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PIDGE and Lance in Victoria secret


“so, remind me, why are we here again? because i don’t even wear a bra, and i could buy a second castleship for what it costs to get a swimsuit here,” pidge complained.

lance side-eyed pidge, “weeelll, i saw on twitter that you have a cute new punk rock unilu girlfriend, and all i’m saying is if you buy her cute pajamas here she would probably love you forever, i’m just saying it how it is.”

“….lance. lance you are a genius, oh my gosh, yes! there is one on clearance that says ‘i woke up like this’! oh, lance my wallet is angry at you, but my girlfriend will be pumped! I’M COMING, LUKI! I HAVE GIFTS!”

(i decided to name the unilu kiosk girl ‘LUKI’ uni[lu ki]osk girl, see what i did? i’m calling her luki, i hope u all like the idea!)

ask me for terribly written 3 sentence fan fic by leaving two (or more) voltron characters + a location either from voltron or real life in my ask

Perks in dating Michael Clifford
  • unlimited c u d d l e s
  • pizza dates
  • “but you had the last slice last time?” “Mikey wants another slice!!”
  • borrowing his band shirts and making it as a pajama
  • kisses before and after the concert
  • guitar lessons that always turns out to be a make out session instead
  • matching hair color
  • movie dates
  • “I said I didn’t covered my eyes during the whole horror movie. I’m punk rock.
  • midnight conversations
  • netflix and chill
  • he’ll let you sit on his lap and he cradles you while he sings you to sleep
  • being all over protective when you go out as he always hold your hands or he wraps his arms around your waist
  • “you’re mine, and only mine.” *giggles*
  • a lot of neck kisses
  • friends with the 3 hottest guys ever
  • “no, you can’t sleep in Luke’s bedroom.”
  • you can play with all of the musical instruments they use
  • chaotic drum lessons with ashton
  • give and take sass moments with Calum
  • “i love you baby girl” *kisses your forehead while hugging you tightly*
  • PDA in front of the band
  • borrowing his snap backs when you go out
  • simply being  the love of Michael Clifford’s life

I want Michael Clifford to be my boyfriend so bad bhgkijbngyhj :(((


Every time I was close to finishing y'all had to go and create new adorably amazing characters, didn’t ya?  I coulda been done this a week ago but noooooooooo

I’ve only drawn a few of my favourites here (as in not all, there’s a handful I haven’t even mentioned that I adore), there were so many more OCs that I wanted to draw but over two weeks on one piece is enough for me I’M OUT

Long ramble cut short: I love you all and this fandom makes me so happy, your creativity is beautiful and amazing to watch and participate in.  I wanted to make a tribute to it in some way!  Again, it’s not all of ‘em, but it’s a snapshot of some.

Get ready, now.  Here’s a list of all the characters and their creators in left-to-right order:

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