Modern AU Headcannons

James wears eyeliner
Peggy has braces
Samuel has braces
Theo is a god
Sam likes to draw to get rid of stress. Another thing he does, for the same reason, is putting all his books in alphabetical order
James speaks Hebrew when he’s super angry
Theodosia Sr is a strong believer in horoscopes and plam reading
Thomas goes Sherlock crazy with his violin sometimes
Lafayette is nonbinary
Ace Burr is cuddly as fuck and needs a lot of hugs sometimes
Thomas is the biggest David Garret fangirl
Samuel has a lisp
Charles listens to Punk music
James and Thomas met by Thomas wearing an Iron Man shirt and James wearing a Spider-Man shirt and they got into a fight over who is better and that’s how they became friends.
Peggy wears Bee Movie pajamas
Peggy has a subscription to Netflix only so she can watch the Bee Movie.
Burr loves bacon
James has feminine lips
Samuel loves it when he gets kissed all over his face, it makes him feel super warm and fuzzy inside. And when he’s cuddling he tends to nuzzle and purr a LOT
George is a terrible cook
James has a lot of stuffed animals because he can’t stand something not sleeping next to him. He favorite one is a sheep named Jane.
Theo is Asexual and Biromantic
Laf is aroace.
Theo only wears short and dresses. She doesn’t own any pants
Theo also really loves rain
Sam secretly listens to Bo Burnham
James listens to emo bands and drags Thomas to concerts and Thomas will never admit he likes them

they’re gonna go on a date uwu

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, waking up like a shot at half past 2 in the morning:</b> you know what we need? we've got our sugar daddy!Hannibal fics and there's lots of overlap already between those and younger!Will fic and that's swell, excellent job fannibal fam keep it up...<p/><b>Husband, groggy as hell:</b> wtf is this demon light from hell beside me OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU ON YOUR PHONE GO BACK TO SLEEP<p/><b>me:</b> but what we NEED is some sugar daddy!Hannibal where he and Will are both younger...ooh, or better yet, Will is the same age that he was when they met on the show!!<p/><b>Husband, head now buried under pillow:</b> *snores*<p/><b>Me:</b> Can you imagine??? Will in his 30s but now he has to deal with this weird 20-something foppish punk he just met trying to wine and dine him like some swooning maiden from a classic film that's older than both of them combined????? He would be SO DONE XDDDDDD<p/><b>Husband:</b> *still snoring*<p/><b>Me:</b> I KNOW IT'S AMAZING RIGHT SOMEONE NEEDS TO WRITE THIS RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Hey hey hey, you got any Semisuga headcannons that can revitalise my dying soul ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

(◡‿◡✿) *yawn*


(⊙‿⊙✿) you summoned me?

  • semi being Super Duper Salty bc shirabu is so polite towards suga even tho he’d already managed to tease shirabu within the span of 5 minutes and semi is just like ??? how do you do this it took me 2 months before this punk even met looked me in the eye when i was trying so hard to be nice to him wtf i call witchcraft
  • suga is always doing sappy romantic stuff that usually involves semi’s friends being witness to said stuff bc semi always gets flustered, his face lighting up red like a beacon and suga finds this so precious
  • the first time semi visits suga in karasuno, he catches them having practice. when suga notices him and excuses himself from the rest of his team, semi notices how done suga looks and tells him “if it’s any consolation, i deal with the exact same thing and sometimes i just want to punch a wall. but with my head” and suga is just like “YOU UNDERSTAND”
  • ok so semi may be rly, rly embarrassed about pda, but when he and suga are hanging out and it’s just the two of them, semi almost always has to be touching suga in some way as in like they’re watching a movie with semi resting his head on suga’s lap and he’s holding suga’s hand, occasionally pressing a little kiss on it like it’s the most natural thing ever
  • suga randomly wondering aloud one day if his boyfriend could carry him and ofc semi, the freaking show off that he is, proves that ofc he can
  • suga using this to his advantage omg ever since then he’s always asking semi to carry him bc he knows semi can’t refuse
The three things that changed about Phil when he met Dan

Summary: when punk!Phil met his boyfriend, pastel!Dan, he changed in lots of ways for the good. Here are 3 changes that happened.



