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translation: fantaemsie

jonghyun: i think the person i’ll come to love would already be the best person, the person i’ll fall in love with. that’s why if they break up with me it’d be their life’s greatest mistake. the biggest blemish! that person would have made a mistake that of throwing me away!
baek young ok / lee ji hyung: oooh. that’s so cool, that’s really cool.
jonghyun: it’s a way of protecting the opponent while uplifting my pride. ㅎㅅㅎ


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I am not breathing.

Like y’all!!!

When i was on my first date at 14-15 i had a 20+ year old guy scream dyke at us because we were sitting on a bench with their arm around me. That is the reality of being LGBT and showing PDA. It’s terrifying.

If you really wanna push it, draw Victor and Yuuri kissing, holding hands, being a couple!! Draw them being affectionate, dropping pet names, and being two new fiances who are in love. 

Stop making content around Yuuri being the (racist af btw!) nagging housewife trope, and Victor the bumbling husband. Stop making Yuuri threaten divorce over D I S H E S. Stop trying to force a relationship between two men into straight roles, and stop trying to make them have issues now that they live together. 

You’re not being revolutionary. You’re being homophobic and racist. 

anonymous asked:

I wanna draw fan art of mod klance! or just the mods in general do you have any references?

ARE YOU SERIOUS I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!! Anyway, I haven’t posted any pics of myself irl but I have drawn myself?? here’s the tag for it (warning i haven’t done an updated drawing of me in a while so it’s kinda shitty).  Mod Allura has a youtube channel here and I’m not sure about Mod Lance or Pidge

- Mod Keit