces.
  • Accidentally knocked you out when you got caught in the middle of a fist fight between me and this other kid during school. So I sat with you in the nurses office. Shut up! Punks like me have consciouses to you know!
  • You’re always picking fights and I’m the one who has to use my charm and way with words to stop them from getting out of hand.
  • You’re a police officer and I’m constantly in and out of holding/jail and we get to know each other well so sometimes you give me my favorite treats when no ones looking.
  • I’m always fighting and getting in trouble at school so people avoid me. You frequent the small ice cream shop my parents own and know how kind I am to children and elderly people but I don’t realize this.
  • You give me a piggy back ride (or ride home) after I got out of a brutal fight and can barely stand.
  • I brought my new kitten to school hold her please while I kick this guys ass. 
  • Punks can get scared of thunder storms to

“We met a kid at a punk rock festival we played in Rhode Island. He didn’t do much talking and we called him the Zombie Kid because he was passed out in a pile of sticks. The next day when he came out of his coma, he was asking us about directions on the best way to get passed NYC on a bike. His summer plan was to ride from his home in Vermont to Florida. All that he had with him was a backpack full of drugs. No joke. Drugs. Then we shook hands and he went on his way.  On that same tour - two months later - one of our last shows were in New York City, and guess who we fucking see? Zombie Kid. Backpack empty. We asked him what happened and he said he made it down to South Carolina and had to turn around and come back.” - Brian on Rhode Island


Rockman Sound Box 2 front and back in a little higher resolution than I’ve been able to find online. Has this really been out for almost a full year?

Never got the pencil board that was given as a preorder bonus, but to be honest, I like the gold background better than plain ol’ white anyhow.

The only problem I have with most of these official soundtracks is that the themes just never loop enough for my taste. I get disc space, and that many people don’t necessarily want 5+ minute tracks. But even for the Game Boy tunes, I need me more than 1:20 of Ballade and 50 second boss themes!

Scanned from: Rockman Sound Box 2, Art by Keisuke Mizuno

The three things that changed about Phil when he met Dan

Summary: when punk!Phil met his boyfriend, pastel!Dan, he changed in lots of ways for the good. Here are 3 changes that happened.



Word count: 1012

Tw: mention of alcohol/being drunk.

Phil was an ‘asshole’, a 'dickhead’, a bad boy. All of the adjectives to describe a popular-for-nothing guy who breaks all of the rules (that he seems worthy of breaking) could also be used to describe Phil. He had been this way throughout high school and didn’t not let down his act for anyone, that was, until hd met his fluffy ball of joy that was his Dan.

Dan was the polar opposite of Phil. He had an adorable personality (Did u see what I did there) which was complimented by how he dressed. He mostly wore pastel colours and flower crowns, Phil often told him that he looked like a beautiful flower (Oooh she strikes again). He mostly always did as he was told and was generally just a lovely person (Someone sTOP ME).

ONE: Phil got a new bear.

Phil couldn’t sleep without his bear. He knew it was stupid, he was eighteen and supposedly the school badboy yet he could not fall into slumber without the teddy bear that he’d had since he could remember. That was until he met Dan.

They were at a party, typical Phil behaviour. It was at the house of one of his 'friends’. He’d brought Dan along, because honestly when wasn’t Dan by his side, and they’d decided to stay the night as he lived on the other side of town and Phil planned on getting a little drunk.

Phil hadn’t thought about sleeping when he’d complied. Just before they left he’d remembered about his bear but  just decided to 'wing it’ and stay awake for the night. He wasn’t going to take his bear. No. Only Dan knew about his bear. What would someone think if they saw 'punk phil’ with a child’s teddy bear.

Besides, he was looking forward to cuddling with his Dan at night as he hadn’t been allowed to Dan’s house in a while. And Dan had not been at his house yet as he shared with two other guys and it wasn’t exactly safe enough for his little Dan.

It was loud and there were what seemed like hundreds of people there. Phil is wearing a red my chemical romance tank top from the black parade era which has a low cut neck to reveal his colourful tattoos. He has on ripped black skinny jeans with two metal chains hanging from the belt loops. And his infamous black leather jacket and some blacker black doc martens.

Dan look is a complete contrast to Phil’s. He’d most likely get beaten up or at least insulted if he were to walk into the party on his own, or if people didn’t know who Phil was. He had on a lavender coloured oversized t-shirt and some white skinny jeans and pastel pink vans canvas shoes. He also wore little pink circle stud earrings.

