punk in the trunk

There is also a Saiyan Husbands Club. Even if said husbands don’t exactly know it yet.
  • When the club was just Goku and Vegeta, it started off as nothing more than the usual competitive schtick. “I trained in 150 G this weekend, Kakkarot.” “Really? So did I!”
  • “My son Trunks beat up some punk trying to take his mom’s purse.” “Really? My son beat up a dinosaur trying to eat Chi-Chi!”
  • “My son is better than your son!” “Are you sure, Vegeta? Because my son-” “JUST SHUT UP!”
  • Later Goku and Vegeta actually do some healthy bonding activity that wasn’t sparring. Like the time they both forgot about Mother’s Day until Trunks and Goten reminded them and they found themselves taking an emergency trip to the mall. They ended up competing over who could get their wife the best gift.
  • They had to stop sparring at Capsule Corp. after they broke the gravity room for the nth time and Bulma just got tired of it all and told them to can it.
  • There was that time they went to Toriyamaland with their sons. Goku, Goten, and Trunks especially enjoyed the “It’s a Small Universe” ride. Vegeta glared at the little Namekians and humans singing and barely had to refrain from blowing up every little automaton he could see.
  • Once in a while Vegeta actually visits Goku’s family at Mt. Paozu with his son. Chi-Chi is actually surprised and pleased that Vegeta also enjoys her food- up until he and Goku end up fighting over the last dumpling/sushi/beef flank. “She’s my wife, so it’s mine!” “You already ate that entire table! Stop being so greedy, you clown!” “You ate the last fried shrimp, so we’re calling it even!”
  • When Gohan got married, he also got brought into the club-that-didn’t-exist whenever Goku visited his new home…and Vegeta trailed along just to find something to gripe over with his rival. Gohan ends up being the glue for their conversations when Goku starts giving him tips on married life and Vegeta starts interjecting with his own snarky comments. It is unanimously agreed upon to never broach the subject of the bedroom, however.
  • The only girl who knows about the club is 18, who joined without them even knowing it. (Sound familiar?) With her strength and being married to a human just like the other three, she actually opens up discussion even more. “Okay, how do you guys manage to wash dishes without breaking them?” “Wash dishes? What?” “…You guys are hopeless.”
  • “So Gohan, how did you manage swinging Videl around without accidentally throwing her into the air on your first try?” “Well dad, you gotta-” “This conversation is ridiculous!” “Okay Vegeta, how do you swing around Bulma without her getting hurt?” “…”
  • Once they accidentally stumbled upon the Saiyan Wives’ Club with 18. 18 just stood by and tried not to smirk as the wives tried to explain that they were shopping for a fishing trip. The husbands were just confused.