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Soundtrack Series


Steal My Girl

Ready To Run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Girl Almighty

Fool’s Gold

Night Changes

No Control



Stockholm Syndrome


Change Your Ticket


Once In A Lifetime

Act My Age

Midnight Memories

Best Song Ever

Story Of My Life


Midnight Memories

You & I

Don’t Forget Where You Belong



Right Now

Little Black Dress

Through The Dark

Something Great

Little White Lies

Better Than Words

Why Don’t We Go There

Does He Know


Half A Heart

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - The Interlude

Take Me Home

Live While We’re Young

Kiss You

Little Things

C'mon C'mon

Last First Kiss

Heart Attack

Rock Me

Change My Mind

I Would

Over Again

They Don’t Know About Us

Summer Love

She’s Not Afraid

Loved You First

Nobody Compares

Still The One

Truly, Madly, Deeply


Up All Night

What Makes You Beautiful


Trust Issues

They Compliment Your Relationship

Actually, Tell Everyone

Someone Tries To Break You Up

The Other Side of Fame

Faking It

More Than A Girlfriend

Going Out Of His Way

Sneaking Around

The Boyfriend Challenge - Halloween Edition

Keeping Busy While He’s Away

You Don’t React The Way They Think You Should

You’re Too Much Alike

Out With One Of The Other Boys

Supporting Him While He’s Away

He Isn’t Where He’s Supposed To Be

He Stays With You

Management Asks A Favor

Can’t Stay Away

He Surprises The Fans With How He Treats You

You Bring Him Back To Reality

He Ignores You

You’re Asked To Leave

It Isn’t What It Looks Like

Destructive Relationship

Story Of Your Life

Maintaining Your Independence

Spending Time With His Family

You Meet Him On Tour

Long Distance

A Fan Throws Herself At Him

You Call Him Crying

He Calls You Fat - Part 2

He Calls You Fat

The Media Gets It Wrong

Exam Week

Weedgate - A Private Video Gets Leaked

Early Morning Wakeup


Flight Delay

You Elope

You Cheat After A Fight

He Catches You Cheating

Drunk Marriage In Vegas

He Mentions You In An Interview

You Marry Someone Else

He Sees You At Your Worst

He Cheats With You

You’re The Reason They Break Up

You See Him With His New Girl

Once Upon A Time

He Confronts You About The Cheating Allegations

He Realizes He’s In Love With You

Fans See You With Lux

You’re Only Together For The Summer

Mile High Club

He Catches You Doing Something Childish

He Gets You Upset When Your Famous Ex Mentions You In An Interview

He Sees You With Your New Man

He Flies Out To See You

He Embarrasses You

He Breaks Up A Fight You Are In

You Comfort Him

He Supports You

Punk Series

You Meet For The First Time

He Tries To Get You To Go Out With Him

He’s Persistent

You Agree To Go Out With Him

First Date

First Kiss

You See Him Get Upset

You Go With Him As He Gets Another Tattoo

The First “I love you”

He’s With You For Your First Tattoo

Out Of His Element

You’re Out Of Your Element

First Fight

You Make Up

Your Family Doesn’t Approve

You Break Up

You Sleep With Someone Else

You See One Another After The Break Up

You Get Back Together

You Meet His Family

He Takes Care of You While You’re Drunk

A Major Commitment


The Usual

Niall was pretty shy. 

It wasn’t that noticeable, honestly. The only reason people even came to that conclusion was the fact that compared to his outlandish and crazy friends, Niall was the stuttering, blushing little angel that constantly apologized for their ways. So, Niall didn’t think much of it. It was just the way he was. He wasn’t the type to send his food back if it was wrong, or stand up for himself if anyone tried to make fun of him. He was the “strong and silent” type. Or– actually, that was more Zayn’s persona. Niall– Niall’s just the shy type. He doesn’t like confronting others and doesn’t like when others confront him.

Which is why he really shouldn’t be working at a Starbucks. He chose the shop because it was small and quaint. He thought that maybe because it was so small and it wasn’t on a busy road, that maybe it wouldn’t be busy. 

He was wrong.  

Today was just like every other day, Niall was busy trying not to fuck up any of the orders that were flying his way as the morning rush came to a close. His hands were shaking when the large crowd finally begins to thin, and he leans heavily against the counter, sharing a look with one of his co-workers, Sophia. 

“You alright, Ni?” She asks with a laugh. 

Niall just smiles and nods, even though he’s kind of freaked out. 

He’s barely had time to catch his breath when he walks in. 

He being that one huge, scary, really attractive guy that comes in every day that Niall works. His name is Harry, just as he tells Niall everyday and Niall is kind of terrified of him. This guy is all skinny jeans and green eyes, tattoos that are rarely all covered, always sporting sleeveless muscle tees or deep v-necks, even though spring has barely begun. Today he has a dark green bandana tied around his hair, which is quiffed up today rather than just wild like usual. He’s got his usual black, ripped up jeans and a white band tee today, making Niall’s inner self shiver. ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ He reminds himself, because this guy, ‘Harry’ has been nothing but kind to Niall in the few weeks that they’ve “known” each other.

In fact, the day they met was a bit of a hard day on Niall. 

* * * *

It was his first day, in fact, and he hadn’t a clue what he was doing. Throughout the day he had given 4 people the wrong orders and it was only getting worse. Niall was handing a man a coffee, holding on super tightly because he definitely was not about to spill this guys’ coffee, when- splash- yeah, he spilled that guys coffee. Luckily, it wasn’t a particularly hot or cold coffee, but the man’s white shirt was stained with black and his eyes were cold and furious when they looked at Niall. He began screaming at Niall, demanding a refund and to speak with his manager. Niall’s eyes were filling with tears as he tried to apologize, but the guy just wouldn’t let up. 

That’s where Harry comes in.

This big guy, dark clothes and intimidating stature pulls the yelling guy away from Niall’s face, shoving him away violently. “Piss off, you wanker, it was an accident.” He seethes, and even Niall is scared of this guy. 

The man looks half ready to retaliate, when Liam comes out from the back. Liam is the manager and, having heard the noise, came out to deal with the issue. The man gets away from the dark haired boy’s death glare and files a complaint on Niall, which Liam then takes back to his office and shreds it, giving Niall a sorrowful look and a pat on the back.

The intimidating guy, on the other hand, smirks at the man as he walks out of the store, stepping up to Niall’s lane. 

“T-thanks.” Niall says with a small smile on his face, trying his best to look genuinely thankful (because he is) rather than scared.

The curly haired boy just smirks. “No problem, love, always a pleasure to protect the cute blonde boy who’s about to serve me coffee.” He winks, “I’m Harry, by the way.”

Niall just blinks owlishly at Harry, blushing furiously as he looks down. 

If only he knew it was the start of a tradition.

* * * *

Just like every other day, the dark haired boy makes his way to Niall’s register (never anyone else’s) and smirks at the blonde, placing his elbows on the counter in front of him. “You have got to know my usual, by now, right gorgeous?” He drawls, his voice deep and a little bit foreign to Niall ears as he’s been hearing the light mid-Londoner lit all morning. 

 Niall tries his best to smile back, but ultimately ends up looking down as he lets out a light giggle. He just nods, and watches as the guy’s smile grows. “M’ Harry by the way.” He tells Niall, just like every other day.

Niall, once again, doesn’t respond, just nods and writes the name on the clear cup, just as he has for the past few weeks. 

“Are you every going to speak to me, lovely Niall?” Harry asks sweetly as Niall passes his cup to Sophia, who winks at him encouragingly. “That is your name, isn’t it?” 

Niall meets Harry’s eyes and nods politely. Harry lets out an exaggerated sigh, holding out his hand expectantly. Niall gives him a questioning look and Harry rolls his eyes. “Sharpie, please.” He commands. 

Niall, skeptical, but obedient, hands the larger boy the marker. Harry grabs both the marker and Niall’s arm, making the blonde gasp in shock. He uncaps the marker, using his mouth to do so. Niall tries not to make a sound as Harry scrawls on Niall’s arm. The blond then watches as Harry pulls the marker away, inspecting his work before releasing Niall’s arm and giving him back the marker. 

Niall grips his own arm, reading the lazy inscription of numbers followed by “Harry Styles, call me ;)” Niall looks up at the curly haired boy, who only winks at him cheekily before grabbing his coffee and making his way to a nearby table. 

Harry sits there for about a half hour, mimicking every other day, reading from some book that Louis read a while back, something about kids with cancer who fall in love. Niall’s too scared to read it because Louis didn’t stop crying for 3 days once he finished it. 

Niall doesn’t miss how Harry’s eyes watch him the entire duration of his stay. He watches Niall as he takes orders and laughs along with his co-workers before leaving with a silent wave paired with a knowing smirk.

* * * *

He doesn’t appreciate the intense questioning he gets from Zayn and Louis after they see the writing on his arm.

Louis just crowed, “Oooh, who’s Harry, Ni?” 

“Do I need to beat him up?” Zayn asks, more than half serious. Niall had his fair share of unwanted admirers before. 

“How big is his dick?”

“Louis!” Zayn calls, eyes narrowed. 

With that, Niall rushes into his room without coming out all night, trying to figure out if he was terrified or attracted to this Harry.

* * * *

The next time Harry comes in, he has a glare on his face. Niall’s usually pretty afraid of Harry, but with this new addition, Niall’s freaked out. He winces as Harry stomps with his combat boots up to Niall’s register and looks Niall straight in the eyes. He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t smile, just stares. Niall gulps, eyes big and apologetic, hoping that his trademark “puppy eyes” will convince Harry to not kill him. 

Harry mouth thins, but within seconds his stance breaks, slumping over with a heavy sigh. “Damn it. Why are you so fucking cute?” 

Niall blushes, fighting off a smile. 

Harry tries to look angry once more, “Why don’t you talk to me? You talk to other costumers!” He says, frown deep on his face. “And- you didn’t call me!” 

A man behind Harry taps him impatiently on his shoulder, “Excuse me, some of us are actually trying to get our coffee rather than get laid.” He spits. Harry’s face screws up in actual disdain and points to the other lane. 

“There’s an empty cue just that way, tosser.” He shoots right back, glaring at him, “This one’s mine, back off.” And Niall isn’t sure if he’s talking about the lane, or the barista. 

Harry turns back, his attention back onto Niall. glances down to see the marker that was on Niall’s arm faded a bit, “And it’s faded! What, trying to get rid of every trace of me?” He demands, obviously genuinely offended. 

Niall giggles lightly, “M’ sorry, Harry, I really am!” 

Harry’s face drops completely a look of awe on his face. “Yes!” He shouts gleefully, “It’s about damn time! And you’re Irish!”

The Irish boy tries to hold back his nervous chuckle. “The usual, Harry?” 

“The usual, yes, Niall, but also for a side, I’d like you to call me. And uh, yep, that’d be it, how much does that side cost?” Niall definitely doesn’t laugh at that, rather deciding to hide his face behind his hands. He asks for the regular cost of the drink, rolling his eyes as Harry says, “Zero pounds, you are easy now aren’t you Ni?”

Niall shakes his head, not sure if he can continue on a conversation much longer. With every word, Harry’s looking a bit more and more intimidating, even though Niall’s not sure why. 

When Niall doesn’t respond to anymore  of Harry’s comments, Harry just sighs, grabs out his own marker this time, and writes over the words he had written last time. He doesn’t release Niall until Niall actually meets his eyes this time. “I’m serious.” He says earnestly, before walking out of the shop and getting onto a loud and scary looking bike and speeding away. 

* * * *

Niall didn’t really remember what happened last night. 

That’s new.

Niall wasn’t one to get drunk, in fact, he wasn’t one to go partying at all. He vaguely remembers Louis shoving him through the door, and then maybe being forced into doing about 5000 shots, but that’s about it. When Niall resurfaces from his blacked out bedroom, he lets out a high pitched whine, alerting both Louis and Zayn that he was awake. 

Zayn, the best most beautiful person in the world, took pity on Niall, gathering him up in a hug as Niall whimpered about his head. Louis on the other hand just cackled.

“Ni! You cannot tell me you have a hangover! You downed like, maybe 2 shots.” Louis laughs, much too loudly. “Are you sure you’re Irish?”

Niall glares at Louis, even though he knows it’s true. He had never been able to hold his alcohol. “Louis, be nice to the poor guy.” Zayn says, rubbing Niall’s back soothingly. 

Louis chuckles once more, “You were hammered Niall. Like, there’s even a video somewhere of you and Zayn grinding, it was basically porn.” Louis gushes as Niall’s face reddens. 

Zayn laughs too, nodding in agreement. “Was pretty hot, too bad you were moaning and groaning on about that Harry of yours.” Zayn jokes, rolling his eyes. 

“Harry?” Niall asks, head bolting up painfully. 

“Yeah, you were texting him like all night, bro.” Louis says, disinterested as he pours some cereal for Niall. 

Niall’s eyes widen, running back into his room for his phone. “Oh god.”He whimpers in disdain, praying that he didn’t say anything embarrassing. 

To: Hary
Ariiiii babeee 

From: Hary
Um, who is this?

To: Hary
s Niall!!!! dumy, you gave me urs numbr

From: Hary
Are you drunk?

There was then a break in the text, showing that Niall didn’t respond for about ten minutes

From: Hary
Niall, can you tell me if you’re in a safe place?

To: Hary
Arii m with Z, so s ok. ur soo hot arriii

Niall flushed. Fuck.

From: Hary
You think so?

