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Basquiat: East 12th Street, 1979-1980

The series of photos exhibits Basquiat photographed by then-girlfriend Alexis Adler. The photos were taken during their time living together in a sixth-floor walk-up in the East Village of Manhattan. Now an embryologist in a fertility lab, Alder was “a Barnard biology grad with a strong hippie streak”, when she met 19-year-old Basquiat in 1979. He was four years her junior, and she and her friends in the club scene had been admiring his street graffiti and SAMO tag all over downtown. During the months they lived together, while Adler worked in a lab at Rockefeller University, he transformed the floors, walls, doors and furniture into his canvas. She saved more than 100 photos, art objects and ephemera from their apartment.

Adler spoke with The New York Times about their time together:

“Our apartment overflowed with art and love… We were punk pioneers homesteading in this ever-evolving remnant of the neighborhood. Art blossomed by feeding off the lawless decay.”

Fun Fact!

(Even though a lot of older PotO fans might know this, especially german speaking ones)

Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas (sung originally by Danny Elfman) was recorded for the german dub by Alexander Goebel.

Who played the first german speaking Phantom in 1988 at the Theater an der Wien in Austria and is also the Phantom featured on the only complete recording of the Musical in german.

He also has one of the ghostliest Phantom voices I’ve ever heard (and his crazy laugh before the chandelier crash is AH-mazing). I for one am very fond of it but ever since I learned he voiced Jack I always imagine Erik singing the songs in the movie…. 

Take a listen here (x) (x) (x)


Sally, who was originally sung by Catherine O’Hara in the movie, was sung by Nina Hagen…

in the german dub. (And she did a perfect job)

Nina Hagen is a singer, songwriter and actress who was dubbed the german Godmother of Punk and was a pioneer of the german New Wave.

Here’s her version of Sally’s Song (x) and just one taste from her actual music (and her exceptional voice) (x)

Welcome to the Hard Fifty Farm tumblr!

ABOUT THE FARM Based on the Hard Fifty Farm in rural Kansas, the Pioneers Press staff went “back to the land” in 2010 after stints in San Diego, CA, Norfolk, VA and Portland, OR. As beginner homesteaders and self-identified “farm punks,” they raise a variety of crops as well as care for an ever-growing group of rescue animals, including sheep, goats, chickens and ducks, all of which are supported entirely by Pioneers Press sales.

ABOUT PIONEERS PRESS Pioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and literary works by up-and-coming authors. Since its launch in 2012, Pioneers Press has consistently produced titles that have made the best-seller lists of independent bookstores all over the world, including Powell’s Books #1 best-selling small press title of 2013 and 2014 (Adam Gnade’s The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad).


Today’s harvest!

If you aren’t growing your own food yet, I highly recommend you start! I barely know more than my toddlers do about gardening (dig a hole, plant a seed, give it water, pull the weeds, harvest the food) and we’re still getting great results. Such an amazing feeling to get food fresh from your own backyard to feed yourself and the people you care about!

“Blue Cheer was actually the very first metal band, hands down. Even though they were bluesy, their heavy sound of guitar, shouting vocals and that furious drum style are still there, which pretty much ARE characteristics of metal. They even recorded some great parts of their second album outside because a studio kicked them out for being “too loud” in 1968. Not to mention their looks, no rock band had THAT long hair before them. Just watching how metal they were, especially the drummer in the music video of ‘Summertime Blues’ makes me forget that the video was recorded in 1968. Now tell me how all of this isn’t so METAL!?”


“The pioneering Minneapolis punk rock trio were in London for a headline reunion show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire as part of their first UK tour for the nearly two decades and Wunmi Onibudo went behind the scenes for this pictorial account of the evening. Following their UK dates, they’re set for festival shows at Primavera in both Barcelona and Porto.”
–Wunmi Onibudo, 5/27/15

Do not remove the caption. Remember to credit the amazing photographer, or at least watermark their photo with their name, if you plan on reposting any of these photos elsewhere or on Tumblr. If you remove the caption, remember to still credit the photographer. These photos are amazing!! Thank you.

Teresa Covarrubias, Alice bag

THE BRAT 1979 -1985. A most underrated East LA 1st wave punk band.

THE BAGS pioneered an aggressive punk sound and style, that influenced what was to become the hardcore punk movement. THE BRAT punk music shared in this aggressive style, along with having a melodic flair. In the 1990’s Alice began collaborating with this favorite East LA punk singer, song writer, musician, Teresa Covarrubias.


Photographs by Spot

Another amazing photography book by early punk producer Spot. This zine features fly on the wall documentation of the skateboarding / boardwalk culture of Southern California and candid shots of punk pioneers from the 70’s and 80’s. The screen printed cover was designed by Toy Machine’s Ed Templeton. Unfortunately this Deadbeat Club / Boo-Hooray zine went fast and is now sold out.