punk elephant

DON’T STOP a playlist for when you want to be pumped up (as requested by anon)

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damn your kiss | the doomed relationship of sam and ruby.

i. free love - cage the elephant // ii. do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys (cover by ghabby gee) // iii. take me to church - hozier // iv. serial killer - lana del rey // v. supermassive black hole - muse (cover by orto pilot) // vi. nicotine - panic! at the disco // vii. eyes on fire - blue foundation (cover by joanna) // viii. jaws on the floor - you me at six // ix. let go - i divide //x. the patron saint of liars and fakes - fall out boy // xi. just one yesterday - fall out boy (cover by ana faria) // xii. let her go - passenger

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You post:
-bring me the horizon
-neck deep
-real friends
-the story so far
-cage the elephant
- letlive.
-all time low
-crown the empire
-a day to remember
-knuckle puck
-modern baseball
-blink 182
-any other bands like that


Thanks for @sansandanime224 for tagging me, you’re awesome man!!!

1: nickname- For my Tumblr name, Nonn, Nez, Nonnie, but anything would be fine! I love to see how creative you guys can be! For my real name as you hear being typed around by Macc, it is Yari!

2: gender- Female

3: star sign- Sagittarius

4: height- 5'2" (5'3" with shoses)

5: time- 7:13 PM

6: birthday- December 21th, 2002!

7: favorite bands- Gorillaz, Everything Everything, The Neighborhood, Ghost, Big Data, Mystery Skulls, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Awolntion, Fallout Boy, Imagine Dragons, Cage The Elephant, Daft Punk, Vocaloid, Baby Metal, Killer Studios, Orange Caramel

8: favorite solo artists- Stephen, Little Simz, Poppy, Yuna, Teen Daze, George Michael, Simon Curtis, Adam Lambert, Damon Albarn, Frog Leap Studios, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Shawn wasabi, The Living Tombstone, MandoPony, Glutamate, Porter Robinson

9: song stuck in my head- Busted And Blue and Andromeda by ya boi Gorillaz

10: last movie i watched: Moana

11: last show i watched:The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

12: what date did i create my blog- Tuesday June 13th

13: what do you post- UM TRASH!!! On a serious note I usually post my art, some photos I take and even some headcanons and fanfictions mostly based off Gorillaz!!!!!!

14: last google search- Jimmy Neutron, because I actually forgot the long title for the TV show!

15: other blogs-  None ma dude

16: do you have any asks- Well right now only one, that I’m gonna answer!

17: why you thought of url- Well I was gonna do Connexs but some took it, so I played around with it, and got Nonnnez!

18: following- 2,310

19: followers- 287

20: favorite color: I like all the colors but my favorites have to be, any type of blue and the color seafoam green!

21: average hours of sleep- Around 7-5 hours, or not sleep at all

22: lucky number- None???

23: instruments- Well I learned how to play the flute but that was in Elementary School!

24: what am i wearing rn- A plain white Tank top and a green short, with a darker green and blue Soccer balls with cutting scissor lines connecting them.

25: how many blankets i sleep with- Two

26: dream job- Cartoonist, Animator, Illustrator, Nature Photographer, Fashion designer, and book writer! Yes I want to do a lot with my life!!!

27: dream trip- Greece, Alaska, Japan

28: favorite food- Any type of Egges, and Potatos

29: nationality- Dominican

30: fave song- Tomorrow Comes Today by Gorillaz, Honest by The Neighborhood, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen and Missionary Man by Ghost, Automatic Man Michael Sembello, Aeroplane by Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Fantasy by George Michael, Favorite Thing by Yuna, Fashion Monster by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Do Me A favor and Arabella by Arctic Monkeys, Sad Machine by Darren Styles and Gammer remix!

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31: Side note- When I was listing the musicians I realized how edgy I am. Curse you Guitar Heroes!!!