punk punk punk punk punk punk

do you like songs about-

 asthma attacks?

 pet snails running away? 

legitimate emotional outbursts that are hidden behind pop culture references and adolescent awkwardness?

well uhh, we’re called bears in trees. and we put out an album last month that has pretty much all of that. you can jam it here.

have a sweet day.

punk Luna to be paired with the punk Celestia picture! Ugh so much black. We get it, you’re sad.

Might make the other princesses too, lemme know if you guys would like that

tw: q slur mention can i just say in case anyone forgot pete shelley lead singer of buzzcocks is bi AND ‘ever fallen in love with someone (you shouldn’t’ve)’ is about a guy! so the straight ownership of that song is bogus. google queer music history and outpunk to find out a bit more