Word count: 1012

Tw: mention of alcohol/being drunk.

Phil was an ‘asshole’, a 'dickhead’, a bad boy. All of the adjectives to describe a popular-for-nothing guy who breaks all of the rules (that he seems worthy of breaking) could also be used to describe Phil. He had been this way throughout high school and didn’t not let down his act for anyone, that was, until hd met his fluffy ball of joy that was his Dan.

Dan was the polar opposite of Phil. He had an adorable personality (Did u see what I did there) which was complimented by how he dressed. He mostly wore pastel colours and flower crowns, Phil often told him that he looked like a beautiful flower (Oooh she strikes again). He mostly always did as he was told and was generally just a lovely person (Someone sTOP ME).

ONE: Phil got a new bear.

Phil couldn’t sleep without his bear. He knew it was stupid, he was eighteen and supposedly the school badboy yet he could not fall into slumber without the teddy bear that he’d had since he could remember. That was until he met Dan.

They were at a party, typical Phil behaviour. It was at the house of one of his 'friends’. He’d brought Dan along, because honestly when wasn’t Dan by his side, and they’d decided to stay the night as he lived on the other side of town and Phil planned on getting a little drunk.

Phil hadn’t thought about sleeping when he’d complied. Just before they left he’d remembered about his bear but  just decided to 'wing it’ and stay awake for the night. He wasn’t going to take his bear. No. Only Dan knew about his bear. What would someone think if they saw 'punk phil’ with a child’s teddy bear.

Besides, he was looking forward to cuddling with his Dan at night as he hadn’t been allowed to Dan’s house in a while. And Dan had not been at his house yet as he shared with two other guys and it wasn’t exactly safe enough for his little Dan.

It was loud and there were what seemed like hundreds of people there. Phil is wearing a red my chemical romance tank top from the black parade era which has a low cut neck to reveal his colourful tattoos. He has on ripped black skinny jeans with two metal chains hanging from the belt loops. And his infamous black leather jacket and some blacker black doc martens.

Dan look is a complete contrast to Phil’s. He’d most likely get beaten up or at least insulted if he were to walk into the party on his own, or if people didn’t know who Phil was. He had on a lavender coloured oversized t-shirt and some white skinny jeans and pastel pink vans canvas shoes. He also wore little pink circle stud earrings.

Phil’s friend, James, lived in a pretty big house. After a few drinks, minimal socialising and some sloppy making out with Dan, he could see that the brunette was getting sleepy.

“You wanna go to bed, baby?” He asked Dan cupping his cheeks and pecking his lips.

“Y-yeah I’m sleepy, Phil” Dan replied and then yawned. He shuffled closer to Phil on the sofa they were sat on so he was basically sat on his lap and snuggled into his chest.

“Okay then, let’s go to bed” Phil said softly. He decided that Dan was probably to tired to make his way to wherever the guest bedrooms are on his own. He picked him up from under his thighs. The brunette made a noise of content and wrapped his arms lightly around Phil whilst burying his face in his neck.

After Phil had asked where the spare bedroom that they’d be staying in was he made his way to it with a half asleep Dan in his arms. When the got to the room he nudged the door open as best as he could and shuffled inside.

It was a nice little guest room as James’ family was pretty rich. He tucked Dan inside the covers of the bed. Dan let out a sigh as he shuffled to get comfortable. He peeled back the covers next to him for Phil to get in. After Phil had closed and locked the door he did.

Dan was sprawled out like a starfish when Phil slipped in next to him. He reached down and grabbed Dan’s hand to give it a little kiss and whispered “goodnight”. They carried on holding hands. Dan shuffled around so that he could comfortably place their entwined hands under his cheek and closed his eyes.

After about five minutes Dan opened his eyes and looked up to Phil who was already looking right back at him.

“You okay babe? thought you’d fallen asleep” Phil asked a little awkwardly as he didn’t want to admit that he’d been staring at Dan it wasn’t in a creepy way like Edward Cullen or anything, he reasoned in his mind; Dan just looked so calm and peaceful.

