punk denim vest


To all who dare to care, This was my cosplay group for AX 2015! It was so much fun!!!! I created the template for the jackets, but everyone personalized and created their own. I also designed the idea for flareon and Flareon was able to create it herself! (thank god, I’d hate to deal with it) And I did all of my stuff. These are actually phone photos, so half of it’s crappy quality has to be blamed for that, the other half is me sucking at photo editing x) anyways, I hope all enjoy viewing the cosplays as much as i enjoyed making them! Hopeully, we’ll do an actual photo shoot and have good photos, but I’m not holding my breath.

Can you imagine Cas with like the softest punk aesthetic? Light wash denim vest over a black leather jacket and a nasa tshirt or something (sometimes even a crop top cause he really doesn’t give a shit and he likes feeling the air on his tum sometimes), little patches all over the vest with things like “take no shit” around a bundle of flowers and “save the bees” above a queen bee with two swords behind her. Large white wing patches on the back. Light gray pants with straps and chains and tears in the knees. Studded choker. Spiked shoulders on the vest. Pale blue combat boots and dusting of violet in his spiky hair. He’s the kindest man ever but he will fuck up your shit if you mess with him or anyone he loves. He skateboards everywhere, lets little kids touch his hair when they ask, goes to protests and helps out at a nursing home. 

 Can you also imagine a soft grunge Dean? He listens to whiny music with loud guitar riffs in soft, baggy flannel and obscure comic book tshirts. His hair is shaggy, but always very soft and smells like coconut, and he starts pulling it back into a messy bun when it gets too long. He draws people in the park and writes stupid poetry that he’s still too shy to read out loud to anyone. He looks kind of gloomy, but most of his poetry is lighthearted and uplifting and the portraits he draws have a quality that makes them feel playful. Everyone he draws is smiling. He longboards everywhere and the design on the deck is inspired by led zeppelin. He’s often very quiet and contemplative. He plays guitar sometimes but again, too shy to let hardly anyone hear him play.

Now imagine punk!Cas and grunge!Dean TOGETHER. 💜💛💖💙💚

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