punk pogo


I’ve had a random boost in followers recently, so hiya to all of you. Have same gross pics of my gay and i

So fucking stupid how different types of punks hate other entire kinds of punks. Like way to be a judgmental, jaded cunt. Not all people of an entire group are the same. Stop inventing some sort of punk rock supremacy. It is so fucking disgusting and unnecessary. The type of punk you enjoy is no more or less better than what someone else likes. Stop shitting on what other people enjoy. It’s a difference in taste and sometimes a difference in hobbies, get the fuck over it. How do you all try to say you want no government and no oppression when you are too busy hating and fighting each other? 


Well, things played out how you’d expect them to-

Megaman totally wiped the floor with Wily, and then hauled him off back to their own dimension.

Although there was some conflict with Frank Fly, too? He just dived in out of no where, and helped Rock defeat Wily.

… Oh, right. Also Peter, from school, was caught in the crossfire.

… To the family of Peter the Pogo Punk…….