punk illegal

Solang hier keine Sirenen erklingen,
Keine Soldaten durch unsere Fenster springen,
Keine Nachbarn Nachts über Grenzen fliehen
Und unsere Kinder nicht mit Splittern von Granaten spielen
Ist das meilenweit weg, geht uns das gar nichts an
Denn das Fernsehen spricht, wie immer, nicht von diesem Land
Und wie jedes Jahr am Silvesterabend
Trinken wir auf unser Leben unterm Tellerrand
—  Adam Angst - Splitter von Granaten
I’d Rather Not Get Arrested, Thanks

Summary: It’s midnight, just a few weeks before Phil Lester’s birthday, and his boyfriend is stressing out about making the perfect gift. Phil decides to take Dan out for a night to cheer him up, and… maybe that means doing some illegal things. (Or, a punk!au in which they do graffiti)

Warnings: Okay, yikes. Fear of death, panic attacks, lotsa swearing, mentions of homophobia and other gross disapproving shit. I think that’s it 

Disclaimer: The panic attack mention in this story is based on my experiences only. Panic attacks aren’t like that for everyone; mine just make me freeze up, snap at people, and give me trouble breathing.

Word Count: 6,815

Look at me, I’m finally posting something. (If there’s mistakes, lemme know, I’m just tired of reading this lmao)

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May I have Aomine and fem!reader secretly like each other but neither of them dares to confess because reader's too shy and Aomine thinks she's too gentle, sweet and innocent for him (because he's pervy and stuff). Reader is bff with Momoi and Momoi knows all about their feelings so she creates an opportunity for Aomine to make his move. Thanks and good luck with the blog ^_^

Hi dear! Oooooh this was so cute actually! I love writing about Aomine, my dork! I hope you’re going to enjoy it!

Have a nice day!

Aomine x Reader, Fluff, Confession, Momoi is a Cunning Cupid

Prince Charming

You were waiting behind the school, as Momoi told you. Apparently, she had something very important to tell you. You were a bit worried, since she should have had practice with the basketball team in that moment and never missed one. Was something wrong? Did something happened?

Time passed and the girl didn’t show up, increasing your worry.

You were ready to go and search for her, when you suddenly heard someone screaming your name.

You blinked puzzled.


“A-Aomine?” you blushed on instinct at the simple thought of your crush.

When he rushed into your view, your heart stopped.

He was sweaty and wearing his practice uniform, panting for the chase as he looked around franctically. When he finally saw you, his eyes went wide and he stumbled towards you.

“SO!” he called grabbing your shoulders.


“Where are they? Did they hurt you? I’m going to kill them if they touched you!” he roared, filled with anger and apprehension as he scanned your body searching for wounds.

“W-what are you talking about?” you stuttered confused and too startled by his rough hands on your shoulders to actually care. That was more than what your heart could take.

“Those damn punks!” he growled, slowly letting you go. He, perplexed, noticed that you weren’t harmed nor particularly scared. Just confused and…flustered? Your cheeks were just a faint red and you were looking at him in a way he deemed illegal.

“What punks?” you replied tilting your head to the side.

“The punks cornering and threating you…” he explained slowly, doubting his own words.

“Uhm…” you fidgeted, “Aomine I was alone until now. I was waiting for Momoi,” you revealed, feeling that you definitely were missing a piece.

At your words he opened wide his eyes, groaned and crouched on the ground with a loud “Satsuki!” and hands in his hair.

You had now a horrible feeling.

“Ne ne, SO!” Momoi thrilled hanging from your arm, “When are you going to confess to Dai-chan?”

Never. First, he’s not interested in me. Second, I’m too shy to do it properly. I’d just embarrass myself.”

Oh no.

“What did she do?” you asked covering your face with the hands.

Aomine averted his eyes, hiding his blush.

“She came running in the gym and screamed that you were being assaulted by some punks behind the building…”

You wished for the earth to open and eat you alive.

“A-And you came?” you looked at him incredulous, your heart beating louder and louder.

Aomine finally gave you a glance, a smirk on his lips.


“Running away even if you were practicing?”



“To fight those bastards.” Because he could have. He knew he could have defeated whoever tried to hurt you and could have protected you.

You two stood like that, exchanging shy glances in silence. You couldn’t believe what he said and he was too busy thinking that he wasn’t eager to feel again that hopelessness he experienced when Momoi came running. Maybe, there was a better solution. Maybe, he could at least try for a different end.

“Uhm, Aomine-” you began, mustering all your courage. He was ready to fight for you, how could you not dare to confess? You didn’t want to be that coward. You had to face him as he deserved.

“Go out with me.” He interrupted you in a sudden outburst, so sudden he regretted it immediately, covering his mouth. “I-I mean, I know I’m not your type of guy nor a nice guy in general but I can be better and-”

“Yes!” you answered with shining eyes, shocking him, “Yes!” you repeated with a wide smile. “I’d love to.”