To: Hary
I know so ur so so sooo so hot and intimidating an scary and nice and scary nd hot

From: Hary

To: Hary
Yep. u scar me a lot. i dont like that.

Niall currently wants to shoot himself.

From: Hary
Is that why you don’t like me?

To: Hary
I like u a lot Ariiii. but i dont wanna go out with a scary person

From: Hary
I think maybe you should go home and sleep, Niall

To: Hary
Arrriiiiii nooooo :( 

To: Hary 
:( :( :( :( :( 

To: Hary 
:( arrii 

Niall’s drunken rampage stops there, and Niall is debating falling into a hole and dying of embarrassment. He feels terrible for basically telling Harry that he was terrified of him and because of that, wouldn’t go on a date with him. It wasn’t even completely true. He was terrified of Harry at first, when all he was was a biker boy who liked to flirt with the cute blonde barista. But now he had some sort of depth, he obviously cared about Niall.

Niall sighs heavily, picking up his phone that felt like a brick in his hands. 

To: Hary
I’m really sorry about last night. I was pissed drunk, I’m so sorry.

Niall falls back onto his bed, hating his existence. 

* * * *

Niall works for three days the next week, and Harry doesn’t come in. Sophia asks about it, saying that she was surprised that Harry had missed three whole days. “The only time he doesn’t come is when you don’t work.” And Niall’s heart hurt. 

He could’ve just ruined something great, all because he drunkenly texted like an idiot. Harry never responded to his text, and Niall was heart broken knowing he hurt Harry. Niall’s walking home, just as he does every other day when he nearly walks into someone with a familiarly broad chest. Niall look up, hope filling his eyes until they just widen completely, confusion running through his body. “What.” Is all he says as he looks into green eyes that used to be familiar. 

Harry was there, right in front of him, only… different. His hair was quiffed, but there was no bandana in his hair, he was wearing a light colored, flannel shirt buttoned up with regular blue jeans and loafers. He had thick framed glasses on his nose and a small smile on his face. 

Niall’s face completely dropped, his heart shattering as Harry began to speak. 

“Hi, my name’s Harry Styles and I would like to court you. I just want to let you know that I have a great family in my background and a degree in English, and you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life.” He says, his voice mimicking a more posh, Londoner accent.

There are tears pricking at Niall’s eyes, and he’s shaking his head because this is not what he wanted. Harry notices the tears and his persona drops completely, shaking his own head. “No, no, no, Niall, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry, I’m just- I really really like you but I’ll stop trying I’m so sorr-”

Niall steps into Harry’s personal space, hugging him, hard. “Harry.” He says softly, tears still threatening to fall. “I’m so sorry.” He whimpers as Harry’s own arms wind around Niall instinctively. “I’m so sorry that I ever made you feel like you had to change for me. Because you don’t, I love your tattoos and your bandanas and I love your skinny jeans and I really really like you too, so yes of course I’ll go on a date with you but only if you dress and act like you want to.” Niall sputters, tightening his arms around Harry’s neck.

Harry’s still shaking his head, but he pulls away from Niall again, a smile on his face. “Say it again.” He demands.

Niall’s face screws up in confusion. “I’m so sorr-” 

“No! The other part.” He says, pulling me closer so his nose is almost touching mine.

“I love your tattoos-”

“No! Well, I like that part too, but the other part.” 

Niall sighs in content as Harry’s warmth gets closer, “Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” 

Harry whoops loudly, breaking the peace of the quiet backstreet, picking Niall up around the waist and spinning him for just a second before backing up a little. Harry backs away for a second, face stretched into a large smile and the blonde wonders for a moment how he was scared of someone so adorable. Harry looks Niall over for a minute before taking the blondes face in his hands and pressing a quick, small kiss to his lips. 

Harry backs off then, “Sorry, just– heat of the moment–”

Niall cuts him off, bringing the taller boy’s neck down to kiss him again, this time more soundly. 

They pull back after a moment and Harry takes Niall’s hand, sighing happily, “Let me walk you home.” He offers, swinging their hands joyfully as they walk down the road. 

And as they go along the road Niall watches as Harry laughs at his own terrible knock knock jokes and coos at small squirrels who run by then. Niall watches as Harry kisses him goodbye on the doorstep of his flat, promising to text the details of their date, and then promptly turning around. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, love.” He calls from the bottom of the stairs. 

Niall nods, “Tomorrow.” He agrees. “The usual?” He asks, jokingly. 

Harry smiles easily and adoringly, nodding along, “The usual.”

Y’all I just applied for a job at Barnes & Noble/Starbucks because money is nice but social interaction isn’t .-. .-. 

