punk gear


Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

Available in my https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign 

Every few years remember about the Metal Gear franchise, go through the games, read the lore again. This year I found the MGS1 artbook I got when I was 11, and now not being 11 and looking back through it I’ve really gone on a journey of wonderment and confusion looking at the early versions of everything. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW:

Extreme Fishin’ Miller

Casual Snake

Rad Liquid & Sad Liquid

Good ol’ Faceless Frank

Mantis concepts feat. such strong looks as ‘lunchbreak’, ‘invisible handcuffs’, and ‘dick sounds’.

Otacon and Otacon run through a tiny face filter.


Snake-Meryl (Sneryl) and Flamethrower Mei Ling who I am ASHAMED do not exist

Utterly terrifying Veiny Raven and less terrifying Mange Raven

And of course, Punk Rock Mantis.

🎀Little Rant🎀

Things that you are 100% allowed to do:

  • Wear collars because you like how they look
  • Wear kitty/fox/puppy/whatever else ears because you like how they look
  • Wear kitty/foxy/puppy tails because you like how they look
  • Wear fake piercings because you like how they look
  • Wear wigs because you like how they look
  • Wear cutesy clothes because you like how they look
  • Wear whatever the fuck you want because you like how it looks


I personally wear kitten gear because I have really low self confidence naturally and it makes me feel more secure in my own skin thanks to the little boost of cuteness. My gender dysphoria can make it hard for me to feel good about anything about myself, and my kitten gear helps me through self hatred.

If you see someone in something you find odd…

  • Ask them a RESPECTFUL question about it (Such as: “Where did you get those piercings?” or “Do you have to brush your tail”?)
  • Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your mother if she was in the same getup. 
  • Smile at them. Chances are, they’ve gotten enough stupid shit done to them on that day alone that a smile could make their day 3,000,000,000 times better.
  • Don’t. Stare. At. Them. 

Orrery 16

This will be one of the last to be made with the clear pocket watch as a base. It’s always a bit sad when I run out of a limited vintage supply but it also stops me getting into a creative rut. These can be a nightmare to make because it’s very easy to completely stuff them up in the final building hours. The scratch build gods must have been on my side this past week because it came together perfectly.

I must reiterate that this does NOT move at all. All movement is just alluded to by the gears, spring and other motifs. One day I’ll make a real one with orbits, moons and rotation…

It is available in my etsy shop: