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Name: bri
Age: 15
Country: usa

hello there! as you know, i’m bri and i’m 15 years old. i love rock, alternative, punk, metal, synthpop and darkwave. my favorite bands are type o negative, she wants revenge, t.s.o.l, asking alexandria, bring me the horizon and my chemical romance. of course i could carry on and on about all the emo bands i love, but those are my favorites. i love reading and writing everything from comic books to songs. i’m the lead singer of a band called Our Tragic Affair and i’d like to be a comi. book writer & illustrator as well as a tattoo artist when i graduate. i’m pansexual and androgynous (they/them). ♡ yeah so i’ll wrap this up so i’m not tooo boring, i’d love writing to someone through letters more than once a month and/or texting.

Preferences: i’ve been told that i’m mature for my age, so any ages are welcome! obviously no judgement of any kind! gender, sexuality, religion, etc. don’t matter to me at all! ❤

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Zalinski dynamite gun

Designed by artillery lieutenant Edmund Zalinski based on one Meldford’s 1884 design, manufactured c.1894-98 for Fort Winfield, San Francisco.
Steam pressure launching a 15″ fin-stabilized fused shell filled with dynamite. The longer barrel provided enough time for the projectile to reach maximum acceleration, since the point of steam-powered launchers like this was to allow for the use of the new unstable dynamite as an explosive load without the sudden acceleration gunpowder entices, which would invariably detonate it.



Springfield M1899 Krag-Jørgensen carbine

Designed by the Norwegians Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jørgensen c.1886 and manufactured by the Springfield Arsenal c.1899-1904 for the US Army - serial number 349283 .
.30-40 Krag five-round ‘half-capsule’ fixed magazine, bolt action repeater, magazine cut-off, M1901 rear sights.
The Krag rifles and carbines were not only adopted by the United States, but also before that, with some variations, by Norway and Denmark. They are one of the very few foreign designs adopted by the US Army, and was replaced by the Springfield M1903 which, although a Mauder copy, was technically an indigenous design.

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Name: Nicole
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m a college student studying psychology! I love pop-punk bands like Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Bayside, and even Mayday Parade. I have 20+ tattoos and many piercings. I absolutely adore animals, blogging, volunteering, and crafting. I work in a craft store. Please get my contact info if you’d like to be my penpal!!

Preferences: I do prefer a 16+ year old penpal! I do ask that you have similar hobbies and that we have some things in common. I’m okay with people learning English as a second language as well and you don’t have to live in the States to be my penpal! I’d love to be your penpal through physical mail or e-mail only.


Springfield M1898 Krag-Jørgensen rifle

Designed by the Norwegians Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jørgensen and manufactured by the Springfield Arsenal c.1898-1904 for the US Army - serial number 310635.
.30-40 Krag five-round ‘half-capsule’ fixed magazine, bolt action repeater, magazine cut-off, sporterized stock.

open magazine on a Krag rifle

The most distinctive feature of these rifles were their strange box magazine, which allowed to user to basically dump up to five rounds of ammunition in it at any point of time, with the bolt closed and another round chambered if necessary. That feature was called a capsule magazine by its creators, with earlier prototypes having a ten-round capacity and wrapping around the action even more, hence its name.