Once again, sorry for typos, I hope this middle of the week update makes up for my recent slacking. Idk I’m really sorry :( 

I know its probably too long and has too much fragmentation idek idek i’m sorry.

Prompts are open! I write any Niall centered relationships including OT3, OT4, and Zianourry. You can see my previous writings here. 

You're the Only One for Me

Summary: Punk Louis, you dont know if he really loves you, so he shows you. (Smut) 

I hope you like it, if you have any ideas, tell me and feedback wuld be great. Thanks for reading. 

I thought we were good for each other, but sometimes almost is not enough, he could’ve just told me. If he wanted out he could’ve talked to me but no, i just had to see him, see him with her like that touching each other, i feel sick.

I sighed, and walked out of the party, i couldn’t get them out of my head, his hands all over her. I loved him with everything i had and now i cant even look at him, without that sight, i just need to get out of there.

i walked in the front door and locked it, i leaned my head on the door, i wanted to cry, but i don’t think its worth it.

I understand who he is, and how he acts even when i say ‘i love you’ i knew that he felt the same way but never i thought that he would do this and that girl. His ex, honestly i don’t know what to think. i walked into my bedroom, everyone told me that ‘he will break your heart one day’ and that ‘he is bad for you, you’ll just get hurt’ i didn’t believe them.

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Never Judge A Book By Its Cover (H.S Badboy AU)

Part 6

Part 7

“I was just leaving.” Harry mumbled, looking me in the eyes before shuffling past my mum and out the front door.

“I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again, Y/n. You are not to see that boy or have anything to do with him. I do not want you getting involved with that crook.”

“But, Mum, I-”

“No, Y/n. I don’t want to hear any of it, that boy is bad news.”

“Actually, Mum, he’s not so bad, he-” Y/b/n cut in, sticking up for me and sending me a small, sympathetic smile before Mum cut him off.

“Oh, not you too. I’m done with this conversation.” She snapped, walking away.

“Screw this. I’m leaving.” I’d finally had enough with this. Why can’t my family ever just let me be happy? 

I grabbed my jacket of the hooks near the door and I walked outside into the freezing air before my brother could even say anything to stop me. I didn’t even know where I’d go but as long as it was away from here, I’m sure it’d be much better.

I had been walking for a good half hour before my thoughts started being drowned out by the sound of people talking. A gust of wind blew through my hair as I attempted to listen carefully, interested in what those people were saying for no real reason, the loud wind making it difficult to do so.

“Hurt her and I will not hesitate to kill you.” That voice sounded all too familiar.

“Then you have to kill him.”

“Fine.” Harry.

A gasp escaped past my parted lips and I didn’t realise how close I had gotten to alleyway where Harry and some other man were talking. My back pressed against the cold, wet brick wall as I attempted making myself as small as possible, which, much to my dismay, didn’t work.

I saw a figure walk out of the alleyway, a black hoodie covering their top half, the hood pulled over their head as they turned to walk in the opposite direction. I knew instantly that it was Harry. Who was he talking to? Who has he got to kill? 

“Hey!” I looked up and saw another man emerge from the alley, and turn towards me. My first instinct was to run and that’s exactly what I did. I ran as fast as I could but not knowing where I was was not helping me. The man was gaining on me and I knew I couldn’t run any faster nor much further. As much I wanted to keep going, it was like when you’re trying to run away from something in a nightmare, no matter how fast you try to go, it always feels like you’re barley moving at all. No matter how hard you try, the bad guy always catches up.

“Gotcha.” I tried to let out a scream as one of the mans hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me to the ground and the other pressed firmly against my mouth, preventing any noises from escaping. 

“Ohh. I know who you are. I’ve been watching you. Making sure your little friend knows that if he doesn’t do what he’s told that he’s gonna lose you.” He seethed into my ear, pulling me away as a tear slipped from my eye, the stinging heat causing more to follow.

We got to a car and he opened the door and pushed me inside, while I was kicking and trying to make as much noise as possible through his disgusting sweaty fingers. He reached beside me and grabbed a cloth while I cried continuously. 

What is he going do to me? Am I gonna die? Who knows what he could do?  

So many thoughts were running through my head as he tied the cloth over my mouth, removing his hand that had been clasped so tightly around there that a mark was sure to be visible. My phone began vibrating in my back pocket and just as the man was about to close the door he looked at me and raised an eyebrow at me as my phone continued vibrating, the movement making noise that echoed throughout the car as it was pressed against the leather seat in my back pocket.

