punk sam

Between The Outlines: Part 1

Notes: This will be a mini-series for my 12 Days of Christmas challenge. There’s gonna be 6 parts in total, and I’m gonna be honest: I”m not happy with how it turned out. But regardless, I hope you enjoy it xx
(Graphic by me)

Pairing: Romantic Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k+

Song: Nothing But Thieves - Honey Whiskey

Warnings: I can’t think of any tbh.

12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Day 1: Wreaths + Fuzzy Socks

You had never been good at pointlessly flirting with men and leaving them high and dry. Naturally, that came as a shock to many people, as though because your body was covered in tattoos, you had to be a grade A bitch. You’d gotten used to it after completing art school and as the full back piece you had designed finished. People would always have their opinions, and nothing about that could be changed. Besides, there was a great sense of satisfaction that crossed your mind every single time someone cast you dirty look while hopping on the subway, knowing just how wrong they were about you.

Although, you had to admit: if you could have one trait of people’s expectations, it was the ability to talk to men.

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