“Where’s bear?” Dan replied, he seemed genuinely worried. It make Phil smile a little.

“I didn’t bring it sweetheart, why’d you ask?”

“Bu-but you can’t sleep without him. What will you do?” Dan answered. Phil’s heart melted. Dan was so young minded. He envied him sometimes.

“Well I just thought I’d Urm-” Phil attempted to say but was cut off.

“What if I was your bear?” Dan asked confidently. Phil smiled. He liked that idea a lot.

“Okay then, but I have to cuddle you the same way” Phil replied. He let go of Dan’s hand to open his arms and turned on to his side. Dan seemed to catch on to what he was supposed to be doing so he laid down so his back was against Phil’s chest.

Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s stomach and pulled him into his chest so that he could rest his head on top of Dan’s. They both giggled slightly before falling into a deep slumber.

That was the first time Phil fell asleep with his new bear.


A/N: I have just had this unfinished for months so I decided to do something with it. Expect two more parts soon!
Two phanfics in one day!?! Who have I become.

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Spellbound (Part 1)

Story Summary: To have your crush fall in love with you, your friend proposes the idea of casting a spell on him (High school AU).

Word Count: 1197

A/N: Yeah…here’s a Steve/Reader drabble series and it’s inspired by the song “Black Magic” by Little Mix. Hope you guys like it :)

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

“Ugh, it should be illegal to be that good looking,” you muttered under your breath, your eyes intently watching the blond-haired masterpiece from afar. “Look at him being all handsome like he owns the place.”

“Well, this is his house,” Wanda mentioned and chuckled at you. “So technically yeah, he owns the place…or his parents do.”

You shot a glare at her before returning your gaze at the walking perfection who continued talking with his friends, his laughter filling the room. Tugging you by the arm, Wanda led you away from the kitchen and into the living room where he was. Your heart thudded quickly as you got closer to the presence of the blue-eyed punk and when he met your gaze, your knees bucked and almost lost your balance. If it weren’t for Wanda who reluctantly held you up, you would’ve fallen on the floor.

“Hey (Y/N),” the life wrecker greeted, his signature smile donning on his face. “Enjoying the party?”

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The 3 Things That Changed About Phil When He Met Dan 3 (ficmas: day 5)

Summary: when punk!Phil met his boyfriend, pastel!Dan, he changed in lots of ways for the good. Here are 3 changes that happened.

word count: 1736



Phil had never really celebrated Christmas. When he was younger his parents didn’t seem to care much about the giving part and only enjoyed it because drinks were half price at the pub that night.

Phil hadn’t ever had the experience of a family Christmas, but he was content with that as he hadn’t had anything to compare his lonely Christmas with. Apart from maybe the kids at school bringing in their new toys, but who needs to receive gifts when you can just steal other people’s, right?

As with most aspects of their lives, Dan had completely different Christmas memories. His were of his family decorating the house with garlands and tinsel and putting up the tree. He has a tradition of baking mince pies with his mother and hanging up his stocking on Christmas eve.

Christmas was Dan’s favourite holiday, and he was determined to make it Phil’s favourite too.

THREE:  Phil’s love for Christmas

“Are you excited for Christmas, Phil?” Dan, who was currently situated in the said persons lap, asked.

“Urm yeah, I’m clearly not as pumped for it as you are. That’s like the fifth Christmas jumper I’ve seen you wear, exactly how many do you own?”

“A few” Dan said quietly as he blushed, resting his head on Phil’s shoulder.

That may have been a slight under exaggeration as Dan owned more than the ‘few’ that he claimed to own. He couldn’t help it. He’d managed to find a selection of Christmas jumpers in the pastel colours that he loved too.

He was lucky as he managed to get away with replacing the usual school jumper with a Christmas jumper over his shirt and tie. Many of the teachers turned a blind eye as they saw how much he loved Christmas, they couldn’t bare to take a part of it away from him. The fact that Phil would have something to say to them if they made him change may have played a part in it too.

Phil hugged his arms around Dan’s waist tighter, “it’s a good thing that you look so adorable in them then”.

