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Myanmar punks wearing customized attire take part in a punk gathering ahead of the Thingyan water festival in Yangon, Myanmar, 12 April 2017. Myanmar punks have been gathering in Yangon on the day ahead of Thingyan water festival to celebrate every year. The annual water festival is marked with large groups of people congregating to celebrate by splashing water and throwing powder at each others faces as a symbolic sign of cleansing and washing away the sins from the old year to mark the traditional New Year in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. This year, the Myanmar Thingyan water festival falls on 13 April and ends on 16 April. (Lynn Bobo/EPA)

Someone Buy Me Roses

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “could you do an imagine where the reader works at a florist and is really shy and sweet and desolation row gerard has THE BIGGEST CRUSH on them? xx”

A/N: I’m just gonna tag @chemicalimagines because there have been too many mentions of both Desolation Row and florist AUs on her blog for this to not be her fault. 

You were standing behind the counter, debating whether to start straightening the calla lilies on display, when the bell rang, drawing attention the strange, black-haired man who had just walked into the flower shop.

He was wearing a leather jacket, and he had a bandage just above on eye. You wondered what he was doing here. He looked like the type of guy who was more likely to buy Black Flag tickets for his girlfriend than a bouquet. Assuming he had one. But, why wouldn’t he? He was gorgeous, in a bad-boy sort of way.

He looked nervous. You knew you should probably ask him if he needed any help, but you were too shy. Maybe I’m a bad fit for the customer service industry, you thought with a frown. I opened this shop because I’ve always loved growing plants, but if I can’t talk to people who come into the store, I’ll never sell anything.

Then, suddenly, you heard sirens in the distance. It sounded like they were getting closer by the minute. The man jumped.

“Hey!” he said, running up to the counter, taking you aback. “Listen! If you let me hide in the backroom, I’ll buy every damn rose in this place, alright?!”

“Wha…..” you gaped, unsure what to say. Why did the man want to hide here? You realized that the police must be after him, and he was trying not to get caught.

“Please,” the stranger pleaded. “I’m serious. I have the money, I’ll do it. Just help me!”

If he did have money for all of your roses, you wondered where he had gotten it from. For all you knew, he could’ve robbed a bank.

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Deja-Ryu Week: (Jan.30-Feb.5)

After the reveal of Tracer’s status as a lesbian being confirmed in Overwatch’s last holiday-related comic, I decided to put an end to (atleast my Tumblr involvement of) the Genji x Tracer ship to show my respect to Tracer’s sexuality as well as the people who love and respect her as a symbol for said sexuality. But I made a commitment to this event long before the holiday comic was released and I have a responsiblity see it through! The spot was reserved months ago and I plan to use it. So yes my fellow Genji x Tracer fans, Deja-Ryu week is starting Jan 30th and ends on Feb 5. 

For those like myself that are unfamiliar with how Shipping Weeks work, they seem to be split up into separate days each with a particular theme that you may create art pieces or write fan fiction relating to the ship and the current theme.  The themes are as followed:

Jan 30th Day 1: ( Flank! )- Works focusing on Genji and Tracer’s in-game speed-based flanking abilities, perhaps in a friendly teamwork way or even as rivals for who’s deadlier!

Jan 31st Day 2: ( Training Days )- Works related to how the pair interacted back in their training days while wearing those fetching training suits shown in a photo on Winston’s computer. Perhaps as good old chums or even sparring buddies.

Feb 1st Day 3: ( Reunion )- Genji and Tracer reestablishing their friendship and catching up after the Recall Winston put into action.

Feb 2nd Day 4: ( Punks )- Genji and Tracer in punk-attire as seen in their young and punk skins respectively doin “hoodrat $h!t!”

Feb 3rd Day 5: ( Talon )- An Alternate Universe where Genji and Tracer are Talon field agents instead of Reaper and Widowmaker, I think the pair would make for an oddly more deadly team than the Ghostly Sharpshooter and the Accurate Sniper!

Feb 4th Day 6: ( Butts )- Humorous and/or possibly sexy works related to the two characters with arguably the most controversial butts in the Overwatch community! 

