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Kim Gordon: ‘Women aren’t allowed to be kick-ass. I refused to play the game’

“Before Daydream came out, we did a shoot with Michael Lavine, and I remember walking around New York with the band in summer. Michael had a panoramic camera, and in the photos I can still feel the dank, dirty moisture of the urban August.

“Do you want to look cool, or do you want to look attractive?” Michael asked me, as if the two were mutually exclusive. The silver paint; glitter-dabbed, faded cutoff jeans; and crop top with the sheer jewelled panel marked a turning point for me and my look. I didn’t want to just look cool, or just look rock’n’roll; I wanted to look more girl. Tomboy, but more ambiguous than tomboy. The media attention had made me self-conscious.”

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Photo caption: Playing live. Photograph: Charles Peterson