They were sat in the school’s library. Dan had initially wanted to come in here to get some last minute studying done for a test that is last period. But then Phil had clambered in claiming that he ‘hadn’t seen his boyfriend in forever’ (when it had only been a few hours), so now they were cuddled up on one of the plush sofas in the corner.

The topics of conversation had ranged from complaints about some of the teachers, to what their dream house would look like, and now the topic was Christmas. This was definitely Dan’s favourite thing to talk about at the moment.

“I won’t be able to see you on Christmas, so I think we should bring our gifts for each other into school” Dan suggested.

“Yeah, okay” Phil agreed, although he was a little nervous now. Never mind never receiving a Christmas present, he’d never actually given one either.

“I can’t wait until you see what I’ve made for you” Dan did the thing where he smiles so wide that it reaches his eyes. Phil thought it was the cutest thing ever and had to stop himself from outwardly ‘awwwing’.

Suddenly the school bell was ringing to signal their second to last period of the day. Dan was always to class on time and Phil didn’t want to make him late so he walked him to his class.

Then, surprisingly, Phil walked to his own class. He usually went out the back to smoke or to meet up with some of his mates. He never really went to class, or if he did he was horrendously late. So this was new.

“Mr Lester! What a suprise to see you here, don’t you have something more interesting to be doing with your superior self?” His math teacher announced.

Phil knew he was joking. He had quite a good relationship with Mr Lewis. He was more of a parent than his actual parents were. When Phil was on the verge of being expelled, Mr Lewis had helped back him up. Phil trusted and told him most things.

“I thought perhaps I’d benefit from leaning something, just giving it a go” Phil replied as loudly as his teacher had spoken, then walked to where he was standing so that they could have more of a private conversation.

“No attitude today, Phil? What’s happened”.

Phil could understand Mr Lewis’ confusion. He’d hardly ever turned up on time to one of his classes before; when it had been raining so he couldn’t go and hang out outside, or the boys bathroom was locked for some reason. And there was no reason today, except Dan. Mr Lewis didn’t know about him and Dan yet.

Phil sighed. Should he tell him about Dan? Maybe later when they’re not in a class full of people. “I’m just happy, that’s all”.

Mr Lewis wouldn’t take that for an answer. “No, there’s something. Wait, is it that boy? What’s his name again? Daniel is it?”

Phil blushed but groaned, the teacher was annoyingly observant. “It’s Dan. And I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

“Aw, yes it is. Well I’m probably not supposed to pair together my students but you two fit perfectly. Hes a great influence on you too, straight As he gets, just what you need” Mr Lewis says laughing quietly to himself.

“Shut up”

His teacher ignores that and continues “just look at you now, turning up on time. And don’t try to hide that smile, I hardly see it as it is”.

Phil goes to sit in his seat, which is at the front as he’d gotten himself moved from the back for disrupting the class. Mr Lewis added “we’ll talk about this after class, Phil” to which Phil just nodded.


On the last day of school Phil was significantly less nervous about his present to Dan than he previously had been. He’d told Mr Lewis about him and Dan, the man had just smiled knowingly at him. He’d also asked him for ideas of what to get Dan for Christmas to which he’d put forward a number of suggestions which Phil had considered good.

Phil had done some extra hours at his weekend job to gather the money for Dan’s present. It was difficult but he knew that it was worth it. He loved Dan to bits.

They met in their usual place, the tree near the gates of the school. As it was the last day, it was a non uniform day. Dan had on an outfit that was the embodiment of a Christmas in winter.

He wore a pastel pink fluffy jumper with a sliver reindeer embroidered onto the front of it. Some black skinny jeans that had little flecks of silver woven into the fabric. He wore some white high-top converse shoes and a white flowercrown that had fake snow dusted on top of the petals.

When Phil saw Dan, his face lit up and he hugged him, lifting him off the ground because of the height difference. Dan made a quiet ‘oof’ sound, hugging Phil back and burying his face into his leather jacket.

“Shall we give each other our gifts?” Dan whispered into Phil’s ear. There was fifteen minutes until the bell would ring so he figured that they had enough time.

“Yep” Phil said when they broke the hug. Phil didn’t let go of Dan’s arm as he led them under the tree near by. He laid his jacket on the icy grass (he had a thick black jumper under it so he wouldn’t be too cold). And then he sat down on it and pulled Dan to sit in his lap.

Dan took his mint green backback off to reveal a very neatly wrapped circular object. It even had a little silver bow on it, Phil wouldn’t admit it but he would definitely be keeping that.

The gift was probably one that he should’ve expected, although it didn’t make it any less adorable. He unwrapped it to reveal a dark flowercrown. It was made up of coal black roses and small leaves that were almost the same blue as his dyed fringe. There were also small spikes along the black vine. It was like both of their aesthetics had been combined.

Phil looked in awe at the flowercrown that Dan must have spent ages making. “Thanks sweetheart, I love it” he said whilst putting it on his head.

Dan smiled and reached up to straighten it out “you look great” he complimented. And Phil did. The delicate paper flowers suprisingly went well with the rest of his punk-like attire.

Phil reached inside the pocket of his leather jacket for Dan’s present. He hadn’t wrapped it and was regretting it slightly after seeing the effort that Dan had gone to. He handed a black cube box to Dan.

Dan opened it to find a small silver ring. It was encrusted with tiny diamonds around the circumference. Dan gasped and looked up to Phil.

“It’s a promise ring, Dan” Phil explained taking the ring out of its box and putting it on the fourth finger of Dan’s right hand. He continued “I promise that I’ll love you for as long as you love me, and probably a bit more too”.

“Like that’s possible” Dan remarked sarcastically. He wound his arms around Phil’s neck. “I love it” he said quietly as Phil kissed his forehead.

When the bell went Phil walked a still smiling Dan to his class before deciding that he’d bunk off first period. He spent most of his time thinking about Dan, thinking about how much of a soppy git Dan has made him. And remembering that it doesn’t matter because he loves Dan.

Dan spent his day admiring the ring every few minutes. Checking to see if it was still there, and then twisting it around his finger. A few people had sent questioning looks his way, but they hadn’t bothered to ask, and he hadn’t noticed them anyway.

Phil had decided that he now loved Christmas. Not just because of the usual festivities. But because it marked the time that he and Dan had made their secret promise to love each other as long as the other loved them, which was essentially forever for him.


A/N: well wasn’t that just a big sop fest. Here is the third part. Only 4 months later, oops. Anyway if you celebrate it, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Btw the title’s by fob.

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On punk/classical Lucas, someone hears a loud beat coming off his headphones but when they steal it to see what kind of punk he's listening to they are met with very dramatic classical music.

Classmate: *looks at him funny*
Lucas: What?

Title: Second Chance
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,825
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader, Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Lying, a bit of anger
Notes: Request from @full-time-fangirling for “Hey :) could I please have a Peter Maximoff imagine? The reader is Charles’ daughter but is with Peter. They get together and hide it from Charles because he isn’t a big fan of Peter? And then he finds out and gets angry but the reader defends Peter? Thanks :)” // This ended up a lot longer than I originally intended it to. I blame it on the fact that I’m Peter Maximoff trash. • Part two is here. ☺

Originally posted by imaginessforall

       Y/N Xavier knew the moment she met the silver-haired speedster that she would never forget him. 

