punk skunk

Can we discuss the fact that Vlad, the man with the plan, the mayor, Mr. Millionaire CEO himself was a member of a punk band? And he actually looks happy about it? 

Does Vlad play an instrument? Does he sing? Can you even imagine him doing either?

Who are the other guys in this band? What happened to them? Where’s Maddie?

And hey, that stripe is curiously similar to the one Danny gave himself after he reverted to human. Is there some untold story here?

Basically Voltron
  • Lance: Johnny Bravo
  • Keith: Mc edgy drop out bad boy with a motorcycle
  • Pidge: Human au Peridot
  • Hunk: Better version of Minecraft Story Mode Axel.
  • Shiro: An ex Member of The Skunk Punks from Danny Phantom
  • Allura: Why the fuck do you have British accent?
  • Coran: Anime Nigel Strawberry
  • Zarkon: quintessence? quintessence...
  • Q U I N T E S S E N C E!!!!!!!!!
  • Haggar: Edgy Blue Diamond
  • Lotor: Purple Viktor Nikorforov
48# BSM: You're older and he's upset

Calum: (his age 15)

You had just come home from your work and went straight up for your room. Your boss had been very hard on you so you just wanted to take a shower and shower away all the problems. As you arrived into your room (you had your own bathroom) you started undressing right away, not even noticing Calum on your bed. “Um, can you please put your shirt on again?” Calum asked hesitantly and you screeched loudly, getting horrified by his voice. “Calum!” You burst out and held the shirt infront of your body. “What do you need?” You asked and he shrugged. “Talk.” He frowned and sighed loudly. “Everything alright?” You pouted and put your shirt on again. You sat down beside him and he put his head on your shoulder. “I failed my music test.” He whispered and you let a quiet ‘oh’ slip your lips. “I’m so untalented, how do I get a F on my music test?” He ranted and you heard him whimper quietly. “Hey, look Calum. When I was fifteen I failed a English test. I actually doubted my eyes, because I thought you surely couldn’t fail a language that you’re speaking, but it’s fully possible, okay? You’ll just have to study and ask your teacher if you can re-do the test.” You smiled and put your head on top of Calum’s. “Will you help me study?” He asked and you giggled. “Of course I will.”

Michael: (his age 9)

“Y/N?” Michael’s usually loud voice was very quiet as he knocked on your door carefully and opened it slowly as if asking for permission. “Mmhm?” You asked, laying on your bed studying for an upcoming maths test. You didn’t turn around to watch Michael enter your room so you didn’t see the slow tears rushing down his cheeks. “Y/N?” He asked again this time quieter and you groaned, annoyed that he didn’t just confront you with the problem. “What-” You started out, pretty harshly but cut yourself off when you saw the tears. “What’s wrong?” You quickly got off your bed and hugged him closely. “I had a nightmare about that big monster in the water.” He croaked out and you couldn’t help but smile a little to yourself. “Aw, look, there’s no water monster, I promise. Those things doesn’t exist.” You said and pulled away from him a bit. “They’re fake.” You explained and he nodded, calming down a bit. “Can I- can I please sleep here?” He muttered and you nodded. “Yeah sure, let me just clean this mess.” You smiled and kissed his forehead. “You’re a great sister, I love you.” Michael murmured and stood next to you. “I love you too Mike.”

Luke: (his age 13)

“What’s wrong little one?” You asked as you were on the phone with your younger brother. “How do you know something’s wrong?” He sniffled and you felt your heart break. “Aw, come on Luke, what’s wrong?” You tried again, this time calmer and somehow nicer. A long sigh and a quick whimper was heard from the other line and you felt sad again. You hated when your brother was upset. “It’s nothing, I’m just being dumb.” He muttered and a little sigh was heard. “Tell me.” You ordered, this time seriously needing to know what was wrong. “Basically this friend just ditched me at the music store and now I’m all alone outside and I don’t have a ride home or anything.” He sighed and sniffled again. “I’ll come pick you up! I’ll be right there, alright?” “Thanks.” Luke said with a little light in his voice. “Oh and Luke, you can call me about anything, I won’t think you’re dumb or crazy or anything. I’m your sister and I’m here for you.”

Ashton: (his age 17)

“Y/N?” Ashton asked loudly as he barged into your room. “What’s up mini?” You replied and continued to scroll through twitter on your phone. “Don’t call me that.” He complained and the bed sunk down beside you. “Mini’s a cute nickname, get used to it.” You replied sassily and he sighed. “Alright, alright, sorry Ash.” You muttered and put away the phone and looked at him. “I need to talk to you.” He muttered and sunk down even further in your bed. “Go on.” You smiled and he looked down with a frown and you raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you gonna wait to tell me until after my funeral or are you going to tell me now?” You asked impatiently. “Sorry.” He muttered. “It’s just that I feel so alone, like nobody really cares about me.” He sighed and your eyes widened at your brothers words. “Ashton that is not true. So many people care about you, okay? Hell, you even got half the female population screaming for you. You’ve got more people caring about you than most of us, okay?” You explained and held your younger brothers hand loosely. “I love you so much Mini, don’t forget that.” You said and smiled at him. He made a face. “Don’t call me that!” A small smile was playing on his lips though. “What about Skunk-punk then?” You teased and finally your brother laughed.