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Some outfit shots from today!

I got my hair cut off on Friday and I love it so much. I’m going to keep shaving off the sides but grow the top part out for a manbun.
That “party” I was worried about turned out to be like three people not including me. All we did was consume too much sugar and play cards against humanity at 4am.
There was a kitty!
I’m meeting up with an old friend who moved away on Wednesday, and I’m trying to secretly get all his other friends to come along and surprise him.
On Thursday I have a band rehearsal. I’m really honestly terrified about Generations this year. It’s turning me into even more of an emotional wreck, and I’m falling apart at tiny things because of it.
Then on Friday Eternal Skies wants me down at their rehearsal with them to help sort record and stuff, which to be honest is a good way to wind down.
I starred my first shifts at Target and it went alright. I mean, I have to use my deadname and old pronouns but I’m still coping.
I’m under a lot of stress lately, but I’ll get through.
We all will.


On this day in music history: April 23, 1976 - “Ramones”, the debut album by the Ramones is released. Produced by Craig Leon, it is recorded at Plaza Sound, Radio City Music Hall in New York City from February 2 - 19, 1976. Fixtures on the New York punk rock scene since forming in 1974, the Ramones come to the attention of Sire Records A&R man Craig Leon (Blondie, Joshua Bell), through their manager Danny Fields, by way of a demo album the band records with producer Marty Thau. Leon signs the band to the label in November of 1975. The first album by Forest Hills, Queens, NY punk quartet is recorded in just seven days (spread over a two week period) for a cost of $6,400. Consisting of both covers and originals, it is widely praised by rock critics and the Ramones solid fan base. The album goes on to help define and popularize the punk music genre and culture, inspiring and influencing numerous bands and artists that follow in their wake.  The album is remastered and reissued in 2001 with eight additional bonus tracks added, including demo versions  and the single mix of “Blitzkrieg Bop”. It is also reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2011, pressed on blue vinyl with a bonus 7" of “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” b/w “California Sun/I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You” that is limited to only 500 copies. To commemorate the album’s fortieth anniversary in 2016, it is released as a limited three CD + LP Deluxe Edition. The CD’s include stereo and mono mixes of the original album on disc one, with the second disc containing  outtakes and demos. Disc three features two live performances recorded at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, CA on August 12, 1976. The set also comes with a 180 gram vinyl LP featuring the mono mix of the album, and a 12" x 12" hardbound book with photos and extensive liner notes. The anniversary box is remastered by Sean Magee and Sam Okell, and executive produced by Bill Inglot. “Ramones” peaks at number one hundred eleven on the Billboard Top 200.

I wish I had the courage to idk…..grow out a fauxhawk or blossom into the modern punk I’ve always wanted to be but I cry for three days if someone in public looks at me for longer than three seconds and sulk for a week if someone gives me constructive criticism

flower cloak.

The Signs as Popular Pop Punk (emo) Songs

Aries: Ocean Avenue Yellowcard

Taurus: Mr. Brightside The Killers

Gemini: Sugar We’re Going Down Fall Out Boy

Cancer: The Black Parade My Chemical Romance

Leo: Misery Business Paramore

Virgo: I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic! At The Disco

Libra: Perfect Simple Plan

Scorpio: Numb Linkin Park

Sagittarius: All The Small Things Blink-182

Capricorn: Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day

Aquarius: The Middle Jimmy Eats World

Pisces: Fat Lip sum 41

  • me: listens to a song
  • me:
  • me: listens to it again because i didn't listen hard enough the first time