punk grrrls

“No matter how hard you try, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t care. That’s just the way of the world. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s music or the way you dress or your political stance or the color of your house or the way you build a hamburger. As long as you like it, do it.”

Lori Barbero, Babes in Toyland’s drummer, talks about growing up with music, not wasting time on things that aren’t fun, and her advice on “never, ever, ever” caring about what other people think of you.

Interview by Stephanie Kuehnert. Photo by Joe Dilworth. 



After my recent post about  Boston mayor declares April 9 ‘Riot Grrrl Day’ in honor of Kathleen Hanna, a reader commented on issues of racism and exclusion in the original movement, which Kathleen Hanna addresses in this interview.

As she says in that quote,  “At the same time, when people say riot grrrl was all white, that’s not true. In places like New York and California, that definitely was not the case. I don’t want to erase the women of color who were very much a part of shaping the identity of riot grrrl, and who questioned riot grrrl as a very white movement, and in that way shaped it, because clearly they cared enough to critique it.”

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essential riot grrrl

okay so a lot of these bands arent from the ‘riot grrrl scene’ but i feel like they fit in

feel free to add on!!! this is just the playlist i had on my phone so i bet im missing a lot that i dont have downloaded

bikini kill

  • this is not a test
  • double dare ya
  • feels blind 
  • white boy
  • rebel girl

the distillers

  • sick of it all
  • drain the blood
  • lordy lordy
  • the young crazed peling


  • violet
  • berry
  • pretty on the inside
  • good sister/bad sister
  • rock star

jack off jill

  • boy grinder
  • strawberry gashes

joan jett and the blackhearts

  • cherry bomb
  • you drive me wild
  • acdc
  • bad reputation
  • i want you

screaming females

  • empty head
  • ripe
  • triumph


  • oh no
  • call the doctor
  • stay where you are
  • i wanna be your joey ramone

veruca salt

  • volcano girls
  • shutterbug
  • seether
  • all hail me