punk aesthetics

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So how do you personally define punk? Is it the aesthetic, the sound in music? Maybe the rebellious nature? I just really like your stuff and wanted to hear your opinion on what makes punk, punk

after reading this dont depend Everything i will say AS the only info u need to know about punk. Im just gonna list somethings

- Punk doesnt start on aesthetics or fashion.
I mean, punk isnt just one thing you know? The BARE MINIMUM of it is if youre punk youre: left wing/antifascist, like the fashion + music, you think for yourself .

- PUNK ISNT IN THE STUDS OR MOHAWK YOU WEAR NO THATS NOT WHAT MAKES A PERSON PUNK. That kind of fashion just went along w the punk movement(can i call it that) bc the point of being punk is to avoid Conformity ! and in that time Punk arose , wearing belts spikes and brightly colored mohawks was unusual.

- 1 of the reasons why DIY stuff is associated with being punk bc its with the belief that anyone can do anything on their own if they try! Being independant n stuff! Aint that nice

- punk is open and against racism, sexism, or discrimination to minorities. Fighting for freedom and justice are important things in punk
- Not giving a shit, being Direct and Loud is the usual punk attitude one would expect. Like bringing it out there what you want in this shitty doomed society

- one of the first things that come onto my mind when someone mentions “punk” is being anti authority. Again, promoting independance

- If you want to be punk try not to be desperate to be like someone else, punk is about being YOU!!!!! be true to yourself .

But if youre going to ask me , theres no one REAL way to be punk. Punk can have different meanings to people .