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What's Your Fantasy - (Part One) [Smut]

Authors: @writing-obrien and @dumbass-stilinski

Character(S): PornStar!Dylan/PornStar!Reader

Word Count: 4483

Notes: Spanking, different positions (Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl. Missionary), Exhibitionism, Filming, Sex Tapes, Porn, Oral (both receiving), fingering, teasing, Squirting, marking. I hope y'all enjoy this! If there’s any mistakes towards the end, ignorethem, because I was supposed to proofread and I was too tired to even try okay bye enjoy.

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The Adicts @ It’s Not Dead Fest 2 - San Bernardino, California - August 26th 2017

Stop It (Connor Murphy x Reader)

TW: Bullying, fighting, swearing, intense make out scene, unedited writing

WC: 1,109

a/n: It’s late and I may have rushed towards the end, but I was eager to get this out tonight. Love y’all! <3

You walked silently through the hallways with your head down. You occasionally glanced at the hand swaying next to yours, the words written on Evan’s cast haunting you. You glance up for just a moment and notice your slightly younger brother looking at you with sad eyes.

“Go.” You mumble, smiling at him.

“I’ll only be gone for a minute, I swear.” Evan anxiously kissed your cheek and stumbled off to catch up with his girlfriend Zoe Murphy. You watched him leave, sighing and turning and walking towards your locker. You were really close when somebody shoved you face first against the lockers.

“Freak,” A boy named Dylan shoved you again. “Do you even talk to anybody other than your brother?”

Before you could answer Dylan spun you around and gripped your jaw line. “I’m not afraid to hit a girl.” He threatened and smirked.

A crowd had formed around the two of you, and most people were whooping and cheering for Dylan. After all, they all thought you were just another freak. You glanced into the crowd and saw Evan trembling with wide eyes, staring at the two of you. Jared and Zoe were by his side, prepared to hold him back. Your eyes shifted back to Dylan’s and you squinted at him.

“Well I’m not afraid of you either.” You growled, gathering spit in your mouth and spitting in his eyes.

Dylan released his grip on you and stood back, wiping the saliva from his eyes. “You fucking punk.” Dylan charged towards you and swung a fist at you.

He hit you directly on the jaw, and once he hit you once he didn’t stop. Yells erupted from the crowd and Evan was screaming. Zoe and Jared held him back, knowing he would get beat up even worse than you would. Plus, you were the older protective sister.

“Stop,” A voice shouted. “Stop it!”

Connor Murphy emerged from the crowd and shoved Dylan onto the floor, the principle right behind him. The principle grabbed onto Dylan’s arm and helped him up while Connor grabbed your hand and pulled you away before anyone else could. Connor pulled you into the nearest janitors closet and turned to face you. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

“I thought I told you to stop getting in fights.” Connor frowned angrily, crossing his arms.

“Well,” You wiped the blood from your nose. “I could say the same to you.”

Connor grumbled and yanked some paper towels off a roll on a shelf. He stepped towards you and gently held you by the side of your head, his hand in your hair and his thumb on your cheek.

“Ow,” You mumbled, pouting and looking him in the eyes.

“Shut up, (y/n).” Connor wiped the blood from your nose gently. Connor was squinting his eyes slightly, obviously trying to hide the fact his eyes were watering. You gently reached up and put your hand on top of his.

Connor halted and looked at you with slightly wide eyes, his face turning pink.

“What?” He asked, stepping forward without thinking about it.

“Why do you care about me, Connor? You’re the only person other than Evan who even notices me.” You frowned, blinking and shuffling a bit closer.

“W-Well, you like- you, you notice me, and you care about me. So I could ask you the same thing.” Connor slowly leaned in, his eyes flickering to your lips.

You closed the gap between you two, gently pressing your swollen lips to his slightly chapped lips. Connor moved his lips against yours and gently backed you up against the door, wrapping his arms around your body. You slid your hands into his hair and pulled it gently, getting Connor to let out a raspy moan and press himself into you. You pulled back for a breath for just a moment, and Connor took it as an opportunity to latch onto your neck and start giving you a hickey. You moaned and tilted your neck, closing your eyes.

Suddenly, the wall you were pushed up against seemed to disappear, when really it was just a door opening. You and Connor fell back into the empty hallway, right in front of Evan, Jared, and Zoe.

“Uhaha! Gross, Connor was about to get laid!” Jared laughed loudly, earning a glare from Connor. Evan pulled you up and hugged you, tears wetting your shirt. He clearly didn’t hear Jared or understand what was happening in the closet beforehand. His head was in your neck, and you visibly winced.

“I was so worried, (y/n)!” Evan lifted his head from your neck and immediately squinted at the bruise on your neck. He lifted his head and stared at you with wide eyes.

“Is that a hickey?!” Evan shouted in the now empty hall. Zoe giggled and pulled Evan away from you.

“Yes, Evan, that’s a hickey. From Connor.” Zoe added, smiling evilly at you and her brother.

Evan’s eyes widened and he glanced between you and Connor. Connor was looking off in the distance and trying to hold his laughter while your face was red. Jared was laughing so hard and squealing.

“C-C-Connor? You like-like Connor?” Evan said in a really high voice, blinking a few times.

Your face turned red and you turned to Connor, who looked slightly mad and ready to leave if you said the wrong thing. You spun back around to Evan.

“Yes, Evan, I love Connor.” You couldn’t bare to turn around to look at Connor as Zoe grabbed the wide-eyed Evan and giggling Jared to pull them away. You sighed loudly and stared at your feet.

“I’m glad you love me back, then. Or, y’know, making out with you and protecting you for the last four years would’ve been a waste.” Connor mumbled.

You spun around with wide eyes and stared at Connor for a minute.

“Seriously? You, Connor Murphy, actually lik- love me, (Y/n) Hansen back?” Your jaw was slack and you kept blinking.

Connor chuckled quietly and stepped forward, pressing a kiss to your lips. You slid your hand into Connor’s and pulled your lips apart gently. Connor smiled as your foreheads pressed together gently.

“You have a really pretty smile, Connor.” You mumbled, pulling your foreheads apart slowly.

Connor turned pink and grumbled, pulling you towards your next class. “Let’s go, dork.”


GBH @ It’s Not Dead Fest 2 - San Bernardino, California - August 26th 2017