“Give me the damn phone.” The man said as I struggled in his grip while he reached into the back of my jeans to retrieve my phone. He smirked as he read the screen, sliding his thumb over it to answer the person calling.

“Your girl made things a whole lot easier, Styles.” Why was Harry calling me? The man laughed into the speaker, pulling the phone away from his ear and pressing his fingers against the screen, making me think he hung up on him. But he hadn’t. 

“Where is she? What have you done with her? I swear if you lay a finger on her, I will kill you.” Harry’s anxious voice filled the space of the car. It was on speaker so I could hear, the sound of his voice making a sob rip its way through my throat.

“She’ll be fine. If, you do exactly what I tell you to do.”

This all seems so cliche. You get with a “badboy”, you find out that he does some bad shit. You get kidnapped. It’s all happened before, in books, in movies. Why is it happening to me? In real life?

“I’ll do anything. Just let me speak to her.” His voice broke at the end of his sentence and my heart broke. Like I said, cliche.

“She’s a little… tied up right now.” With that sly pun, the man hung up and threw my phone into the front seat. I looked up into his eyes, evil lacing through the different shades of brown that filled his wicked eyes, that disgustingly smug smirk still present on his face.

“This is going to be fun.” With that simple sentence I felt my stomach drop and my heart stop. 

This chapter isn’t the best but I hope you still liked it. Xxx

A Pretty Close Match (Harry Imagine)

Master List | Inbox

Originally a personal request for Viv, this is the Y/N version.

Punk!Harry (sort of - I found this quite difficult to write and so I’m not sure it’s very good). I hope you guys like it :) Any feedback is very welcome!

There is some swearing (curse words) in this imagine.

I imagined Harry looking like this gif :o

You hated his hair, it was much too long, so it looked messy and unkempt. You hated his style, jeans that were ripped at the knee did the boy no favours at all. You hated his piercings, and the way that he would fiddle with them while concentrating. And you hated his tattoos, they were childish and crude, a perfect reflection of his attitude.

All these things led you to the conclusion that you hated Harry Styles. If it were anybody else you would probably agree that hate is too strong a word to describe your feelings, but this was Harry and so hate just about cut it.

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Never Judge A Book By Its Cover (H.S Badboy AU)

Part 1

Part 2

The next day at school was weird, maybe it’s just because it’s Monday but I felt like I was being watched constantly. Maybe I’d always felt like this though and was just more aware of it now, after all, it felt oddly familiar.

“Ready for the English lecture?” Y/f/n asked, sarcasm dripping from her voice while she rolled her eyes for extra effect.

“Y/f/n, didn’t you get told? The lecture was moved to next Tuesday, we’re just watching a movie today to go along with the assignment we just finished.”

“What?!” Her eyes instantly widened and her face lit up.

Oh Y/f/n, anything to get out of school work.

I sighed mentally.

The movie was fine, but I’d seen it before and it was not the kind of movie that I enjoyed watching more than once. Seemed like not many people around the room were enjoying it either, people passing notes, whispering and couples silently making out at the back of the room, so when the door to the classroom opened, everyone’s head turned towards the new point of interest.

Harry waltzed in like he wasn’t more than 45 minutes late, stopping abruptly in the middle of the classroom to scan the room with his eyes for a spare seat, the only one just so happening to be next to me. He made his way over, making sure not to skimp out on the annoyed expression that was etched onto his face, I’m assuming at the fact that he had to sit next me.

He slumped down in his seat and it was then that I realised the bags under his bloodshot eyes. Was he high? No. I don’t know how but something just told me he wasn’t. Maybe he hadn’t slept for a while. Maybe he’d been crying. Maybe he was high, he is Harry after all.

Ask him if he’s okay.


He probably needs someone to talk to.

Trust me, I’m the last person he wants to talk to. Didn’t you see the look on his face when he walked over here.

C'mon, prove him wrong. Show him you are different.

Urgh. Fine. I really need to stop talking to myself, whether it’s in my head or not.

I grabbed a loose piece of paper from my folder and quickly started scribbling onto it.

Y/n- You okay? Y/n Xx.

I slipped the note over to him, sliding it across the old, defaced table. His eyes caught mine as they flickered from the note to my face before slipping back to the note to read the writing scripted onto the sheet. His eyes scanned the paper carefully before picking up my pen and writing a reply then handing it to me.

Harry- I’m fine.

Y/n- Are you sure? You can talk to me.

Harry- Okay, maybe I’m not fine. But what does that matter to you? Why the hell do you care?

Y/n- I don’t have an answer to that. Please talk to me? Xx.

Harry- No.

“Okay students, we’ll continue this tomorrow.” I looked up to see everyone packing away their things. Finally, the end of the day.


“Well bye, Y/n!” Y/f/n2 called out as I rushed out the back of the school. I had to find Harry. I don’t know why I felt that I had to but I needed to do something. He made me feel a certain way, a way that I can’t explain. Maybe I just don’t have the answer. Will I ever have the answer?

I ran across the oval, not caring about the looks I got from the boys that were starting their football practice like I usually would. I saw the silhouette of person on the other side of the field and the closer I came to it, the more I recognised it as Harry. His long legs, his lean yet muscular, tall frame and his signature curly hair.

“Harry.” I panted as I stopped behind him. Fricken’ Asthma.

He turned to face me, his face blank as he looked me in the eyes, making me feel like he was memorising my soul, taking note of everything that makes me, me. Before I could say anything else, he turned his back to me much to my disappointment - not that I didn’t enjoy looking at his toned muscles move underneath the fabric of his shirt -  and began walking away.

“No, please don’t walk away, Harry.” I pleaded. This seemed to catch his attention, but not for long.

“Please.” I reiterated.

This time he stopped.

“What.” He seethed through clenched teeth, his back still to me.


“Why the hell are you even talking to me? Why are you here? Aren’t you scared of me or some shit? You know, just like everybody else.” He cut me off, blasting me with his rage.

“Why would I be sacred of you?” Although I was yesterday, even with him yelling at me I didn’t feel scared or unsafe at all.

“You haven’t given me a reason to be.” I finished.

He stared at me like he’d just seen a ghost but his features hardened as quick as they’d softened previously.

“You should be.”

“What? Scared of you? Well, I’m not, so what do I do? Is there something wrong with me?” I questioned, taking two steps closer to him.

“Probably.” He stated simply, taking two long strides towards me and before I could comprehend what was happening he took my face into his massive and surprisingly soft hands as his connected our lips.

What the fuck? What do I do? I’ve never kissed anybody before. Oh my god he’s never gonna speak to me again.

Shut up and kiss him back you fool.

I hesitantly began to move my lips against his and the feeling was indescribable, his lips were supple and delicate against mine.  I used all the knowledge I’d gained from all the books I’d read to kiss him back to the best of my ability. As he kissed me passionately my hands made their way to his hips, gripping the fabric of his T-shirt in my small fists as his hands stayed on my cheeks, heating them beneath his touch. I moved closer to him as he embraced me, sharing this incredible and unforgettable moment. Unforgettable for me at least.

I pulled away from the kiss to breathe, not used to this kind of action. We stayed close, lips still brushing against each others, his feverish breath fanning across my cheeks.

“Fuck.” He breathed out before reconnecting our lips.

Part 3

Part 2! I’m really enjoying writing this and all the likes, reblogs and follows, thank you, Loves. Xxx

Harry is a wizard school drop out and Margo was just a curious muggle who turned herself into a cat when she found a wand..on accident of course, and now neither of them can figure out how to turn her back. 

This was based on a prompt for an au idea but I kinda wanna keep this going, so here’s Harry and Margo, up on a chimney trying to figure out what the hell to do but hey isn’t it a nice night?


Harry had always been a rough kid, ever since high school. He’d get into all sorts of trouble with other boys, fighting them for the highest social standing. He’d always kept his eye on you in particular, scaring away any guy who tried to touch you.
You were scared, but completely and undeniably attracted to him in the worst way. You just couldn’t help yourself.

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(Part one )

After both getting accepted into the critically acclaimed punk rock band Distorted Directions Harry and Louis let themselves revel in their new found celebrity status but trouble is quickly brewing when the night life of London, and soon the world, is open to them. 
Most nights are spent in a drunken haze, Harry is slipping while Louis- is still Louis, his walls are up to all but Harry, keeping their secrets in a mixed up blur of sin and sacrifices, burring it just under the surface of the public eye. One night everything goes wrong, after the two band members get in a bar fight leading to them running from the police, Louis manages to get out while Harry is caught, from then on their lives would change forever yet again. 


All Louis could do was watch, watch as Harry’s whole body was shoved against the wall so strongly it was almost jarring just to watch. His face scraped over the brick wall aggravating his already split hip causing blood to spill down his chin. Louis was close enough to see but far away to not be notice, he glanced down at his fists back and blue, throbbing with pain and within seconds that nights events hit him, crippling him. 

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover (H.S Badboy AU)

Part 1

Friday. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this day all week. No more school, plenty of time to sleep in and time to myself where I can escape all the teenage drama which just so happens to - not surprisingly - include a heap of relationship crap. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against relationships but when there are constant reminders everywhere of how you’re 18 and still haven’t even kissed anyone, it’s not the most fun thing in the world.

