Long before Ashton Kutcher made us hate him as an actor, he made us hate him as an obnoxious TV host. In the years between MTV sometimes showing music videos and MTV giving up music entirely to air shows about pregnant teenagers and lonely drunks, it had a massively successful show called Punk’d. It was exactly like all the other hidden camera prank shows in which unwitting participants were humiliated, except this one targeted celebrities. Does the idea of ruining someone’s day not interest you? What if we told you that someone was TV’s Wilmer Valderrama!?

Still no? That sounds like the worst show ever? Well, it could have been worse.

Before Punk’d, Kutcher and MTV developed a similar show called Harassment. It was the same idea, only with ordinary people instead of celebrities. Unfortunately, instead of harmless goofs, blunders, and bloopers, Harassment focused on emotionally scarring its victims.

In April 2002, Harassment decided to prank a vacationing couple. Here’s the gag: They would walk into their Las Vegas hotel room and discover, get this, a dead human body on their bed! Covered in blood! To add to the fun, the hotel security guards were informed to not let the couple leave the room. Not only were they spending their vacation with a corpse, they were now the lead suspects! In a murder! Ha ha ha!!!

That’s when Kutcher, star of That ‘70s Show, popped in to let them know it was all a fun, harmless prank. Hilarious, right?

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*Person A wakes up tied to a sofa*

A: “What the… B, what the fuck?!”

B: “What?” *puts on round glasses* “Oh that?” *wraps Hogwarts scarf around A*
“Remember when you told me…” *fetches Butterbeer from the fridge*
“-you had never seen Harry Potter?”

A: “…yes?”

B: *puts up a Hogwarts banner* “Well…”
*puts dvd in the player* “…prepare for 19 hours and 39 minutes of a life changing, magical experience.”

*Harry Potter theme song plays*

A: “Oh my fucking god B.”


Kraft Punk’d