punk croc

Signs as things people I know with that zodiac have said or done

Aries: Went to The Minions movie completely wasted

Taurus: *referring to a nasty ass apple pipe* “This is such a good idea… you know they should sell these in stores”

Gemini: “Guys.. I think the reason I’m so bad at school is because I’m a genius”

Cancer: “How many legs does a millipede have? Is it exactly a million or is it just around that?

Leo: had sex on a park bench @ 3 am

Virgo: Lost their phone at school and found it the next day but didn’t tell their parents bc they wanted the new iphone

Libra: "punk croc”

Scorpio: Told the really cute Starbucks barista that their name was “Lil’ bitch”

Sagittarius: “listen i don’t see why people think it’s so weird that I want E.T to fuck me in the ass”

Capricorn: Goes to shady parks and goes up to people smoking weed and asks them if they’re smoking. When they say yeah he pretends to talk into a microphone on his shirt and says “Okay we got them”

Aquarius: Called multiple tattoo parlors and asked how much it would cost to tattoo their entire body red

Pisces: Started sobbing at school because i asked them about The Maze Runner

Challenge I was Tagged In

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Things I like about myself

1) I love my hair when it’s dyed because it looks so pretty

2) I like my ability to articulate my thoughts

3) I love how passionate I can be about a special interest

4) I love my fashion sense (dark hipsterish)

5) I love how I can think of unusual solutions to problems

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