“Y/n!” My friend called as I walked up to the gates of the school.

“Hey, Y/f/n.” I answered with a kind smile, opening my arms and giving her a hug.

As we both turned to walk through the school gates I noticed Harry Styles or just ‘Styles’ as he was commonly known, standing right inside the gates, smoking.

God, he looks so hot. 

Shut up Y/n!

Not that I’d ever admit it, but I had the biggest crush on Harry since he got here a few months ago after being expelled from his previous school for getting into too many fights. But he was the scariest guy in the whole freakin’ school, how could I like him?! Literally everyone was scared of him, even the teachers to some extent. He was covered in tattoos and had piercings, he smoked, drank a lot and was apparently a well known street-fighter. Well as known as he could be without being arrested for the illegal behavior.

“Watcha thinkin’ about?” Y/f/n questioned from beside me. I quickly shook my head from all my thoughts and replied with a simple ‘nothing’ to which she just brushed off with a shrug.

“What class do you have first?” Y/f/n asked as I was getting my books out of my locker.

“Art. With Y/f/n2 (your friend’s name #2).”

“Oh co- God damn, Styles’ is fuckin’ hot.” She whispered-yelled in my ear, looking towards the school entrance at the end of the crowded hallway.

I rolled my eyes and followed her gaze, my eyes resting on the tall boy walking through the halls with ease, everyone parting for him like the red sea. That’s how scary he is.

As much I as liked him I wasn’t going to be like everyone other person in the school so I just scoffed and turned back to my locker while every boy cowered away and every girl gawked, their cheeks flushing pink although you could still tell that they were intimidated by the handsome boy.

Once Harry was out of sight everyone continued going about their business like before.

*In Class*

“Oooh Y/n, here comes Styles.” Y/f/n2 whispered. Okay she’s the only person that knows. 

“Shut up.” I hissed sitting up straight in my seat, paying attention to the teacher as Harry walked in, 20 minutes late as usual.

“Nice of you to join us, Harry.” Miss Cameron said, she was an easy-going teacher which I liked and found a bit frustrating at times.

He ignored her and walked straight over to mine and Y/f/n2’s table taking a seat next to me.

What the hell?!

“Hey Y/n.” He said, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Hey.” I answered shortly, my shyness taking over, while inside, I was reeling, questions and feelings rushing through me and butterflies fluttering around in my stomach at the sound of his deep, raspy voice.

“How are you?” I looked up to see if he was still talking to me and found that his bright green eyes were boring into mine, letting me know he was.

“Good thanks,” I wasn’t going to be rude,
“How are you?”

“Good thank you, love.”

Okay, he’s nice?

And that was that for the rest of the class.

*After school*

Walking out of the back of the school, towards the oval, I felt my thoughts wander to how Harry had spoken to me this morning, I never knew he even knew my name let alone would care to ask how I was.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted by someone’s hand wrapping around my upper arm. I jumped and squealed slightly - not enough to be heard - at the sudden contact. A weird hot sensation coming from where the person’s hand rested against my skin.

The next thing I knew I was being pushed up against the back of the abandoned old coaches box by none other than Harry Styles.

My breath hitched in my throat as I expected the worst. He was very intimidating after all, not to mention he was the ‘Badboy’ and I was classified as a nerd. Badboys usually beat up on the nerds, right?

He didn’t say anything but he began to raise his hand to which I squeezed my eyes shut and turned away, flinching.

The contact never came, but when I opened my eyes I saw a confused and hurt looking Harry standing in front of me with close proximity, his hand still raised but out in front of him and closer to my face. The look that had taken over his features hurt me somewhere deep inside and I had no idea why.

“I was just going to do this.” He whispered, the hurt evident in his voice as his hand finally touched my cheek, but it was the complete opposite to what I had expected. Not rough, gentle. Not painful, soothing. His fingertips brushed against my cheek and my eyes unwillingly fluttered closed at the action. The familiar heat from before arising on my skin from the touch.

“I thought you were different, but you’re just like the rest of them.” He whispered as he removed his hand and turned to walk away, into the forest that outlined the back of the school. His voice was pained.

“I just didn’t know what to expect.” I blurted out and he turned around, his features softening and eyebrows furrowing as if he was contemplating on staying or not. I kinda wish he would.

He sighed before he continued walking away.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled and almost hoped he heard, although he didn’t react.
I just stood there, watching him walk away before I began walking home.

Part 2

And here is Part 1! I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll hopefully be back with Part 2 soon. Xxx