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What’s the proper etiquette for asking an artist if you can cosplay their version of a character? I’m really feeling noszles punk peach on a spiritual level, but I don’t want it to be weird and cosplay without their permission, you know? 

Quicksand’s Tom Capone: “We were always just doing it from our hearts, never trying to make a quick buck.”

Tom Capone is one of my favourite guitarists! He’s played in some of the greatest New York hardcore and post-hardcore bands: Quicksand, Bold, Handsome, Shelter, Beyond… I interviewed him for my punk and spirituality project, Conversations With Punx. It took a year or so for the interview to eventuate. It was worth the wait! We spoke for a couple of hours, in-depth, of Tom’s lifelong spiritual journey and all the things he’s checked out along the way – Catholicism, Satanism, the occult, Krishna Consciousness, Tibetan philosophies, mythology and more! We also spoke about some of the biggest challenges he’s faced in his life and how he’s come out the other side. You’ll have to wait until my book comes out to read about that BUT in exciting news, it finally has a release date, November 20 (which is also my birthday, so it’ll be a double celebration!). Below is a small extract from our chat that sheds light on Tom’s start in music, of life for Quicksand on a major label and growing up in the New York Hardcore community.

Read my chat with Tom HERE.