punk hard core


Besides acting, West also has a passion for music. Up until he started working on Nikita, he toured with the hard-core punk- rock band The Germs as their lead singer. He went on tour three different times and played numerous shows over a five-year span. West credited his time with The Germs as his most MANIAC moment. “I have scars, I’ve been hit on the head and I hit other people on the head. At my first show, there was a beer bottle fight and I got cut on stage. By all rights I should have quit, but I was never going to that. It was nuts,” West said of his experiences. “I started playing with The Germs right towards the end of ER, when I was 28 or 29. I had to start kind of hiding it from the producers just in case. I fell in Chicago and hit my head on speaker and practically knocked myself out. I had to cover up a huge knot on the set of ER.” - Maniac Magazine; July/August 2012