Feb 5th Day 7: ( Damaged )- Works depicting Genji’s damaged body and/or Tracer’s damaged Chronal Accelerator and how the two deal with it!

 The ship can be Platonic (or if you may be so bold, Romantic) and can contain Safe For Work or Not Safe For Work elements, so long as they are related to our two favorite speedy flankers! Also keep in mind to be nice and respectful, this is a hetero ship containing a canonically gay character so controversy may come as a result of this week; just keep in mind that if it’s platonic then there is no problem with it, but if it does come with romantic implications just remember if you come in contact with controversy to be respectful and understanding and explain that your ship came from a time before Tracer’s sexuality was revealed and that you are celebrating the love of the characters and the idea of them loving each other whether it be platonic or romantically and that you are not erasing her homosexuality. 

Remember to have fun and I hope you will join me despite your artistic or writing level, all works are welcome, I hope to see you there! 

lost-and-found-causes  asked:

When Rin gets all Dressed Up, does she put a bow on her tail? I know she looks gorgeous in a dress (I've seen the evidence!), but how does she feel about accessories?

Rin is okay with accessories, but honestly really HATES  dressing up. She does have to put a ribbon on her tail ONLY to hide up the rather tatter bandages she normally covers over the balding/scarred area.

She was lucky enough to get away with pants for this one, as Piltover attire for formal occasions gets super fancy, so they made do the best they could with how stubborn she was about wearing a full dress.

Castiel pulled up to the Winchester home and removed his helmet. He left it on the seat of his motorcycle as he strode up the front walkway, and then the porch.

Just as he raised a hand to knock on the door, it opened from the inside to reveal Dean’s mom, Mary.

“I thought I heard what sounded like a motorcycle out front.” She grinned and gazed past him. “Is she yours? She’s a beauty.”

Castiel smiled. Dean’s mom was the best. “Yeah. I got her last week and I’ve been trying to convince Dean to take a ride with me.”

Mary shook her head. “Oh, that boy.” She backed up and gestured for Castiel to come in. As he did so, Mary yelled for Dean right in Castiel’s ear, which made him wince.

Dean’s dad, John, was in the kitchen when Mary ushered him farther inside. 

Castiel braced himself. John loved his family, and Castiel respected that. But he had an issue, not with Dean’s sexuality, but who he’d chosen as a boyfriend.

Namely, Castiel.

Who stood now in his usual punk attire, with spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, and a tongue ring, which he sucked on as nervous habit.

John took one look at him and sighed. “What’s going on now?”

“Cas is taking Dean on a ride on his new motorcycle,” Mary said.

“His what?”

“His motorcycle,” Mary repeated calmly. She threw Castiel a wink, but he really wished she hadn’t said anything.

“Do you know how dangerous those things are?” John asked, but it was a rhetorical question. “Do you even have your license? And you’re not wearing proper gear. Helmets! God, do you even have helmets? I will not have my son riding on the back of those death machines without a helmet!”

Castiel cleared his throat and shoved his hands into his pockets. He responded to the floor, “I’ve got my license and we’ll both be wearing helmets, sir.”

“Damn right you will be! Now let me see that license–”

“John, for crying out loud, let them live a little!” Mary said. 

Footsteps pattered down the stairs and Dean swung into the kitchen. Castiel brightened at the sight of him. Dean wore jeans, a button-down shirt, and his thick, square glasses, which Castiel loved.

He smiled. His boyfriend was just so cute. Dean made everything better.

“Hey,” Dean said with a grin. He glanced between his parents. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. You just go and enjoy yourselves, alright?” Mary said as she steered them out of the kitchen. In front of the door, she gave Dean a little pat. “Be safe, and have fun, okay?”

Dean frowned after her as she returned to her husband. He glanced back at Castiel. “So what’s the surprise?”

Castiel grabbed his arm and tugged. “It’s outside.”

They hurried out, and as the door closed behind them, Dean paused on the porch. 

“Hold up. That’s not…yours is it?” His voice squeaked on the end, and Castiel leaned in to peck him on the lips. 

“It is. And you’re coming for a ride.”

