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  1. I live at the foot of a small mountain range in what passes for suburban Wyoming, and spend copious amounts of time up there all year round.
  2. I am left-handed.  I bat (softball), play golf, and play hockey left-handed, but I throw, play tennis, and box right-handed.
  3. In 2013, I attended Wizard World in Chicago, where I got photo ops with CM Punk (a surprisingly cool guy), and The Shield (also all cool).
  4. Among my hobbies is building gaming computers.
  5. I work a job where I do accounting, drive a forklift, ship and receive, and travel to Montana and Colorado help out with sales.  (We’re a very small company who sells, ships, and applies repair products.)
  6. The first fan fiction I ever wrote was “Letters to Data.”  It was a quasi-journal thing where I wrote letters to Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek: TNG about whatever happened in the episode.  I would “write back” as Data.  I still have that notebook.  It’s atrocious, but I was 12.  (Also I was a weird kid.)

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