       It was 1973, and a surly stranger had come to her home with news of the future, and it was far from good. She was seventeen at the time. Said surly stranger, named Logan, had suggested that they go enlist the help of a man her age, Peter, to help them break Erik out of prison. When they arrived, the boy began interrogating them as he flittered around the room, using his super-speed to play a game of ping-pong against himself.
       “He’s fascinating,” commented Hank.
       “He’s a pain in the ass,” Charles muttered in response.
       “We need your help,” Y/N stated firmly, attempting to get the boy’s attention. She found him to be quite attractive, and she was momentarily thankful that she didn’t have to fuss with keeping up her psychic shield, as her father was unable to use his powers at the time. In the blink of an eye, Peter was standing in front of her, a smirk on his lips.
       “And who might you be?”
       “My name is Y/N Xavier, and –”
       “Very nice to meet you, Y/N; I’m Peter. And might I just say, your voice is mesmerizing. That accent…. I could listen to you read the phone book,” Peter said with a wink, as he leaned against the wall next to her.
       “Well, what if I read you just one number: mine?” Y/N replied smoothly, returning the smirk he was giving her.
       “Alright, alright, that’s enough of that,” Charles said sternly, pinching the bridge of his nose. He knew full well that his daughter was a beautiful young woman, and there was nothing he despised more than seeing boys flirt with her – especially some nosy, intrusive little punk he had just met.
       “Rain check, then,” Peter said, giving her another wink before speeding over to sit at an arcade game. “So, who are the rest of you guys, and whaddya want?”
       “We need your help, Peter,” Logan answered.
       “Yeah, me and the gorgeous Brit covered that. With what?”
       Y/N attempted to hide the blush that threatened to creep up to her cheeks.
       “To break into a highly secure facility; to get someone out.”
       “Prison break? That’s illegal, you know.”
       “Well, only if you get caught,” Logan rebutted, after glancing around at the various stolen objects around Peter’s room.
       “So, what’s in it for me?”
       “You, you kleptomaniac, get to break into the Pentagon,” Charles explained, removing his sunglasses and rubbing his eye, visibly annoyed. Peter froze, then turned around to eye them cautiously.
       “How do I know I can trust you?”
       “Because we’re just like you,” said Logan. Peter still looked wary.
       “Show him,” Charles ordered Y/N and Logan. Y/N used your powers of psionic manipulation to form a platform beneath her feet, allowing her to hover a few feet off the ground. It was a mere glimpse of her powers, but enough to get the point across. Logan raised a fist and three claws protruded from his knuckles.
       “That’s cool,” Peter commented, then glanced at Logan, “but it’s disgusting.”
       A few hours later, they were all riding away in their rental car, with the convicted murderer of an American president sitting in the backseat. Y/N sat in between him and Peter, talking quietly with the latter, as her father shot occasional glares at the pair from the passenger seat. The cumbrous Logan was seated between him and Hank. The ride was painfully silent, aside from Y/N and Peter’s quiet chatting.
       When they reached the plane, they all bid their farewells to Peter, and Y/N was the last to board.
       “So,” Peter began, stepping closer to her, the smirk from earlier returning to his face, “you still owe me a phone number.”
       “I suppose I do,” she replied, smiling. She removed an old business card of her father’s from her wallet, and scribbled her phone number on the back of it, before slipping it into Peter’s hand. Y/N then stood on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, made him promise to call her, then boarded the plane.
       Peter stood there long after the plane had taken off – frozen for once – still reveling in the lingering feeling of her lips on him. With a bright smile on his face, he got into the rental car and made his way home. He turned the radio up and rolled the windows down, and began thinking of what he would say to Y/N when he called her. Hell, he even started planning their first date. He felt truly ecstatic for the first time since he was a child.
       That was, until the card Y/N had written her phone number on flew out the window of the Chrysler from its place under the sun visor. Peter pulled over as quickly as he possibly could and lept out of the car. He immediately began searching the area for the card, but the abundant wind had carried it off God knows where. After accepted that he would never find it, Peter gave an angry yell, kicked the car’s tire, and resumed his journey home, thoroughly crestfallen at the realization that he would likely never see Y/N again.

