punk pigeon

Baguette baguette baguette !

This time, it’s a video !!

I added a song with the animation and worked with the rythm, it was a test and I really like how it looks ! I have to post more videos like this one in the futur, it’s funny to do and I missed doing it ^^

I draw all on the DSi, then I put the frames on Movie maker to work the song and the animation together =)

Hope you will enjoy it =)

J’en ferais d’autre !

The song belongs to Daft Punk : Robot Rock

Submitted by @eringetdown

My best friend and I drove to school every day for 2 years singing along to The Wonder Years. Whenever I call her upset her solution is to sit in my car in silence and listen to The Wonder Years. It only made sense that after 10 years of friendship we’d get each others handwriting tattooed on our bodies. I don’t think I’ll ever not be in love with this tattoo.