punk liam


Hiii so i know i haven’t posted imagines for a really long time, but lately i have kind of been obsessing over punk one direction. hopefully im not alone in this bc i can really imagine it.

Band Name: White Eskimo? 

Members (in order of age):

>>>William “Will” Tomlinson, 25 years old, vocalist  & guitarist;

>>>Javadd Malik, 24 years old, vocalist & base;

>>> Edward “Eddie” Styles, 23 years old, vocalist;

>>> James “Jamie” Horan, 22 years old, lead guitarist;

>>> James Payne, 22 years old, drummer.

Will Tomlinson: Likes graffiti, skating, radical sports, video games, football. Gets on best with Javadd. Funniest in the band, moody, sarcastic, prankster, likes teasing people, wild child, chilled out…Single.

Javaad Malik: Likes graffiti, skating, drawing, designing tattoos. Gets on best with Will. Very moody, introvert, witty, daredevil. In a relationship with Louise Edwards.

Eddie Styles: Likes going out, dancing, every type of music, acting, modeling. Gets on best with James, has had various girlfriends in the past such as : Amelia Thirlwall, Marie Gomez, Charlotte Watson and Jane Collins. Current girlfriend being Marie Gomez (on and off relationship).  He’s one of the most animated in the band, very energetic, flirty, funny, sarcastic, smart, relaxed, cool, chilled out, wild child, cheeky, etc…

Jamie Horan: Loves playing music, football, radical sports, travelling, photography…Gets on best with James and Ed. Very funny, energetic, outgoing, crowd pleaser, athletic, daredevil etc… Single

James Payne: Likes football, running, travelling, pretty much anything athletic, writes poetry. He’s very quite and reserved, but also has a wild side and loves to have a good time with the rest of the band. Gets well with all of the other band members. Single

(fetus James)



Not to be dramatic or anything… but this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever created, lol. Very proud of this mashup! 1D vs. Fall Out Boy turned out to be a match made in heaven, wth?!