punk skirts

You know how I said part of my Summer 2017 #look was the color yellow?  This sweater is 100% part of that.  I like this photo because I look exhausted and sick in it, and I am in fact both of those things.

EDIT: wait crap it’s a sweater I can’t wear it in the summer how did I only just realize this now

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair in a very short bob.  (Shorter than in my last set of photos, actually–I got it trimmed.)  I am wearing a bright yellow sweater with long sleeves and a hem that pretty much covers my hips.  It has a loose knit, and my bright blue sports bra is showing through.  I also have the sleeves rolled up.  Under the sweater, I have on a black pleated skirt that stops a little above my knees.  I’m wearing sheer black socks that go a few inches above my ankles–they have opaque black bands at the top.  There are yellow roses on the sheer part, although they’re barely showing in this photo.  I have on black sneakers with silver and bright blue bits on them.  I’m wearing a black snapback that says, “I got dressed today” on the front in rainbow letters, although not all of the writing is showing in this photo.  I have on dark red lipstick and a choker made of loopy black plastic.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]