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Pop punk problem #50



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happy new year, honeyblossoms! while 2016 pretty much sucked in every other area, it was a fantastic year in music. here are some of my favorite tracks released in ‘16

  1. welcome to your life / grouplove
  2. revolution radio / green day
  3. genghis khan / miike snow
  4. shame / bastille
  5. woke up hurting / frightened rabbit
  6. in a drawer / band of horses
  7. bring my baby back / dr. dog
  8. not easy ft. x ambassadors, elle king, wiz khalifa / alex da kid
  9. found my religion / jmr
  10. someone to stay / vancouver sleep clinic
  11. dusty trails / lucius
  12. oceans / seafret
  13. river / bishop briggs
  14. on hold / the xx
  15. here in spirit / jim james
  16. fantasy boys / broncho
  17. human performance / parquet courts
  18. classic masher / pixies
  19. that’s all i need / dirty heads
  20. do you still love me? / ryan adams
  21. 33 god / bon iver
  22. on my one / jake bugg
  23. love on the weekend / john mayer

listen to it on 8tracks - december ‘16 - november ‘16

Pop punk problem #49

Getting into bands is like Alice following the rabbit into the hole and falling into a whole new universe. You’re in way over your head.

ID #31832

Name: Fanny
Age: 16
Country: Sweden

I’m looking for someone who’d like to talk with me about music, art and life in general. I don’t really care what kind of music you like (I’m into some rock/punk, pop and folk (I guess)) as long as you’re passionated about it. I’m a bit of a pessimist and introverted and not very good at talking to people, so I’m sorry if that turns you off.
I’m also interested in history, animals (mainly horses), movies, fantasy, politics etc.
If you speak english fluently that’d be great (because I’d really like to improve my own English). If you speak French that’s a plus (but not a requirement!!!) because I would like to get better it.
At first I’d like to write via e-mail, but later on I’m very interested in sending ordinary letters!

Preferences: Someone who’s around 15-20

Horse Terms for Non-Horsey People
  • Green: A horse that doesn't know shit. A kid horse. A lil punk horse.
  • Bridle: The head thing for riding.
  • Halter: The head thing for leading.
  • Lead rope: Horse leash.
  • Pony: A shorter, stockier equine. NOT a baby horse. Sometimes also used as a term of endearment towards larger horses.
  • Dressage: Fancy-ass horse dance.
  • Lunging: Making the horse go in circles around you on a long line, sometimes with another person on its back. Good way to teach Green horses the basics and a good way to start new riders.
  • Stirrup: Where your foot goes when you get on.
  • Girth: Horse belt.
  • Boots and Polo Wraps: Thingies that go on the horse's legs to protect them. NOT casts.
  • Schoolie: A horse that will teach you what's what and also possibly kill you. Usually ornery pieces of shit but also indispensable and amazing.
  • Paint: cow horse.
  • Warmblood: Large, fancy, lovable-weirdo-type horse.
  • Mare: Female horse. Probably thinking about the easiest way to make you cower in fear right now.
  • Gelding: Castrated male horse. Probably fearfully eyeing the mare.
  • Stallion: Un-castrated male horse. Probably eyeing the mare with a mixture of fear and lust.
  • Nicker: A grunting noise a horse makes when it's "happy to see you" (read: looking for treats).

“There was never any question that Robert would take the portrait for the cover of Horses, my aural sword sheathed with Robert’s image. I had no sense of how it would look, just that it should be true. The only thing I promised Robert was that I would wear a clean shirt with no stains on it.

The light was already fading. He had no assistant. We never talked about what we would do, or what it would look like. He would shoot it. I would be shot.

I had my look in mind. He had his light in mind. That is all.

The clouds kept moving back and forth. Something happened with his light meter and he became slightly agitated. He took a few shots. He abandoned the light meter. A cloud went by and the triangle disappeared. He said, “You know, I really like the whiteness of the shirt. Can you take the jacket off?”

I flung my jacket over my shoulder, Frank Sinatra style. I was full of references. He was full of light and shadow.

He took a few more shots.

‘I got it.’

‘How do you know?’

‘I just know.’

He took twelve pictures that day.

Within a few days he showed me the contact sheet. ‘This one has the magic’ he said.

When I look at it now, I never see me. I see us.”

~Patti Smith, from Just Kids, on the photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe for her debut album, Horses, 1975