punk clubs

a list of things for goths to do (who are too young to go to clubs)

-explore abandoned victorian houses in small abandoned villages in search of kind ghost friends
-watch beetlejuice on repeat
-listen to specimen and depeche mode and dance around your room
-take pictures in your local graveyard with friends
-find friends who either share your interests or appreciate and wholeheartedly accept you for your interests and hobbies!
-look at pictures of camden
-proceed to cry because you dont live in camden
-go thrifting and DIY basic shit into ultra-goth ensembles
-dress up as if you’re headed to m'era luna and walk around your city, mall, or town
-befriend your local goth club dj in attempt to get into goth club
-get sad when said plan fails
-go to any and all any-age goth events you can find!!
-dye your hair, cut your bangs, tease that shit, hairspray it until its stickin straight up in the air
-enjoy yourself!!


its gonna happen

im gonna write a cheerleader!eddie and punk!richie high school fic

it will be long, angsty, fluffy, and I will post 3000 edits because you all know me by now

it may also feature jock!mike, baseball player!bev, punk!stan, artist!bill and gamer!ben

and it will ruin me, and maybe all of you too

but it will be glorious

strap yourselves in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride