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Punk Patton protecting an Emo Virgil!

Warning: implied/referenced bullying

“Stay away from him.” The growl seemed to make the two guys before him freeze. Virgil, however, felt himself relax, just a little, as the thud of heavy boots came closer and closer.

Spikes on a leather jacket and bright blue hair was a familar sight now. A calming one, too.

“I don’t know what you were thinking, but you should go before I do something I regret.” A threat to not take lightly, anyone who knew Patton knew that much. The two skulked off, making half-hearted comments about getting Patton one day.

Virgil could feel tears smudging his mascara, he hated bullies, he hated the aftermath, he hated how he always cried afterwards.

“Hey, Virge.” Glove-covered hands clasped his arms, the warmth leaking through his hoodie. “It’s okay, I got you. D'you need a lift home today?”

“Dad’s picking me up,” Virgil mumbled, unsurprised to find grey smudges on his hand after wiping his face.

“I’ll wait with you, then.”

“Thanks, Pat.”

A birthday gift for @hily-shot​, who put the idea of a secret admirer fic in my head forever ago, even if she probably doesn’t remember it now. Happy birthday, my smol friend. <3 

(destiel, punk!Cas and jock!Dean, hs!au, 3k)


For the third day in a row, there’s a sticky note on Castiel’s locker. It’s innocuous in and of itself, but also bright pink and impossible to miss what with the way the color contrasts with the dull, grey lockers. Castiel sees it long before he reaches it, the sight both making his blood boil and sending butterflies bursting through his stomach.

He hates it.

He snatches the note off of the locker’s metal surface as quickly as he can, knowing Meg isn’t far behind him and not wanting her to see. He shields the small paper with his palms while he reads it.


Your hair looks good today. It looks soft. I want to run my fingers through it.

Castiel rolls his eyes, even as his cheeks burn with a blush. He can’t decide if this one is better or worse than the last; it certainly isn’t as embarrassing as the first had been. But that doesn’t mean he wants anyone to know about them—he opens his locker and shoves the note into the back, stashing it behind a never-used chemistry textbook with the previous notes. He doesn’t want to see them, doesn’t want to acknowledge their existence.

He’s not sure which of his ‘friends’ is behind the stupid prank, but he’s taken a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ stance for the time being, and hates them all for it equally. He knows it’s not Meg—she’s sweet on him, she wouldn’t mess with him in this way—but it could very well be Balthazar, or Raphael, or Bart, or Uriel, or even some combination of those dicks working together. He wouldn’t be surprised.

After all, it’s not like anyone would seriously leave these kinds of messages for him (no matter how endearing the sentiment might be, or how his stomach still twists like it is real, despite his belief of the opposite). Castiel isn’t the only ‘punk’ in the school, the only one with tattoos and piercings and a unique ability to make teachers hate him—his ‘friends’ also tend to fall in that category, to various degrees, which is the only reason Castiel aligns himself with them in the first place. He is, however, the only one who’s gay. He’s not the token in the school, but he’s the token in his own clique, and that’s what brings the hellfire down on him. His friends aren’t homophobic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to harass him.

But no one on the outside of their group would ever take an interest in him, and certainly no one would have such nice things to say about him.

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my first reaction to this was “OH MY GOD I LOVE” and i still am that so here we go (im making this a reader insert too WHOOPS)

request → Headcanon that hs punk Richie meets a super pastel soft girl and the next day she dresses punk and Richie raids eddies closet to dress like a softboi & they’re both just SHOOK?

Originally posted by finnslosers

- richie, somewhere between 13 and 16, actually gained a sense of fucking style

- and BOI does it look good on him

- he’s all punk - jean jackets, ripped black jeans, a few piercings, wild hair - you name it. it suits him, in a way, and makes him look not so nerdy (though he still keeps his glasses)

- and then one day, you move to derry, and you’re the complete opposite of richie

- you’re wearing pastel sweaters and light jeans, and there’s not a speck of black that you’re wearing

- it takes richie a little bit but eventually he works up his courage and starts talking to you

- you guys get along so great, but both of you think there could be something more that connects you two even closer, you know?

