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Thanks everyone for the 10K+ followers in less than one year. I enjoy a lot posting stuff about Sebastian Stan every day and it make me very happy to see that so many of you follow my blog. I really am super happy, that is why I a preparing a little thing for you in order to thank you for the 10 000+ followers ! Here is the list of my favorite tumblr ! Im sorry if I forgot some, if I did and I notice it later, ill send you a little message ! 

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I have so many pictures to post, but I just wanted to start by posting one of my cosplays because I have sooo much fun cosplaying as punk!Moriarty!

This was kind of a re-do of what I did last year at BASC, but this time it is definitely closer to areyoutryingtodeduceme original art for punk!Jim!

[[Thanks to either mustbethegreatest or lordmorans for the pictures. I can’t remember who had the camera at the time!]]

30 Day Cosplay Challenge Day 18: What is your best cosplay memory?

It was most definitely getting to meet areyoutryingtodeduceme at the Bay Area Sherlock Con 2013!  

I am such a huge fan of Cara’s art (and teas!), and I was so excited to put together (an admittedly pretty terrible) punk!Moriarty cosplay to meet her in! I was so nervous the entire morning and pretty much anytime I saw her, but also ridiculously excited at the same time. 

And Cara is so, so nice, and I got to talk to her for a bit at the Art Jam the con had. She drew this great doodle for me, and it just made my day even more fantastic.

So this is by far my greatest cosplay memory~