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AN: My first Peter imagine from X-Men. M Y  F I R S T  P E T E R   I M A G I N E!!!!! I am so excited! I just rewatched Days Of Future Past, so I hope this is pretty accurate for his character XD I haven’t ever written him so I hope that it is pretty close. Tell me what you think! Thank you anon for this request! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Peter (XMen) X Reader

Prompt: Hi, can you do a Peter Maximoff (x men) x human reader one? Where he is un love with the reader who have a anti mutant family so he does not know if she will accept him? Very fluff? Please. Sorry for any mistake and bad English.

((I changed the prompt just a smidge, so that the love between the two is mutual and it is not just him. Your English is fine, love!))


“Comic Books”

You stood at the shelf of books like you did every day, watching as the silver haired boy flicked through a comic book on a colorful beanbag at the end of the isle.

He laughed as he read something funny, and you could feel your own lips curl up into a hidden grin. His laugh was so innocent, so natural that you couldn’t help but laugh yourself. You saw his gaze flick up at an almost non-human speed to see the source of the giggle.

You hid your face by taking the first book you could off of the shelf in front of you and shoving it in front of you.

Within a second, he was next to you with his back leaning on the bookshelf and his arms crossed over his chest, a large grin plastered onto his face. 

He was such a strange person, everything about him stuck out from the crowed; his silver hair, his punk attire, and the odd goggles that he had stationed above his forehead. 

He was the type of person that your parents would hate. They were always so obsessed with image and the preserving of all things proper, they were never the ones to support rebellion or change. That was part of the reason that they hated mutants.

Still, you were drawn to him. 

“Are you a Captain America sort of girl, or Iron Man?” He asked casually, flicking through the colorful pages of the comic book, his eyes trained to the page.

“Those…those are super heroes, right?” You asked quietly, your voice wavering.

You had seen this boy at the library for weeks, but you never though that you would ever get the opportunity to talk to him.

He let out a little scoff and averted his gaze from the page over to you. “I have a lot to teach you, young grasshopper.”

You felt his soft fingertips trail the blush that was moving up your neck, a small grin on his face. “We have three hours, I think that we have enough time to cram enough comic book knowledge into your head. At least enough to help me sleep better at night knowing that you know who Captain America is.”

“Three hours?” You mumbled, still not making direct eye contact with him.

He moved his fingers and slipped his hand in his jean pocket. “Your folks always pick you up at five, on the dot. And it’s two.”

So, he had noticed you all this time.

He laced his fingers in yours and tugged you over to one of the secluded corners of the library. As you sat into one of the chairs, you so much as blinked and an entire stack of comics were right in front you.

He grinned sheepishly and sat next to you, offering a small, “I’m quick.”

“What’s your name?” You asked.

“Peter.” He said with a grin, then pushed some books over to you. “You?”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

“So how could you not know any of these superheroes?” He asked casually, leafing through one of the books and handing it to you.

“My…my parents don’t like me reading that kind of stuff. Or anything like that, really.” You mumbled looking down.

“Ah.” He muttered, nodding. “Your family is a bunch a squares. They are always spewing anti-mutant stuff ‘round town. Quite annoying really.”

His eyes flicked up from the page and he pulled his lips back in an apologetic expression. “Sorry, I’ve got no filter.”

“It’s okay.” You sigh and pick up the comic with the man and the American flag on the front “They have very strong opinions.”

“Do…” He looked up hesitantly at you. “Do you agree with them? About the mutants?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never even met one.”

You pulled your sweater closer to your, trying to cover up your awkward body language.

“You cold?” He asked, but before you could say no he already had his silver jacket off and around your shoulders.

“T-thank you.” You said with a small grin, soaking in the warmth and his scent.

He scooted his chair over closely to you and began to point to the small pictures and explaining the characters to you, and somewhere in the three hours you spent together his arm wrapped around your back and held you closer to him.

Sadly, however, five o'clock came sooner than the two of you had wanted. A single car horn sounded from outside of the library, signaling that your parents were waiting for you.

You gave him a small smile and promised that you would see him tomorrow at the same place and time, then got up to go out of the library.