- so the next day, richie comes to school wearing this white t-shirt with a baby-pink cardigan over it and acid-wash jeans and !! get this - white converse

- and you come to school wearing black jeans, a band t-shirt (that’s probably nirvana or the beatles or smth), a leather jacket, and combat boots - even your nails are painted black

- richie sees you and his face just goes pure fuckin red because wow you look actually fucking amazing in that punk style

- and you see richie and laugh just a little because he looks like he raided eddie’s closet - wait, maybe that’s why eds looked annoyed-

- but then you realize that he ALSO looks super good and wow this is a huge mess

- “richie you’re so soft” “and you’re.. hard. like my-” “RICHIE NO”

- you don’t think you’ll stay with the whole punk style, but you’ll keep the boots and your nails don’t look half-bad that dark

- and maybe richie wears the white converse more, and maybe he’ll keep eddie’s sweater, because it’s actually really nice

- at one point you pull richie by his sweater to kiss him and he’s like “NO THIS IS COTTON YOU’LL RUIN IT” 

- he pauses for a second after that and he looks at you and whispers “you need to take this away from me”

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Congrats on getting married! Wanted to say that and send an ask so I kinda mushed them, hope you don't mind. I was wondering if you could do a punk!cas and nerd!dean highschool au? Please? Love your work! Bye!

First of all, thank you! It’s only a day away now and I’m looking forward to it!

Secondly, I don’t normally write ficlets, but I think I can do this one. Especially since when you mentioned this au I immediately thought of this fanart for some reason? (Source, hopefully? Otherwise, correct me please!)

Thirdly, here’s the ficlet. Hope it’s good?

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Day by Day

Chapter Three: Back Row

It’s been a pretty busy week, but I promised I would get this chapter out, so here you go. Chapters one and two can be found in the masterpost.

Notes: If you’d like to be added to the tag list, don’t hesitate to ask!

Warnings: Bullying, Swearing, Slight Homophobia, Violence

AUs: Highschool AU, Human AU, Punk!Virgil

Summary: After discovering that the Princes have moved in only a couple doors down, this next day at school is sure to be interesting. Well, the bus ride in particular.

“Um, you okay?” the visitor said, his expression a mix of confusion and concern.

“Y-yeah.” Virgil stuttered. His mouth had been hanging open and his eyes were still wide with shock.

“Oh my god, you idiot! Control yourself!”

Virgil straightened himself out and gave the other boy an awkward, forced smile.

“His name was Patton, right? You better be right. Who knows what could happen if you-”

“So, um, what grade are you in?” He said, although that really wasn’t the question on his mind.

“What grade is Roman in? Will we have any classes together? How often will I have to see him?”

“I’m a junior! And me and my brother, Ro are twins so he’s a junior too!” Patton said, beaming.

“Shoot. I’m a junior too.”

“That’s uh… pretty cool!” Virgil said, trying to make the moment less awkward. Sadly, he had failed.

“You sure you’re okay?” Patton said, staring deeply into Virgils eyes, as if he was reading his mind.

“Uh, yeah!” Virgil blurted out a little too quickly. “I guess it’s kinda shocking. You know, having a new family here. Not many people move in…”

You’re not gonna throw him off like that. He’d have to be as dense as-”

Patton gave a small laugh. “That’s how my old town was. I get it.”

“Well then.”

Thankfully, the awkwardness of the situation was interrupted by the ding of a text message. It must have been for Patton, because he pulled out his phone and read off the text quietly.

“Mom is wondering where you are, get home soon. Oh shoot! I forgot to tell her I was leaving!” He said as he shoved his phone back into his pocket. “Ro just texted me. I gotta go. Bye whoever your name is!”

“It’s V-Virgil…” His sentence trailed off as he realized that Patton wasn’t even listening. He was already running off down the road.

