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eh, 10 min warmup sketch cuz I had that picture stuck in my mind for a long time..

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VICE:What’s the definition of a Black Comic?

RONALD WIMBERLY: “The reduction of a group of people from like, LOTS of different places, different walks of earth UNDER “Blackness” is REALLY about the perception of whiteness. That’s “Othering.” So, if you’re Nigerian, and you make a comic book, that’s a ‘Black Comic?’ That has more to do with that branding, that reduction that exists within a White Supremacist structure. So, I don’t know what Black Comics is, I’m just glad that when cats get together, it’s a safe space, you know?”

*Ronald Wimberly is an illustrator, writer and artist behind critically acclaimed book “Prince of Cats” and two upcoming Image Comics projects “Slave Punk” & “Sunset Blvd.” He was also the character concept designer for Crunchyroll’s upcoming “Children of Ether” anime project.*

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☆South Park
☆Gravity Falls
☆Steven Universe
☆Kagerou Project
☆School idol project: Love Live!
☆Daft Punk
☆Kid Icarus
☆Fire Emblem
☆Super Smash Bros
☆RPG indie games
♡ Creek (South Park)
♡ Style (South Park)
♡ K2(South Park)
♡ PineCest (Gravity Falls)
♡ Garnet x Pearl (Steven Universe)
♡ SetoKano (Kagerou Pro)
♡ Momo x Mary (Kagerou Pro)
♡ KotoUmi (Love Live!)
♡ NozoEli (Love Live!)
♡ GerIta (Hetalia)
♡ Usuk (Hetalia)
♡ GamKar (Homestuck)
♡ DaveCest (Homestuck)
♡ Gumi x IA (Vocaloid)
♡ Yukari x IA (Vocaloid)
♡ PitCest (Kid Icarus)
♡ ReiMari (Touhou)
♡ RemiFura (Touhou)


This video was requested quite a lot, so… Here you go!
Hope it’s helpful:
The “secret” to my DIY clothes!

Also - I forgot to include a picture of the vest I made in this video before the DIY, so I shall post one soon to my Facebook page. Quite a difference there :)

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