“What is that?” You mother said as you closed in on the car, clearly disgusted with something. “What is that around your shoulders?”

You had forgotten that his jacket still clung to you, and it was a complete contrast to the bland colors that you had been wearing with it. It stuck out like a soar thumb.

“Oh, that would be mine, sorry about that.” You heard him say.

“Why are you hanging around someone like that?” Your father hissed, a scowl etched onto his face.

“Dad.” You whispered clearly embarrassed about your parent’s words.

“Dear, he looks like one of those mutants.” Your mother whispered to your father, but still clear enough for both you and Peter to hear. “I mean, look at his hair.”

“What a bunch of assholes.” He muttered, then scooped you in his arms and ran off.

Everything went into a blur, and suddenly you weren’t in the parking lot any more. He set you on the sidewalk once he stopped running, yet he still kept his hands placed firmly on your sides as you gained your footing.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to steal you away from your fam.” He said, scratching his neck with a small grin. “I can’t stand those kind of people, no offense.”

“You’re…you’re a mutant.” You said with wide eyes.

He looked up at you with worried eyes, waiting for you to push away in disgust.

“I don’t know why my parents hate them–I mean, you.” You said, bitting your lip and looking up at him through your lashes. “I really like them.”

((My first time writing X Men Quicksilver, please please please  tell me what you think!))

The 3 Things That Changed About Phil When He Met Dan 3 (ficmas: day 5)

Summary: when punk!Phil met his boyfriend, pastel!Dan, he changed in lots of ways for the good. Here are 3 changes that happened.

word count: 1736



Phil had never really celebrated Christmas. When he was younger his parents didn’t seem to care much about the giving part and only enjoyed it because drinks were half price at the pub that night.

Phil hadn’t ever had the experience of a family Christmas, but he was content with that as he hadn’t had anything to compare his lonely Christmas with. Apart from maybe the kids at school bringing in their new toys, but who needs to receive gifts when you can just steal other people’s, right?

As with most aspects of their lives, Dan had completely different Christmas memories. His were of his family decorating the house with garlands and tinsel and putting up the tree. He has a tradition of baking mince pies with his mother and hanging up his stocking on Christmas eve.

Christmas was Dan’s favourite holiday, and he was determined to make it Phil’s favourite too.

THREE:  Phil’s love for Christmas

“Are you excited for Christmas, Phil?” Dan, who was currently situated in the said persons lap, asked.

“Urm yeah, I’m clearly not as pumped for it as you are. That’s like the fifth Christmas jumper I’ve seen you wear, exactly how many do you own?”

“A few” Dan said quietly as he blushed, resting his head on Phil’s shoulder.

That may have been a slight under exaggeration as Dan owned more than the ‘few’ that he claimed to own. He couldn’t help it. He’d managed to find a selection of Christmas jumpers in the pastel colours that he loved too.

He was lucky as he managed to get away with replacing the usual school jumper with a Christmas jumper over his shirt and tie. Many of the teachers turned a blind eye as they saw how much he loved Christmas, they couldn’t bare to take a part of it away from him. The fact that Phil would have something to say to them if they made him change may have played a part in it too.

Phil hugged his arms around Dan’s waist tighter, “it’s a good thing that you look so adorable in them then”.

They were sat in the school’s library. Dan had initially wanted to come in here to get some last minute studying done for a test that is last period. But then Phil had clambered in claiming that he ‘hadn’t seen his boyfriend in forever’ (when it had only been a few hours), so now they were cuddled up on one of the plush sofas in the corner.

The topics of conversation had ranged from complaints about some of the teachers, to what their dream house would look like, and now the topic was Christmas. This was definitely Dan’s favourite thing to talk about at the moment.

“I won’t be able to see you on Christmas, so I think we should bring our gifts for each other into school” Dan suggested.

“Yeah, okay” Phil agreed, although he was a little nervous now. Never mind never receiving a Christmas present, he’d never actually given one either.

“I can’t wait until you see what I’ve made for you” Dan did the thing where he smiles so wide that it reaches his eyes. Phil thought it was the cutest thing ever and had to stop himself from outwardly ‘awwwing’.