Aomine groaned again covering his eyes and breathing deeply, drowning in happiness.

“S-something strong?” you asked seeing his reaction. You had understood the right thing, hadn’t you?

“Yeah, ‘m just happy…” Aomine mumbled with a sharp grin, “You’re too cute,” he admitted, not daring too move from his position. He wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to kiss you on the spot if he did.

“A-ah, t-thank you…” you whispered blushing ‘till the ears, but showing a small, giddy smile that struck his heart.

“I don’t if I can restrain myself for long…” he muttered under his breath.


“Dai-chan!” Momoi whined bouncing around his best friend, “When are you going to ask SO out?”

He rolled his eyes, annoyed.


“But you like her!” she protested stomping his feet.

“Yeah, and so? I’m not the guy for her,” he muttered frowning, “Too pure and shit to be with me. Have you seen me? She deserves a prince charming or something similar…” he admitted in a blushing murmur, walking away from Momoi.

The girl crossed her arms with a smirk.

“Oh, I think you two dorks are more similar than what you think…”

A brilliant plan was already formed in her head.

Culinary Adventures, find your happiness edition: oatmeal with strawberries, almond butter and salted almonds with vanilla blonde Starbucks. Ans, the best and most important part, a sure to be amazing update on @sn1tchesandtalkers beautiful Pretty In Punk. I love these boys and I KNOW they will turn my shitty day around. Go and read, y'all, don’t forget the comments and kudos. Oh and ask how Will is doing, she will know who sent you.

Older Atsushi wearing punk clothes for @intra-fiducia! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Probably I didn’t do him justice, but I still hope you like it ;3;

Last year’s “HoGeSa“ („Hooligans against Salafists”) march marked the start of a new wave of racist mobilizing and violence. There have been attacks on asylum seeker’s homes nearly every day between January and June 2015. Racist agitation against refugees found a sad climax in Heidenau, Saxony, where citizens and Nazis targeted a refugee center together and haunted the city in a mob action.

Open borders for everyone

While Nazis and right wing politicians try to spread racist resentments in Germany with their hate, Europe is experiencing a historical moment: Fighting for their freedom of movement, people have torn down the borders of fortress Europe and overcome its doctrine of wired fences and the Dublin agreement. Yet while this successful fight for freedom of movement opens up cracks in a regime of European containment, we shouldn’t forget the many deaths and injured – those who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea or suffocated on the trucks that transported them. “Fortress Europe” is accountable for thousands of deaths.

Solidarity with all Refugees

Thousands of people who could successfully overcome these obstacles have arrived in Germany these past weeks. They weren’t welcomed by German politicians, who are responsible for the political and economic situation of the countries people are fleeing from, but by many volunteers, who gave them a warm welcome and are supporting the struggle for their rights.

Every refugee is a political refugee

At first, the German federal government succeeded in using the welcome movement to send an image of a “tolerant Germany” into the world. Meanwhile, in an effort to reinstall Europe’s deadly order, border controls have been reinforced and German as well a European borders are defended by the military. FRONTEX and the European Naval Forces (EUNAVFOR), along with the Geman military are being deployed against so called human traffickers in the Mediterranean Sea, instead of rescuing drowning refugee boats.

While refugees are being welcomed at train stations, the German federal government is discussing how to harshen the right of asylum (which has already been tightened earlier this year) and make deportations easier.

The separation between good (“political”) and bad (economic) refugees and the debate about the economic value of a migrant is a form of everyday racism of our state and society. While war is seen as a legit ground for asylum, poverty isn’t, even thought the rich, capitalist states of the West have contributed to the harsh economic conditions in so called “safe third party countries”

The local governments in Germany now find themselves in a housing crisis, even though the arrival of great numbers of refugees was long foreseeable. They are in such need of even the essentials, that they rely on donations and the help of thousands of volunteers. This is a state that, without the bat of an eye, will rescue banks with billions of Euros, but views even a small percentage of these costs that are now needed as a financial burden.

It’s not enough for us to block the „HoGeSa“ hooligans at their next march on October 25th. “HoGeSa“ is but one side of the racism that is present in all layers of society. Some of the nazis and hooligans are expected to arrive early and, like last year, attack people who don’t fit into their world view. That’s why, we, as antifacists, antiracists, refugee initiatives and the welcome movement will take to the streets on October 24th and speak out against racism in every form.

Solidarity with refugees can’t be just welcoming acts. Solidarity also means offering protection from nazis on October 24th/25th in Cologne and elsewhere, and fighting against deportation and European border policies!

Escape aid not Frontex! Support the demands of refugees!

24.10.2015, 4pm, Antiracist demonstration in front of Cologne central station
25.10.2015, Cologne: Block the “HoGeSa” march!

(Text von: Köln gegen Rechts – Antifaschistisches Aktionsbündnis)