punk gear


Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

Available in my https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign 

🎀Little Rant🎀

Things that you are 100% allowed to do:

  • Wear collars because you like how they look
  • Wear kitty/fox/puppy/whatever else ears because you like how they look
  • Wear kitty/foxy/puppy tails because you like how they look
  • Wear fake piercings because you like how they look
  • Wear wigs because you like how they look
  • Wear cutesy clothes because you like how they look
  • Wear whatever the fuck you want because you like how it looks


I personally wear kitten gear because I have really low self confidence naturally and it makes me feel more secure in my own skin thanks to the little boost of cuteness. My gender dysphoria can make it hard for me to feel good about anything about myself, and my kitten gear helps me through self hatred.

If you see someone in something you find odd…

  • Ask them a RESPECTFUL question about it (Such as: “Where did you get those piercings?” or “Do you have to brush your tail”?)
  • Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your mother if she was in the same getup. 
  • Smile at them. Chances are, they’ve gotten enough stupid shit done to them on that day alone that a smile could make their day 3,000,000,000 times better.
  • Don’t. Stare. At. Them. 

Every few years remember about the Metal Gear franchise, go through the games, read the lore again. This year I found the MGS1 artbook I got when I was 11, and now not being 11 and looking back through it I’ve really gone on a journey of wonderment and confusion looking at the early versions of everything. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW:

Extreme Fishin’ Miller

Casual Snake

Rad Liquid & Sad Liquid

Good ol’ Faceless Frank

Mantis concepts feat. such strong looks as ‘lunchbreak’, ‘invisible handcuffs’, and ‘dick sounds’.

Otacon and Otacon run through a tiny face filter.


Snake-Meryl (Sneryl) and Flamethrower Mei Ling who I am ASHAMED do not exist

Utterly terrifying Veiny Raven and less terrifying Mange Raven

And of course, Punk Rock Mantis.


~SO MANY GEARS~ These took way too long to make, layers and layers of urethane resin and metal gears and a few metals stars too! 🌟 Full crystal clear solid eyes in 18mm. Whew


Orrery 16

This will be one of the last to be made with the clear pocket watch as a base. It’s always a bit sad when I run out of a limited vintage supply but it also stops me getting into a creative rut. These can be a nightmare to make because it’s very easy to completely stuff them up in the final building hours. The scratch build gods must have been on my side this past week because it came together perfectly.

I must reiterate that this does NOT move at all. All movement is just alluded to by the gears, spring and other motifs. One day I’ll make a real one with orbits, moons and rotation…

It is available in my etsy shop:


anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm new to the spn fandom, and I want to try reading wincest, now, because I'm still new to it, I wondered, could you recommend on fics where Sam is in love with Dean and it's unrequited? I want to first get used to the idea of one of the brothers being in love with the other before I get used to both being in love. Sorry if I bother you!!

Hello there! Sadly I don’t know a lot about unrequited!wincest, I’m more into the whole wincest being in love train, (you’re not bothering me btw), these are what I can remember right now, most of them got wincest as end game, so I don’t know if the list will be helpful, sorry in advance dear ♥

Memories Of Me While investigating a routine curse in a small California town Dean loses his memory. With only his brother to lean on feelings begin to develop that aren’t exactly brotherly. How’s Sam going to cope with that?

Unasked  Sam doesn’t ask.

In Florida, when they burst out of the old collapsing mausoleum into afternoon sunshine, covered with dirt and ectoplasm and victory, and Dean punches his fists in the air and looks at him, dirty and grinning and shining so bright that for a minute Sam almost can’t see, still he doesn’t ask, he doesn’t reach out and put his hands on Dean’s face, where they belong according to every instinct and yearning he has in him.

One Going on Eternity and Counting Some boundaries were never meant to be crossed …

Learning to Breathe   When he was fifteen, Sam confessed his romantic feelings to his brother. Rejected and unable to face his brother again, Sam runs away. In an effort to stay off his father’s radar, he turns to a life of crime to get by. As it turns out, he’s pretty good at it.

The Ghost of Somebody At His Side The night before Sam Winchester meets with his 12th grade guidance counselor for the second time, something very bad happens. One of those somethings that takes only a ridiculously short amount of time – in this case, about three minutes – yet manages to change the course of two lives forever. Or: Sam goes to Stanford, and takes most of Dean’s heart with him.


Eight Things You Should Know  Dean called Sam from outside the library and told him to get his punk-ass in gear, and, distracted, Sam accidentally left his hand inside the copier as he pushed the green button. The bar of white light scanned across, taking in the book pages and Sam’s fingertips spread out at the edges, blurry black and white. Sam knew copy machines were totally safe and had seen guys flatten their faces on the glass–eyes open–but it still bugged him. It left his hand feeling all tingly and weird, though that might have been mostly in Sam’s head.

Distortion  Sam drunk dials Dean.

One True Kiss  Sam knew that Dean was a good kisser.

Don’t Hold Me Too High  Leave it to a goddamn Winchester to try and shoulder someone else’s wrongs. (Or the one where Sam is in love with his brother and Dean is… not.)

Manhattan for Beads   In Nebraska, Dean slipped up. They were staking out a Little League park that night, camped in right-center with their arms and canteens. It was haunted, cursed, something. Kids kept breaking bones and losing eyes in bizarre collisions, swinging into great looping foul balls that crash-landed on windshields out on the too-close road and caused head-on wrecks. Beyond the chainlink fence in the outfield was corn, a sea of it, and two days ago a kid had hit a towering home run that brained a guy on a tractor. It was that kind of hysterically random evil.

The Things We Carry With Us  Sam and Dean are on the road, saving people and hunting things, like they always do. Dean discovers that Sam is attempting to turn himself into a monk, and so he does his best to get Sam laid. Sam resists because, of course, who needs to have sex with a girl when Dean’s around? It’s about going on a roadtrip with your brother. It’s about the food you eat, and the maps you follow. It’s about the things you carry with you. (Takes place some time after Heart.)