punk storm rocks

When forces of fear conspire to steal your power…
Fight back.
Rise up.

A fan film about Ororo Munroe during a dark and dangerous time.
Created by and starring @mayastormx

Watch the entire 23 minute film here:

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Yay mohawk Storm!! As the X-Men gather in Japan for Wolverine’s wedding, there’s more than a few surprises in Storm… er I mean in store… as the entire team reunites for the first time in a while. Something weird is up with Storm. Her powers are on the fritz, she almost killed Callisto a few issues ago, and now the time she spent fighting the Japanese underworld with the wild and impulsive Yukio has inspired her to change her look drastically. But come on who doesn’t love punk rock Storm!

Ah fuck you Kitty. (The Uncanny X-Men #173 – Sept 1983)