Suddenly the school bell was ringing to signal their second to last period of the day. Dan was always to class on time and Phil didn’t want to make him late so he walked him to his class.

Then, surprisingly, Phil walked to his own class. He usually went out the back to smoke or to meet up with some of his mates. He never really went to class, or if he did he was horrendously late. So this was new.

“Mr Lester! What a suprise to see you here, don’t you have something more interesting to be doing with your superior self?” His math teacher announced.

Phil knew he was joking. He had quite a good relationship with Mr Lewis. He was more of a parent than his actual parents were. When Phil was on the verge of being expelled, Mr Lewis had helped back him up. Phil trusted and told him most things.

“I thought perhaps I’d benefit from leaning something, just giving it a go” Phil replied as loudly as his teacher had spoken, then walked to where he was standing so that they could have more of a private conversation.

“No attitude today, Phil? What’s happened”.

Phil could understand Mr Lewis’ confusion. He’d hardly ever turned up on time to one of his classes before; when it had been raining so he couldn’t go and hang out outside, or the boys bathroom was locked for some reason. And there was no reason today, except Dan. Mr Lewis didn’t know about him and Dan yet.

Phil sighed. Should he tell him about Dan? Maybe later when they’re not in a class full of people. “I’m just happy, that’s all”.

Mr Lewis wouldn’t take that for an answer. “No, there’s something. Wait, is it that boy? What’s his name again? Daniel is it?”

Phil blushed but groaned, the teacher was annoyingly observant. “It’s Dan. And I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

“Aw, yes it is. Well I’m probably not supposed to pair together my students but you two fit perfectly. Hes a great influence on you too, straight As he gets, just what you need” Mr Lewis says laughing quietly to himself.

“Shut up”

His teacher ignores that and continues “just look at you now, turning up on time. And don’t try to hide that smile, I hardly see it as it is”.

Phil goes to sit in his seat, which is at the front as he’d gotten himself moved from the back for disrupting the class. Mr Lewis added “we’ll talk about this after class, Phil” to which Phil just nodded.


On the last day of school Phil was significantly less nervous about his present to Dan than he previously had been. He’d told Mr Lewis about him and Dan, the man had just smiled knowingly at him. He’d also asked him for ideas of what to get Dan for Christmas to which he’d put forward a number of suggestions which Phil had considered good.

Phil had done some extra hours at his weekend job to gather the money for Dan’s present. It was difficult but he knew that it was worth it. He loved Dan to bits.

They met in their usual place, the tree near the gates of the school. As it was the last day, it was a non uniform day. Dan had on an outfit that was the embodiment of a Christmas in winter.

He wore a pastel pink fluffy jumper with a sliver reindeer embroidered onto the front of it. Some black skinny jeans that had little flecks of silver woven into the fabric. He wore some white high-top converse shoes and a white flowercrown that had fake snow dusted on top of the petals.

When Phil saw Dan, his face lit up and he hugged him, lifting him off the ground because of the height difference. Dan made a quiet ‘oof’ sound, hugging Phil back and burying his face into his leather jacket.

“Shall we give each other our gifts?” Dan whispered into Phil’s ear. There was fifteen minutes until the bell would ring so he figured that they had enough time.

“Yep” Phil said when they broke the hug. Phil didn’t let go of Dan’s arm as he led them under the tree near by. He laid his jacket on the icy grass (he had a thick black jumper under it so he wouldn’t be too cold). And then he sat down on it and pulled Dan to sit in his lap.

Dan took his mint green backback off to reveal a very neatly wrapped circular object. It even had a little silver bow on it, Phil wouldn’t admit it but he would definitely be keeping that.

The gift was probably one that he should’ve expected, although it didn’t make it any less adorable. He unwrapped it to reveal a dark flowercrown. It was made up of coal black roses and small leaves that were almost the same blue as his dyed fringe. There were also small spikes along the black vine. It was like both of their aesthetics had been combined.

Phil looked in awe at the flowercrown that Dan must have spent ages making. “Thanks sweetheart, I love it” he said whilst putting it on his head.