“Honestly, it’s a good thing he didn’t hear you. He could’ve told Roman! If that happened, your life could be over! Wait, did he hear you? Did he? Oh my god. I think he heard you. He’s gonna tell Roman, and then-”


The next morning was everything but calm. The bus ride seemed worse than usual, but Virgil could ignore the constant insults being thrown at him from the backseat. What he couldn’t ignore however, was Roman.

“How long can I really avoid him for? Why am I avoiding him? Oh yeah. Last time I met him was a complete disaster, and I really don’t want a repeat. I really am screwed.”

As the bus reached its last stop, Virgil perked up in his seat.

“The bus doesn’t usually stop here. Could it be… Yup.”

The doors opened to let nobody else but the Princes on board. Patton was first, and he was wearing-

“A cat hoodie? This poor kid is going to get-”

Almost as if the entire bus could hear Virgil’s thoughts, the target of the bullies in the back switched onto the newcomer. Patton was still smiling that cheesy smile, but deep down Virgil could see that the insults were starting to take their toll.

As soon as Roman got on the bus, the teasing ceased to exist. It was obvious that he wasn’t one to be messed with. He was dressed much different from when Virgil had first seen him. Now he had a normal pair of jeans, a Gryffindor house shirt, and a quite expensive looking leather jacket. The whole outfit really helped to show off all of his muscle, which Virgil still couldn’t believe was even possible for a teenager to have.

“That’s right. You leave my brother alone.” Roman said, holding his head up high, as if he was daring one of the boys in the back to say something.

To the shock of no one, it was silent. The two brothers stood at the front of the bus until Roman gave Patton the okay to go ahead and sit down.

Virgil sank back down into his seat, trying to avoid being seen by any of them.

“Even if Roman doesn’t see me, Patton will recognize me. He’ll tell his brother I’m here, and then my life will be over.”

“Ro! That’s the new neighbor I was telling you about! His name is… um…” Patton blurted out. Virgil sank lower and lower down into his seat in a desperate attempt to disappear. Sadly, his efforts were for nothing. Patton, and more importantly, Roman, were already making their way over to where Virgil was sitting.

“No no no no no no no no no-”

It was too late. They had already gotten over there.

“Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full.” Roman said. A nice and, dare he say, charming smile spread across his face.

“Nice reference.” Virgil remarked. He was getting better at keeping cool, however, he was still burning up inside. “Fifty points to Gryffindor.” He said, eyeing Romans shirt.

“Only fifty? I was sure that was at least one hundred.”

“Don’t push your luck, Princey.”

“Shoot shoot shoot! Princey? Really? You barely know him!”

“Princey? I like it” Was his reply.


“Wait a second.” Roman said, an idea popping into his head. “I never got your name.”

“It’s Virgil! I remember now! I heard it last night!” Patton said, sitting on the edge of the same seat as the others.

“Virgil? Like the poet?” Roman asked.

“Uh, maybe?” Virgil said, having to try even harder to keep from blushing.

“I like it.”

“Oh. Um, thanks.”

“Hey, quit flirting with your new boyfriend and talk to me!” A voice called out from the back row of the bus.

“Liam Greene. Jackass extraordinare.”

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for hours, Virge! How many times do I have to call you a piece of shit before I get something, huh? Are you deaf?”

Roman started to get up out of his seat until Virgil urged him to stay sitting by putting his hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t say anything. It only makes it worse.” He whispered, panic in his eyes. Romans first day here, and he was going to get detention for decking Liam Greene.

“You’re telling me you’re just going to sit here and let him taunt you?” Roman seemed outraged.

“If only he knew that this wasn’t the worst thing he’s ever said…”

“I won’t stand for it!” Roman declared, holding his head up high once more. Before Virgil could say anything else, he had already gotten out of the seat.

“Ro, please don’t-” Patton had started to say, but it was too late.

Roman had just punched Liam Greene right in the nose.


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