punk rock car

Something Soon // Car Seat Headrest

Biting my clothes to keep from screaming
taking pills to keep from dreaming
I want to break something important
I want to kick my dad in the shins

I was referring to the present in past tense
it was the only way that I could survive it
I want to close my head in the car door
I want to sing this song like I’m dying

“Bad Days” Playlist:

All Time Low
Adam’s Song
Box Car Racer
There Is
Dashboard Confessional
A Thousand Ways To Die Trying
Front Porch Step
Island Of The Misfit Boy
Grey Gordon
Linkin Park
What I’ve Done
Given Up
My Chemical Romance
Neck Deep
The Spill Canvas
Charcoal Grey Above
The Wonder Years
I Don’t Like Who I Was Then
Palm Reader
No Closer To Heaven
A Song For Patsy Cline
Stained Glass Ceilings
Passing Through A Screen Door
Devil In My Bloodstream
The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves
I Wanted So Badly To Be Brave