Dan smiled and reached up to straighten it out “you look great” he complimented. And Phil did. The delicate paper flowers suprisingly went well with the rest of his punk-like attire.

Phil reached inside the pocket of his leather jacket for Dan’s present. He hadn’t wrapped it and was regretting it slightly after seeing the effort that Dan had gone to. He handed a black cube box to Dan.

Dan opened it to find a small silver ring. It was encrusted with tiny diamonds around the circumference. Dan gasped and looked up to Phil.

“It’s a promise ring, Dan” Phil explained taking the ring out of its box and putting it on the fourth finger of Dan’s right hand. He continued “I promise that I’ll love you for as long as you love me, and probably a bit more too”.

“Like that’s possible” Dan remarked sarcastically. He wound his arms around Phil’s neck. “I love it” he said quietly as Phil kissed his forehead.

When the bell went Phil walked a still smiling Dan to his class before deciding that he’d bunk off first period. He spent most of his time thinking about Dan, thinking about how much of a soppy git Dan has made him. And remembering that it doesn’t matter because he loves Dan.

Dan spent his day admiring the ring every few minutes. Checking to see if it was still there, and then twisting it around his finger. A few people had sent questioning looks his way, but they hadn’t bothered to ask, and he hadn’t noticed them anyway.

Phil had decided that he now loved Christmas. Not just because of the usual festivities. But because it marked the time that he and Dan had made their secret promise to love each other as long as the other loved them, which was essentially forever for him.


A/N: well wasn’t that just a big sop fest. Here is the third part. Only 4 months later, oops. Anyway if you celebrate it, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Btw the title’s by fob.

Thanks ^ω^


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potiontricksandpumpkintreats  asked:

"It's not a phase!" But she looks as if she just walked into a Hot Topic and barely got out alive. Holy hell.

Send me “It’s not a phase” to show up in ridiculous over the top emo-goth-punk attire in front of my muse  - Accepting.

That is the most edgiest, phase-y outfit I have ever seen. You ain’t slick. “

2pAme as a florist; 1px2pAme

this is gynocieum‘s fault. we talked a lot about 1p 2p Ames being cute.

Not beta’d or extensively grammar checked. Just the cutes that are in my head just now.

Honestly, Alfred probably wouldn’t have even talked to the guy if Matthew hadn’t been there with him. It was a party at a friends’ place, and there were plenty of people there that Alfred didn’t know at all. This guy was one of them- bright red dyed hair, a piercing in his nose and another glint of metal in his tongue when he talked. His fashion was something like what Alfred might call fashionable punk rock.

So when Matthew introduces him as Tommy and says “he’s a florist,” Alfred thinks they’re having a laugh. They met in college apparently (Matthew actually met his current boyfriend through Tommy as it turned out.) Since they’d known each other for a long time, Alfred figured that this whole florist thing was an in joke that he just didn’t have the context for.

They mention flowers and plants again a few times, and Alfred laughs along with them. Biology, perhaps. They’d taken that together in college and that’s where this comes from.

In fact, Alfred thinks it’s a joke right up until their third date when he is invited by Tommy’s for dinner. Instead of finding himself at a little apartment or some kind of housing complex, he finds a little cottage. There’s a stone path with flowers at each side of it, and he comes up to the door. Worried he has the wrong place, he hovers unsure if he should knock. Before he manages, a voice calls out from the corner.

“I’m around back! Come on around while I finish this up!”

Alfred follows the sound of Tommy’s voice and finds himself in a back garden. It’s mostly flowers and such, but there’s a little patch of vegetables too.

“Sorry,” Tommy says, flashing a grin. He’s wearing thick gardening gloves and an apron over his typical fashion punk attire. “I got ready for dinner, then I looked out and saw a deer or something knocked over my tomato cage.”

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Sid’s Birthday Stories & Special Sets are now on sale!!

In the new story Sid’s Sweet Birthday, Sid requests that you come to his mansion to help celebrate his birthday, since he doesn’t like going out. And while he loves the gift you give him, he won’t rest until he shows you just how grateful he is…

Story comes with a special photo, a letter, and a limited edition hairstyle!

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