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- When did you first hear punk rock?

Kurt: You know i wanted to hear punk rock forever. Of course,they didn’t have it in our records shop in Aberdeen,Then,finally, Buzz Osborne ,Who had been a friend of mine off and on, made me a couple compilation tapes. And i was completely blown away,I would lip-sync to those tapes and i wore them out , and i’d play them every day,you know? It’s the greatest thing . it expressed the way i felf socially and politically, and it was the anger that i felt,the alienation. And i realized that this is what i’ve always wanted to do.

-Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Happy Birthday yurika-schiffer!
… It was supposed to be punk!Daichi but it doesn’t even look like Daichi anymore…

LiS AU: In which Max, Chloe & Victoria live in the same apartment

A/N: So this happened. I’m going to hell. NSFW.

Word Count: 1,219

Summary: Victoria finds Max & Chloe making out in her room (again) and Chloe asks her to join them.

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“Can’t believe these sluts drew dicks all over my cashmere.“

Victoria muttered to herself while driving back to her apartment from the cleaners, hanging her now stainless shirt on her car’s clothes hanger, wondering if she made the right choice to move in with them. It’s been two months since she did so, and she already has a few complaints:

Max and Chloe’s shameless, or at least in Chloe’s part, PDA and also the pair’s infamous pranks on Victoria. It was funny the first time, but then it gets a bit bothersome, although Victoria secretly likes living with the two; it’s never a snooze-fest with them, not that she’ll ever admit it anyway.

“Having to drive to the cleaners to get it fixed. Fucking hilarious.”

Victoria said to herself bitterly, pulling over once she reached her apartment. The blonde sighed and opened her car door, picking up her shirt and purse in the process. She got out and walked over to the front door, opening it with her keys, closing the door behind her as she got in.

“Home sweet home.” Victoria sighed.

She made her way up the stairs towards her room. When she reached said room, she paused as she heard noises coming from it.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she muttered to herself.

She twisted the door handle angrily and let herself in.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! IN MY ROOM? AGAIN?” Victoria repeated, only this time adressed to Max and Chloe.

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Questions for people of color who attend punk/pop punk/alternative/metal shows

How did you get into punk/alt music?

Do you remember your first time hearing a song from this genre?

Which band do you resonate with the most and why!?

How did/do your family/friends feel about you liking the genre?

What have you gained by listening to this genre of music?

To you, what is the biggest misconception about this genre of music?

What was your first live show and how was it ? How was the energy?

When did you get in your first pit and what show/band/song was playing?


Number of shows/bands that youve been to/seen?

Have you ever felt out of place at a show?

Do you write or make music?

Your favorite band(s)?

Have you seen an increase in the number of black people at shows, since you went to your first one?

Were you ever nervous that you’d be the only black person at a show?

Latest show that you’ve been to?

͍̦̗͔̣̹̟ͦ̿̊͜W̼̣ͬe̻̖͗̐̆ͧ̊ͬ'͕͔͓̩̝͔̔̂r̦̗̲͚̙̩͎̓̾͠ě͉͈̳̬̗ͬ͌̉ͦ ̜͒̄̌̍ͥͩ̀S̩͇̅̓̌ͭͪ̔̀̚t̸͋̒͑̌̎ř̯͈̪͆͊́͂̓ͬé̶̪̠̰̹̬̪̘͛ͩs͑͊̓ͯs͔̯̻͗͊̆͋̅̉͡e̵͈͙̅ͭ̍͆͑d̅͗̆̃ͭ͏̜̼ ̨̳͍̞͖̭͒̎̎ͫØ̳̪̖̌ͪ͑̈́u̬ͦ͋ͥ͒͞t̩̰͍̞͓̟̠͆ͭ͡

Annie Wu Talks Black Canary

Annie Wu is one of the most dynamic artists in comics right now and her career is pretty dynamic too given she’s only been out of art school for 5 years. Tomorrow she debuts at the artist on DC Comics’ Black Canary title and wait until you see her work. I chatted with Annie today by email about the book, her approach and the rock song that defines Dinah and it is all awesome!

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enchantingdefendorperson  asked:

Lease Photoshop a blond Danny Phantom. Or one of the SMH as a ghost like Danny Phantom (...did someone say Ghost!Dex ? (Oh yeah I did....)). If you have the time that is 💕

Hey y’all! I’m just a terrifying ghost boy who may or may not be a ghost possessing his own corpse! Go Samwell! 

(fyi: this is referencing @wetwellie‘s cool series of danny phantom aus, along with the dozen people who said that in this post of mine Bitty looks like danny phantom)

And okay. Because I wanted to challenge my photoshop skills, here is my kind of sad attempt at a ghost dex (using this ghost). Have I seen too many punk dex aus lately? maybe. did I just use the first ginger-y ghost I saw in google images? definitely.