punk lm


WIP of fashion punk babies :D
something closer to the original outfits but less functional than the first ones (will clean it up and tag propperly around next week
Inspiration for parts of the outfits will be linked in the finished work.)

looking for blogs to follow

looking for people that post:

halloween stuff/grunge stuff/punk aesthetic stuff a lot

against me

la dispute

my chemical romance

similiar bands/punk bands

brendon urie and stuff



if you’re a lgbt and a part of bandom pls lms if you can

or anything else going with aesthetic and punk bands

“We’re going out soon, right?” Éponine says as she passes the bathroom. She knows Cosette is in there, doing her hair or whatever, even though Éponine has explained to her a million times that the whole point is to not do your hair.

Silence comes from behind the door, but Éponine doesn’t have time to think much of it, because she gets too distracted by the sight of Montparnasse in her living room.


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“Quand la dictature est un fait, la révolution devient un droit.” / When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. – Victor Hugo

*shows up to LM Punk Week over a week and a half late clutching a Venti Starbucks for dear life*
So… I might be a bit late. But on my behalf, I chalk my tardiness up to the fact I am probably about as punk as a three year-old in a pink tutu. Seriously.
I don’t even know how I got an outfit I thought was even the slightest bit worthy of being photographed and put on the internet together…. and even then, I’m not so sure I pull it off well. But hey, I tried. *shrugs and drains coffee*


i believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe » a courfeyrac mix for punk les mis week

i. the ballroom blitz sweet  // ii. do you wanna touch me? (oh yeah!) joan jett // iii. bang a gong (get it on) t. rex // iv. i wanna be your dog iggy pop & the stooges // v. aphrodisiac bow wow wow // vi. funky but chic new york dolls // vii. girls and boys blur // viii. baby’s on fire brian eno // ix. beautiful ones suede // x. wargasm l7 // xi. i like fucking bikini kill // xii. we’re all in love new york dolls 


I Don’t Give a Damn ‘Bout My Bad Reputation


He is a product of his society. He is what happens when parents drink too much, when teachers preach too much, and when the world keeps throwing you punch after punch. He is smart. Too smart to ever be caught spraying paint on walls and smashing windows of politicians’ mansions. He is bitter. He resents the upper class. The other boys who are living good, wholesome lives while he is stuck full of potential but void of opportunity. He inhales smoke and exhales words of fire. He ignites.