Phil’s friend, James, lived in a pretty big house. After a few drinks, minimal socialising and some sloppy making out with Dan, he could see that the brunette was getting sleepy.

“You wanna go to bed, baby?” He asked Dan cupping his cheeks and pecking his lips.

“Y-yeah I’m sleepy, Phil” Dan replied and then yawned. He shuffled closer to Phil on the sofa they were sat on so he was basically sat on his lap and snuggled into his chest.

“Okay then, let’s go to bed” Phil said softly. He decided that Dan was probably to tired to make his way to wherever the guest bedrooms are on his own. He picked him up from under his thighs. The brunette made a noise of content and wrapped his arms lightly around Phil whilst burying his face in his neck.

After Phil had asked where the spare bedroom that they’d be staying in was he made his way to it with a half asleep Dan in his arms. When the got to the room he nudged the door open as best as he could and shuffled inside.

It was a nice little guest room as James’ family was pretty rich. He tucked Dan inside the covers of the bed. Dan let out a sigh as he shuffled to get comfortable. He peeled back the covers next to him for Phil to get in. After Phil had closed and locked the door he did.

Dan was sprawled out like a starfish when Phil slipped in next to him. He reached down and grabbed Dan’s hand to give it a little kiss and whispered “goodnight”. They carried on holding hands. Dan shuffled around so that he could comfortably place their entwined hands under his cheek and closed his eyes.

After about five minutes Dan opened his eyes and looked up to Phil who was already looking right back at him.

“You okay babe? thought you’d fallen asleep” Phil asked a little awkwardly as he didn’t want to admit that he’d been staring at Dan it wasn’t in a creepy way like Edward Cullen or anything, he reasoned in his mind; Dan just looked so calm and peaceful.

“Where’s bear?” Dan replied, he seemed genuinely worried. It make Phil smile a little.

“I didn’t bring it sweetheart, why’d you ask?”

“Bu-but you can’t sleep without him. What will you do?” Dan answered. Phil’s heart melted. Dan was so young minded. He envied him sometimes.

“Well I just thought I’d Urm-” Phil attempted to say but was cut off.

“What if I was your bear?” Dan asked confidently. Phil smiled. He liked that idea a lot.

“Okay then, but I have to cuddle you the same way” Phil replied. He let go of Dan’s hand to open his arms and turned on to his side. Dan seemed to catch on to what he was supposed to be doing so he laid down so his back was against Phil’s chest.

Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s stomach and pulled him into his chest so that he could rest his head on top of Dan’s. They both giggled slightly before falling into a deep slumber.

That was the first time Phil fell asleep with his new bear.


A/N: I have just had this unfinished for months so I decided to do something with it. Expect two more parts soon!
Two phanfics in one day!?! Who have I become.

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Hey hey hey, you got any Semisuga headcannons that can revitalise my dying soul ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

(◡‿◡✿) *yawn*


(⊙‿⊙✿) you summoned me?

  • semi being Super Duper Salty bc shirabu is so polite towards suga even tho he’d already managed to tease shirabu within the span of 5 minutes and semi is just like ??? how do you do this it took me 2 months before this punk even met looked me in the eye when i was trying so hard to be nice to him wtf i call witchcraft
  • suga is always doing sappy romantic stuff that usually involves semi’s friends being witness to said stuff bc semi always gets flustered, his face lighting up red like a beacon and suga finds this so precious
  • the first time semi visits suga in karasuno, he catches them having practice. when suga notices him and excuses himself from the rest of his team, semi notices how done suga looks and tells him “if it’s any consolation, i deal with the exact same thing and sometimes i just want to punch a wall. but with my head” and suga is just like “YOU UNDERSTAND”
  • ok so semi may be rly, rly embarrassed about pda, but when he and suga are hanging out and it’s just the two of them, semi almost always has to be touching suga in some way as in like they’re watching a movie with semi resting his head on suga’s lap and he’s holding suga’s hand, occasionally pressing a little kiss on it like it’s the most natural thing ever
  • suga randomly wondering aloud one day if his boyfriend could carry him and ofc semi, the freaking show off that he is, proves that ofc he can
  • suga using this to his advantage omg ever since then he’s always asking semi to carry him bc he knows semi can’t refuse