punk is whatever we made it to be

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Real talk though, everyone in Arkham Knight is so freaking extra all the time. First time i went up against AK i honest to god could not take him seriously with that techno batmask. It made him look like a kitten. "We know your move before you do. We know how you THINK." and im like 'Yeah ok whatever Daft Punk.' I love this game way more than i should. %]

Awww don’t tease his helmet!!! He is cool and badass ok (we gotta believe this so he doesn’t cry)

  • person: so like maybe we shouldn't refer to people as pussies because it's misogynistic? and like shitty in general?
  • them: Don’t be a pussy comes from the word pusillanimous…. pusillanimous means coward.
  • person: ok thats probably not true and punk use to mean sex worker. what is your point. are you still using punk to mean sex worker? is anyone? no. they're not. because words are defined by the society of today, not of yesterday, or whatever made up time period you're referring to.

09-08-2015 Interview de Florence à Chicago.

The “machine” part of Florence and the Machine is a woman named Isabella Summers. Can you tell me about your partnership — your friendship — over these many years?

Florence : Yeah, I mean, it was a catalyst for everything, if you think about it. I met her, I think I was 16, 17. She was DJing in a room that was made out to be like a jungle. It was like, people covered in bubble wrap, I can’t remember.

Sounds like a good party.

Florence : Really good party! Well, there was a big live music and art scene where I was growing up, all these punk bands and performance artists. The first song that I wrote with her, she just gave me this old piano and was like, “Do whatever you want.” And I think the first song I wrote was “Between Two Lungs,” and then literally the next song we wrote together was “Dog Days Are Over.”

We didn’t have any equipment — that was just banging on the walls. We stole a drum from the next door studio; we used pens. And because I didn’t really know how to play things that well, I’d use my voice as an instrument most of the time, so that’s where this big choral thing came from. Once I had “Dog Days,” I think, I had a sound.

(source : http://www.npr.org/2015/08/09/430351233/florence-welch-comes-face-to-face-with-herself-on-how-big-how-blue-how-beautiful )