Jaspar Headcanon #124

In a punk/pastel AU, Caspar owns a tattoo shop and right next to him, Joe opens a flower shop. Caspar is so intrigued and fascinated by Joe that he always leaves a cup of coffee by Joe’s door. Joe has his suspicions and when he catches Caspar in the middle of the act, he felt his stomach fill with butterflies.


here it is! the latest addition to my stoner sterek au… i like to call this one bake n’ make (out). haha, but really… just imagine derek and stiles getting high after a long day and then making out all lazy and slow on the couch with a light haze of smoke still hanging in the room, okay? okay.

heyoooo scott mccall in the house! how cute would he be with a lip piercing lbr it would shine in the light like his puppy eyes *u* and stiles def went with him when he got it done, ya know?? and then they lit one up because someone requested stoner!skittles and how am i supposed to resist that???

(but one of these days i’ll draw something without smoke in it… maybe)


In reality everyones in their 40’s in the next movie, but I want Punk!Mutants so too bad have some drawings

my knowledge of punk culture is ‘they wear leather and patches and like to smoke right" and so 

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