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Punk Direction

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You just weren’t in the mood for school as the week before spring break began. The teachers were annoying and the classes too long. You sat quietly with the boys during lunch, not really having any input in the conversation about sports or something as your eyes wandered around the outside lunch area. A cute boy seated with a few of his friends a couple tables over winked at you as you caught his eye. You smirked at him, demurely looking down and away with a blush on your face. The attention was nice and effortless on your part and you liked it.

You glanced back up to see the cute boy sending a small silly face your way that had you giggling softly. He gave a nod to his friends and got to his feet. Your eyes widened as he began to walk over to you and stood before you. Vaguely, in the back of your mind, you registered that the boys had quieted.

“Hi, I’m Alex and I couldn’t help but notice you looked a bit down and I just wanted you to know you are beautiful,” he smiled at you and you blushed, not expecting any of this to happen. “I mean, I’ve seen you around before and just…just always wanted to tell you that.”

“Aw, thank you,” you said softly and gave him your name.

“I was wondering if…I dunno…if I could get your number? Maybe text you sometime and we can go out?” his nervousness was cute to you and just as you were about to nod and pull out your phone, Niall cut in.

“Sorry mate, think you are a bit mistaken if you think you are gonna get her number. She isn’t interested in you.” he said in a hard voice and Alex looked over at Niall who was flexing his fists and looked angry.

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