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“There’s no hope for people like us, sweetheart. We’re destined to fall in love a thousand times, and have our hearts broken in each one of them. We might as well be miserable together.”

Pair: Taehyung x Reader | Punk!AU & College!AU

Filed under: fluff, angst, smut, very intense philosophical talks about love

Words: 21,175

Author’s Note: It might have been my pms but I really felt Things reading this story all over. It’s been almost a year since I posted it on my old persona, and honestly I’m proud to say this might be one of my best works :,) hope you all enjoy it as always, feedback is always welcome. 

You never truly believed in love at first sight ― there was no reason to. The very idea seemed far too preposterous to be taken seriously, too ludicrous to exist outside of dreamy movies or forgotten fairy tales. How could two strangers cultivate such deep, mesmerizing emotion in the mere seconds they held a glance? How was it possible for them to simply know of their fate in the short amount of time they encountered each other? ― no: there were no soulmates, no predestined encounters. At least not for you. For you, there was only the faint ghost of a broken heart, the haunting of crumbled expectations, and the strong, determined promise to never fool yourself into another failed attempt at romance.

When you first saw him, however, you felt like the cosmos had morphed into static.

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BTS Moodboard: Punk Rock Band BTS

Credit for edited images used:

Jin: min-yoongle

Jungkook: min-yoongle

Jimin: daydreamer-au

Namjoon: ohsuga

Taehyung: min-yoongle

The photos used are not mine. Credit goes to their original owners.

Namjoon: Imagine if we gave people names when they turned 18 so that it could match their personality.

Jungkook: *pointing to Yoongi*

Jungkook: Look, it’s garbage.

Yoongi: You’re fucking dead, punk.


I present to you
Where Were They Before The Coven

20 year old Yoongi
A punk going around cities charming people into making deals and being a disgrace to his family,
the rumours came before him wherever he went

19 year old Namjoon
Rebellious to the bone fighting for all minorities rights, sneaking out to take part in each and every protest

Hope you like them, Jin and Hobi are halfway done but it’s really late here so I’ll finish them tomorrow, please don’t forget the ask box is open

the secret session

things you said under the stars and in the grass | harry potter au +  kim namjoon
word count :: 4,965

He can do this. He can do this. He can most definitely do this. He can do this because he has to get it done, he has to maintain his good grades and good standings and prove to everyone that he is capable and beyond of accomplishing every single assignment handed to him regardless of its challenges, regardless of its complications. He—!

“Can’t,” Namjoon grumbles to himself, practically throwing himself back into his seat, throwing the quill onto the desk and not even caring as ink drips from the fine point onto the desk underneath. “Can’t, can’t, can’t do this…”

“What are you grumbling about over there?” Jung Hoseok inquires from across the table, his eyebrows furrowed as he himself is focusing on scribbling whatever last sentences is needed for his own assignments. “Still going on about that Astronomy assignment?”

“It’s fucking impossible,” Namjoon growls, running a hand through his hair. “Wanna bet that Professor Sinistra has no idea what she’s doing?”

Hoseok snorts. “She’s been teaching the subject for years, dude, I’d rather not risk it. Besides, she can probably write that essay on all of Jupiter’s moons in her sleep.”

Namjoon sighs, resorting to banging his head once on the desk because Hoseok is right and it makes him want to throw himself off the Astronomy tower. The late night exhaustion of multiple sleepless activities and piled on responsibilities is starting to get to his head and whoever said the fifth year at Hogwarts was the best year clearly had some skewed idea on what constitutes as ‘best’ or was just really keen on watching the light of excitement gradually fade from his disposition.

He’s going to kill Min Yoongi.

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