       After the whole ordeal with stopping Raven was over, Y/N was eager to return home and await Peter’s call. A day went by, then a week, then a month – but still, nothing. After two months, Y/N finally gave up hope.
       Charles had sensed his daughter’s sadness, and he delved into her mind just enough to discover that the reason behind it. He consoled her to the best of his ability, but she always refused to talk about it, and constantly declared that she was completely fine. However, he would occasionally catch her thinking about that silver-haired hoodlum, and Charles made a promise to himself that if he ever saw that delinquent again, he’d break the lad’s nose.
       Seven years had passed since Y/N had last seen Peter, and she had almost entirely forgotten about him. ‘Almost’ meaning that, once in a blue moon, she would catch herself daydreaming about that smirk of his, or the way his eyes twinkled with excitement at the mere thought of mischief. For the life of her, she couldn’t put her finger on why he still managed to make his way into her thoughts, but each time she did, she would force herself to forget about him just as quickly as she had thought of him.
       “That guy is staring at you,” Y/N’s best friend, Alex Summers, commented one day while they were having lunch. They were sitting in the patio section of a restaurant, enjoying the warm weather.
       “What does he look like?” she inquired, then added with a grin, “Is he cute?”
       “He’s my height, wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt, got silver hair –”
       Y/N was spinning around before Alex could even finish his sentence. Her suspicion was confirmed when she saw none other than Peter Maximoff standing across the street, gawking at her. He was next to her in a heartbeat, leaning on the railing separating the restaurant patio from the sidewalk, wearing that smirk she had dreamed about for so long.
       As if on a reflex, she slapped him.
       “Uh, ow,” Peter said, rubbing his cheek. “Nice to see you, too, gorgeous.”
       “This must be that guy who said he was gonna call you, but never did,” Alex observed, chuckling.
       “The very same,” Y/N replied, narrowing her eyes at Peter. “What the hell makes you think it’s alright to stand me up like that, then just whiz over here with that bloody smirk and a ‘Nice to see you, too, gorgeous’?
       “Let me explain – ”
       “No, let me,” Y/N said, crossing her arms and leaning forward on the table to glare at Peter. “I waited for you to call me for two bloody months, but it seemed as if you dropped off the face of the earth. How dare you make me think you really liked me, then just blow me off like that?”
       As she spoke, her chair began to levitate, as did a few objects on the table between her and Alex. He grabbed her arm after quickly glancing around to make sure no humans had noticed, softly saying, “Watch it, Y/N.” She realized what she had been doing, and everything immediately ceased levitating.
       “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I really am,” Peter began to explain, now standing up straight. “When I was driving back, I had put the card with your phone number on it in the sun visor, and it blew out the window. I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn’t find the damn thing. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to call you the second I got home, but I had no idea how to get ahold of you.”
       Y/N visibly calmed at his justification, relaxing back into her chair with a softened expression.
       “I’ve never stopped thinking about you. I’ve never stopped dreaming about that beautiful voice of yours, or the sound of your laugh, or the way your eyes would light up when I’d tell you some stupid joke,” Peter confessed. “I probably sound kinda pitiful, but I mean it. You stole my heart the day I met you, and I’ve never gotten it back.”
       “Damn, that was corny,” Alex commented, sniggering. Y/N shot him a glare, and he immediately held his hands up in surrender.
       “It’s sweet,” she said sternly, still glaring at Alex.
       “So, whaddya say, gorgeous?” Peter hesitantly asked, that smirk returning to his lips as he leaned forward on the railing again. “Will you give me another chance?”
       Y/N eyed him carefully, before a small smile began to form, and she reached into her purse. She pulled a card out of her wallet and handed it to Peter, smiling and saying, “You better call this time.”
       Peter peered down at the card, which had her name – Professor Y/N Xavier – and phone number elegantly printed on it, along with the the information for her father’s school.
       “I’ll call in two hours, how ‘bout that?” Peter suggested, returning her smile.
       “Sounds perfect.”
       “Just so you know, if you hurt her again, I’m basically her older brother, and I will find you,” Alex added. His voice was stern, but the corners of his mouth twitched up slightly.
       “I don’t plan on it,” Peter said, then winked at Y/N, quickly kissed her cheek, and sped off.

       Much to Y/N’s joy, Peter made good on his promise, and she received a call exactly two hours after she had seen him. They talked for a couple hours, and finally set up a date. That date was followed by many others… all of which remained a secret to Y/N’s father.

anonymous asked:

My crush is a super sweet really tall (over a foot taller than me) punk boy that I met at my favorite coffee shop, we're both regulars and we've starting hanging out when we're there at the same time. I really like him but we're both really shy but I think I'm happy that it's going slowly cause I haven't had that I think I need it. Idk he's really sweet and a genuinely nice person who cares about me and makes me feel good and I don't think I've ever been with a really good person

If things feel right I think you should go for it! I really hope things work out if you do and if not I hope you have a cool friend for life x