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before hogwarts, James was largely surrounded by his elderly parents & Sirius was pretty much restricted to his family (forever stuck in Victorian times), so it’s completely plausible to me that these eleven-year old punks boarded that train with a combined swearing vocabulary limited to that of a prudish, eighty-year old woman

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Dating punk/bad boy shawn headcannon??? 😩😍

  • Shawn purposely leaving hickeys on your neck and collarbones
  • “Because you’re mine.”
  • Shawn having his septum pierced
  • And wearing beanies all the time
  • Always showing up late to pick you up
  • Never telling his parents where he is
  • Always acting like he’s tough
  • But you’re his soft spot
  • “Shawn, I can’t go home smelling like alcohol, again.”
  • A lot of people are afraid of him
  • But you’re not because you know he’d never hurt you
  • Him literally fighting anyone who says anything bad about you
  • Breaking curfew because you’re always out late with Shawn
  • Him being fiercely protective of you
  • Just driving around with him in the middle of the night
  • Fighting over what station to listen to
  • “Shawn, I’m tired of alternative music.”
  • Him always making plans and dragging you along with him
  • Him holding your hand a little tighter if the place is sketchy
  • If one of his drunk friends tries to touch you
  • It’s all over
  • “Shawn, just let it go.”
  • “We’re leaving. Go wait in the car.”

get to know me meme: [5/7] favorite characters → chloe price; life is strange

  “Yep i’m fucking insane in the brain”